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Homeopathic Remedy Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac)

Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac)

Homeopathic Remedy Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac) Hot, cachetic. Puffy, indurated or fistulous tissues. Bedsores. Puffy glabella. Acrid, eroding sweat. COMMON NAME :  Hydroflouric Acid. SOURCE : Solution of spar. FAMILY : Mineral acid. Physiological Action...

Homeopathic Remedy Ledum Palustre (Led)

Ledum Palustre (Led)

Homeopathic Remedy Ledum Palustre (Led) Common Name : Marsh Labrador Tea, Northern Labrador Tea, Wild Rosemary Kingdom : Plants Source :  Tincture of dried small twigs and leaves collected after flowering begins , Tincture...

Homeopathic Remedy Mezereum (Mez)

Mezereum (Mez)

Homeopathic Remedy Mezereum (Mez) Common Name : Spurge Olive Kingdom : Plants Stage : Acute Side : Left, U.Rt.Low Lt., Rt. to Lt. Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Syphilitic Thermal State : Ambithermal Action :...

Homeopathic Remedy Kali Iodatum( Kali-i)

Kali Iodatum(Kali-i)

Homeopathic Remedy Kali Iodatum (Kali-i) Common Name : Potassium Iodide Chemical Formula : KI Kingdom : Minerals Stage : Chronic Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic Thermal State : Hot Action : NoPolycrest Thirst...

Homeopathic Remedy Kali Bichromicum(Kali-bi)

Kali Bichromicum(Kali-bi)

Homeopathic Remedy Kali Bichromicum(Kali-bi) Common Name : Potassæ Bichromas, Potassic Dichromate, Bichromate of Potash, Red Chromate of Potash Preparations : HOMEO., Mother tincture (10 percent solution), triturations, and dilutions. U. S. P., Potassii Bichromas....

Homeopathic Harb ipecacuanha (IP)


Homeopathic Remedy Ipecacuanha (Ip) Common Name : Ipecac-root, Ipecac Kingdom : Plants Habitat : Brazil. Stage : Acute Side : Right, U.Rt.Low Lt., Lt. to Rt. Miasm : Psoric, Tubercular Thermal State : Chilly,...

Homeopathic Remedy Ignatius-Amara-Ign

Ignatia Amara(Ign)

Homeopathic Medicine Ignatia Amara(Ign) Common Name : Saint Ignatius Bean Kingdom : Plants Habitat:  Philippine Islands. Like Nux vomica, it contains the alkaloids, Strychnine and Brucine. Stage : Acute, Chronic Side : Left, U.Rt.Low...

Hypericum Perforatum (Hyper)

Hypericum Perforatum(Hyper)

Homeopathic Medicine Hypericum Perforatum (Hyper) Use keynotes Sign Symptom Common Name : St John’s Wort, Tipton’s Weed, Klamath Weed Kingdom : Plants Source : Tincture of fresh blooming plant. Stage : Acute Side :...


Hydrastis Canadensis(Hydr)

Homeopathy Medicine Hydrastis Canadensis (Hydr) Common Name :Goldenseal, Orange-root Family: Ranunculaceae Kingdom : Plants Natural Order : Ranunculaceae. Habitat : United States. It contains the alkaloids, Hydrastine and Berberine. Source : Tincture is prepared...


Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (Hep)

Homeoremedy Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (Hep) An impure calcium sulphate, prepared according to Hahnemann by heating a mixture of calcined oyster shells and flowers of sulphur. Common Name : Impure Calcium Sulphide, Sulphuret of Lime...