Abies-n : Abies Nigra, Picea Mariana

Abies-n : Abies Nigra

Homeopathic Medicine Abies-n :
Abies Nigra, Picea Mariana

Common Name : Black Spruce

Kingdom : Plants

FAMILY:  Abietineae

NATURAL ORDER : Coniferae.

HABITAT :  America.

Stage : Chronic

Side : Left

Miasm : Sycotic

Action : NoPolycrest

Appetite : Increased, Reduced

Time Phases : Morning

Preparations :

HOMEO. Mother tincture of the gum which oozes from the tree upon making an incision. Dilutions, U. S.P., not official. The essence from the young branches is used in preparing Spruce Beer.

Abies-n : Abies Nigra, Picea Mariana is indicated for-
Gastric disorders, lump in abdomen, waterbrash of abusers of tea and tobacco.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation ] :



Physiological Action

This agent acts upon the mucous membrane of the stomach, causing a derangement of the digestive process.


This remedy is indicated in cases of GASTRIC DERANGEMENT when there is a sensation of an undigested substance at the cardiac extremity of the stomach; there is a pain in the stomach after a heavy meal. There is no appetite for breakfast, but great craving for food at noon and in the evening. Accompanying the gastric derangement the patient is low – spirited and melancholy; he is unable to think clearly, and complains of a dull headache or distress about the head. The bowels are constipated.

Cinchona officinalis has a sensation of a lump under the sternum but higher up than in this remedy. Pulsatilla and Bryonia both have a sensation in the epigastric region as if the food was lying there.

GASTRIC DISTURBANCES caused by an EXCESS of TEA and TOBACCO have been relieved by this remedy.

The PAIN in the EPIGASTRIC REGION always follows the meal. It is referred to the right side of the sternum and compels the patient to cough, but nothing comes up. There are frequent eructation’s. The patient is sleepy during the day but wakeful and restless at night and has disagreeable dreams.


< After eating (during digestion)

< Coughing

< Lying

< 5 a.m. – 9 a.m.

> Motion & walking (digestive troubles).


-Abusive or insulting.

-Sadness, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom.

-Anxiety about health, hypochondriacal.

-Functions mentally like an old man.

-Dullness, sluggishness with difficulty of thinking, comprehending.

-Vanishing of thoughts. Low spirited and dull during the day; wakeful and restless at night, with hunger.


-Useful remedy in many diseased conditions, when they are associated with gastric symptoms.

-It causes dyspepsia with functional heart symptoms, especially in the aged persons. Also useful in indigestion of those who abuse the drinking of tea and smoking or chewing of tobacco.

-The chief symptom in dyspepsia is a sensation of HARD BOILED EGG LODGED IN THE CARDIAC END OF THE STOMACH. Patient describes it as if a hard lump is felt in the pit of stomach or in the lung, which he wants to cough out.

-Continual distressing constriction just above the pit of the stomach as if everything were knotted up, worse whenever debilitated. LUMP (egg, rock, knot, stone) feeling on top of stomach.

-PAIN IN STOMACH ALWAYS COMES ON AFTER EATING. Pressing pain in the stomach, after a hearty meal, as if a load or stone was there. As though he had swallowed some indigestible substance which had stuck in his stomach, would neither go down nor come up.

-TOTAL LOSS OF APPETITE, IN THE MORNING, BUT GREAT CRAVING FOR FOOD AT NOON AND AT NIGHT (waking from hunger or hunger prevents sleep). Low spirited and dull during the day, wakeful and restless at night with hunger.

-Painful sensation in chest as if something were lodged in chest, mostly on right side of sternum, and had to be coughed up; lungs feel compressed, cannot be fully expanded.

Dyspnoea < lying down. Sharp, cutting pain in heart; hearts action heavy and slow. Coughing < waterbrash (waterbrash, cough during and after).

-Dyspepsia accompanied by hot head, dull headache, flushed cheeks and constipation.

-Menses at daytime only. Delayed with gradual decrease of menstruation.


  1. The chief symptom in dyspepsia is a sensation of a hard boiled egg lodged in the cardiac end of the stomach.
  2. Pain in stomach comes on immediately after eating.
  3. Total loss of appetite in the morning but great craving for food at noon and at night.


-Dyspeptic troubles of the aged.

-Indigestion of abusers of tea, smoking, tobacco.

-Pain < immediately after eating.

-Hard boiled egg sensation at lower end of oesophagus.

-Continual distressing constriction above pit of stomach.

-Loss of appetite in morning, great hunger at noon and at night.


  1. As if a hard boiled egg has lodged in the cardiac end of stomach.
  2. Pain in stomach < immediately after eating.


-This remedy is worth studying in HIATUS HERNIA.

-Those cases of dyspepsia which do not seem to be recovered by abstinence of any particular food or by a strict diet.

-Dyspepsia due to tea or tobacco


Complementary : Agar, Ars, Bism, Bry, Calc, Cinch, Ign, Kali-c, Nat-m, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Sep, Sulph, Zinc.

Compare : Abies-c, Bry, Cham, Cinch, Cupre-aust, Lac-ac, Puls, Sabin, Thuj.

Dosage : Mother tincture and 3x.

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