What is homeopathy and homeopath?

How to collect symptom?

In the journey of life every person in the planet get sick. To cure his/her sickness human get different type of treatment. The main aim is to cure patient scientist discover various way to save human life. Every living person must have die but he/she want to get ride of his/her sickness.

Dr Samuel Haneman Founder of HomeopathyIn the form of treatment every day scientist inventing new strategy to cure variety of disease. Its a one going processes every day human facing new challenge; In spite of this some technique become popular for its nature among them surgery and medicine is most popular.

Mood of action, source, preparation, response in human body make them unique. On the basis of popularly Allopathic medicine occupied  first place. On that period a top class German Allopathic physician Samuel Hahnemann create a new invention in the name of Homeopathy as Alternative Medicine in the year 1796. The basic principle of homeopathy is ” “Like cures like”, dilution increases potency, disease caused by miasms.”;

Medicine selection, Role of a homeopathy physician, proving, how to prescribe medicine for chronic and acute condition many more topics covered in Organon of Medicine.

Materia Medica

Materica Medica covered all the symptom which is found in healthy person by giving the medicine at proving period. New medicine is including frequently in homeopathy medicine list. Maximum number of medicine comes form plant kingdom. A Classical Homeopath prescribe single homeopathy medicine at a time. They prescribe medicine on the basis of symptom of a patient. A Classic homeopath collect physical symptom, mental symptom, pathological symptom, environment of the patient, sensitivity, religion, believe, faith, behavior, age etc. and write it down in a paper to evaluate the total symptom with medicine to select the medicine.


Repertory is a book where doctor collect rubric with a sequence. Every homeopath use repertory to select medicine quickly as the symptom written in the book in sequential order. It is easy to find medicine with the symptom. Modern homeopath use computerize repertory to find rubric more easily.


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