Abrot : Artemisia Abrotanum

Artemisia Abrotanum-Abrot

Homeopathic Remedy Abrot : Artemisia Abrotanum-Abrot

Common Name :

Southernwood, Old Man, Boy’s Love, Oldman Wormwood, Lover’s Plant, Appleringie, Garderobe, Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin, Garden Sagebrush, European Sage, Lad’s Love, Southern Wormwood, Lemon Plant

Kingdom : Plants

Family: Compositae-Canymbiferae

Habitat: Europe.

Stage : Chronic

Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic

Thermal State : Chilly

Action : NoPolycrest

Appetite : Increased, Reduced

Sensitivity : High

Time Phases : Morning, Evening, Night

Gender : Child

Physiological Action

This agent produces marasmus through its action upon the digestive organs and its effects upon the metabolism.

It also produces anaesthesia and symptoms of paresis, as well as those of rheumatism.


This remedy is indicated in MARASMUS of children where the skin is flabby and loose; inflammatory rheumatism before the swelling has appeared; also in cases of GOUT, when the wrist and ankle joints are painful and swollen.

When it is indicated in marasmus the child is cross and irritable; there are dark rings about the eyes; the appetite is ravenous and yet the child is becoming more emaciated, the lower extremities show the greatest emaciation.

It also meets the indications of cases of chlorosis and GASTRALGIA when the gastric symptoms correspond; also cases of rheumatism and gout when there is great lameness and soreness, with metastasis to the heart. Cases of chronic myelitis and spinal inflammation are benefited by it when there are pains in the back which come suddenly, and are relieved by motion, an are attended by numbness and paralysis.

It should be studied in tuberculous peritonitis.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation ]:

-Suddenly checked diarrhoea or secretions


-Defective digestion or assimilation

-Following operations for hydrothorax or empyema


< Cold air

< Checked secretion

< Fog

< Night

< Wet (damp)

> Loose stool

> Motion


-Mental symptoms alternate with physical.

-Anxiety from pain in stomach.

-Irritability in children with marasmus.

-Sadness, despondency, dejection, depression in marasmus.

-Delusion that he hears voices in bed, which cease when listening intently.

-Cruelty, brutality.

-Dreams of biting a mad dog.



-Emaciation from below upwards. [Emaciation from above downwards- Sanic, Lyc, Nat-m]. Emaciation in children, pale, hollow eyed, old face, blue rings around eyes.

-Ravenous appetite. Child eats well yet loses flesh.

-Metastases-Rheumatism joints to heart, to spine, to mumps, to mammary glands or testes or pancreas.


-Rheumatism <-> Piles [Coll, Sabin]

-Rheumatism <-> Dysentery [Kali-bi]

-Rheumatism <-> Skin eruptions

-Rheumatism <-> Catarrh of nose

-Diarrhoea <-> Constipation [Ant-c, Ant-t, Chel, Podo, Nux-v, Sulph, Verat].

-Mind <-> Physicals

-Headache <-> Haemorrhoids

-Cardiac symptoms <-> Pain in joints

-Exudations into pleura, joints, from navel. Oozing of blood or moisture from navel. [Oozing of urine from navel – Hyos]

-Weakness- after influenza, after hectic fever, cannot hold up head.

-Perspiration of whole body at night (F.V. Synoptic).

-Wandering pains.

-G.I.T.-Tendency to loose stool after acute diarrhoea.

-Walking or stooping impossible from distension of abdomen.

-Bloated abdomen.

-Aversion to milk.

-Respiratory system-Dry cough following diarrhoea.

-Male genitalia- Hydrocoele in children.

-Extremities-Rheumatism from suddenly checked diarrhoea.

-Rheumatism without swelling, but gout with swelling and inflammation.

-Gout of ankle and wrist joints.

-Painful contractions of limbs (Am-m) from cramps or following colic.

-Gout of ankle and wrist joints [Ruta].

-Skin-Purplish after suppression of eruptions, respiratory infections, after suppression of eruptions (Morrison).

Abrotanum abro


Emaciation; in children ascending. Ravenous hunger but still does not thrive.

Alternating symptoms.



Sensation of stomach floating or swimming in water [Bufo], with coldness.

Craving for bread boiled in milk.

Intolerance of coffee (F.V. Synoptic).


-Marasmus most pronounced in the lower extremities.



-Metastasis and alternating complaints.


A/F checked eruptions, discharges.

Marasmus of lower limbs.

> diarrhoea.


Inflammation of the parotids, changing to testes or mammae is a generally cured by Carb-v or Puls, but ABROTANUM has cured when these remedies have failed- Dr. Kent.

Abrotanum has a reputation for successfully treating hydrocele in the children -Dr. M. L. Tyler


Follows Well : Acon, Bry, Hep.

Compare : Absin, Agar, Bar-c, Bry, Cham, Cina, Gnaph, Nux-v.


Mother tincture of the fresh leaves, and dilutions.


Of the tincture 1 – 10 drops. HOMEO. 3x.

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