Abrom-aug : Abroma Augusta

Abroma Augusta_Abrom-aug

Homeopathic Medicine Abrom-aug : Abroma Augusta

Common Name : Devil’s Cotton, Indian Hemp. Ulat Kambal in Hindi

Kingdom : Plants

Miasm : Tubercular

Action : NoPolycrest

Thirst : Thirsty

Family: Sterculaceae

Source : Roots and Bark


< Undressing


-Nervous irritability.

-Face expression old looking.


-Weakness of brain.

-Irritable cannot bear contradiction.

-Cheerful tendency.

-Sensation of ball in abdomen.


– Diabetes.

– Empty, hollow sensation.

– Thirst extreme.


– Desires fish, sour food.

– Skin itching worse from undressing.

Clinical conditions

Diabetes insipidus, diabetes mellitus, enuresis, carbuncles especially those of diabetics, menstrual disorders

Clinical Tips :

Prickly heat. Intense itching with dry, small, vesicular and papular eruptions, with black discolouration on different parts of the body < sun heat


A) Mind

Irritability, ill-humour, depression, morose, contradictions unbearable, forgetful, absent minded, easily excitable.

B) Diabetes

Constant dryness of mouth; lips dry, pale, bluish; tongue dry and clean; great desire to drink large quantities of cold water; great thirst after urination.

Inability to retain urine; passes clear urine several times especially at night; large quantities of urine passed at a time; feels weak and exhausted each time passes urine; urine of high specific gravity; nocturnal enuresis.

Insatiable hunger; nothing seems to satisfy hunger; unnatural appetite, can eat lot a little after a good meal.

C) Cough

Cough worse in cold air, during evening and at night.

D) Menstrual disorders

Amenorrhoea; irregular menses; early or delayed; scanty or profuse; lasting too short or for longer durations.

Dysmenorrhoea; colicky pain in lower abdomen; blood is dark, clotted; hysteria with menstrual troubles.

Leucorrhoea, whitish, watery; in thin, sickly looking girls.


Dr. S. C. Ghose writes that Dr. D. N. Ray who had made first proving of this medicine drug had used it for more than ten years for diabetes mellitus and insipidus with gratifying results.

Dose of Abrom-aug :

5 drops three times daily along with 5 drops of Syzygium mother tincture for diabetes and 10 drops every half an hour for dysmenorrhoea (Dr. K. Kansal).

Compare with : Hydrastis, Viburnum and Pulsatilla.

Potency : Other than mother tincture 2X and 3x can be used.

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