Antimonium Crudum (Ant-c)


Homeopathic Medicine Antimonium Crudum (Ant-C)

COMMON NAMES of Antimonium Crudum(Ant-C) :  Stibnite, Sulphide of Antimony, Black sulphide of Antimony ;

Chemical Formula : SbS3 ;

Kingdom: Minerals;

Stage : Chronic;

Side : Left, U.Rt.Low Lt., Alternate Sides;

Miasm :  Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic ;

Thermal State : Ambithermal

Action: OnlyPolycrest

Thirst: Thirsty, Thirstless;

Appetite : Increased, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases: First Quarter, Full Moon, New Moon;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night;

Gender: Male, Female, Child ;

Element : Sulphur(S, 16), Antimony(Sb, 51)

A natural mineral found in parts of Europe and the United States. It is of a dark gray color, somewhat iridescent and of a metallic luster.

Preparations: The carefully selected mineral is triturated with sugar of milk. Dilutions are made from the 6x trituration.

Physiological Action Antimonium Crudum (Ant-C):

This agent acts upon the mucous membranes, especially of the digestive tract. The mucous surface is covered with mucus, and as a result digestion is slowed and fermentation of the food results. There is flatulence and alternate diarrhea and constipation.

The secretions from the bowels are of a foul odor, and contain large amounts of mucus. There is an excess of mucus in the pharynx and bronchi. The skin is easily irritated, and pimples, pustular eruptions and callosities from upon it. The tongue is coated white, and there is mental despondency.


This remedy is indicated when there is a derangement of the DIGESTIVE ORGANS, a thick white coating upon the tongue, a marked mental irritability and fretfulness. The eructations have the taste of food taken some time before.

It should be remember in cases of GASTRIC DISTURBANCES of various forms when the digestion is slow. There is FERMENTATION, NAUSEA and vomiting, the bowels are loose, and the stools are lumpy.

In CHOLERA INFANTUM it is indicated when there is nausea and a cutting colic. The stools are yellow and very offensive, the anus is excoriated; the child is fretful and peevish, cannot bear to be looked at or spoken to, the face is hot, and the pulse irregular and the tongue has a thick white coating.

This is the first remedy to study where the DIARRHEA is induced or aggravated by acids, sour wines, over – heating, or cold bathing.

It should be remembered in the ALTERNATE DIARRHEA and CONSTIPATION of old people. Should the constipation be the predominating feature it is attended with excessive flatulence, and the stool is white and lumpy. In case of mucous colitis this remedy is of service when there is an excess of mucus in the stools, and the gastric and mental symptoms accord.

The SKIN presents certain features which are characteristic and nearly always attended with indigestion. There are HORNY EXCRESCENCES, thick, hard scales and scales and callosities and corns on the soles of the feet close to the toes. These spots become inflamed and very sensitive.

It relives the CUTANEOUS DISORDERS observed in the aged, as corns, horny excrescences, and fistulous ulcers. Also cases of urticaria attended with red areolar patches, which come and go. The patient is hot and thirsty, and the disorder appears to be dependent upon the eating too freely of meat or from over – eating.

The NOSTRILS and LABIAL COMMISSURE become sore, cracked, and crusty. In connection with callosities already mentioned the hands show horny warts, the nails grow in splits, and horny growths appear under the nails, which are quite sensitive.

COLD BATHING and river bathing are frequently followed by HEADACHE. There is also a sensitiveness to the heat. He cannot bear the heat of the sun, from over – heating near the fire, and feels exhausted in warm weather. DESPONDENCY and MELANCHOLY are relieved by it when there is great sadness, the patient being irritable and suffering from headache and gastric derangement.

Nervous, excitable HYSTERICAL GIRLS that are overcome by mellow lights, and as a result there is an outburst of affection, as is observed in the sick, and those who are suffering from the effects of disappointed affection.

Characteristic of  Antimonium Crudum ( Ant-C) :

Irritable, peevish children who cannot bear to be touched or looked at.

Sweet, romantic and sentimental, moved by moonlight.

Soft, sensitive, emotional.

Moroseness and loathing of life after long illness or disappointment in love.

Aggravation from radiant heat (stove, open fire, heater, sun), cold bathing.

Thick, white coating of tongue, like a fur with gastric derangements.

Indigestion from dietary indiscretion, tendency to over eat.

Lumps, corns, warts, growths, callosities.

A/F (Aliment From/ Causation):

-Disappointed love.

-Too much river or cold bathing.

-Alcohol, wine, water, acids, fats, fruits.

-Deranged digestion, overeating.

-Suppressed eruptions.


-Sunburn, extreme of heat and cold.

MODALITIES Antimonium Crudum(Ant-C) :

< Evening

< From heat

< Acid

< Washing

< Wet poltices

< Moon light

< Cold bathing

< Ascending stairs

< Touch

< After getting drunk

< Heat of summer, of sun

< Overeating

> Open air

> During rest

> Moist warmth

> Lying down

MIND Symptom

-Bad effects of disappointed love.

-Great anxiety about his fate, inclination to shoot himself.

-Fretful, cross and peevish.

-Cries, if looked at, or touched, or washed, especially in children.

-Adults are sulky, do not wish to speak with anyone.

-Loathing; of life of food, bathing, etc.

-Ecstasy and exalted love. Excitability.

-Dreamy, sentimental mood in the moonlight and twilight, during diarrhoea, before menses.

-Angry at every little attention.

-Love sick, taciturn.

-So busy with oneself, one forgets to urinate or defecate, eats only when asked.

-Talks in rhymes and verses.

-Nervous, hysterical girls and women, who are overcome by mellow light from stained glass windows.

-Cross and contradictive, whatever is done fails to give satisfaction.

-Nymphomania during suppressed menses.

-Great sadness with weeping.
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-Anxious lachrymose mood, the slightest thing affects her, abject despair, suicide by drowning.

-Patient is always sleepy and weary.


– Nervous symptoms, such as restlessness, twitches in the muscle and disposition to start on slightest sound are also found.

– It is suitable to infants and children; also to elderly persons and young person who have a tendency to grow fat, for the extremes of life.

– There is a tendency to formation of cracks – in canthi, nostrils, angles of the mouth.

– It produces strange absence of pain, where it should be expected, e.g. bedsores.

-When the symptoms group recur, they change their locality or go from one side to other; they recur every five, six or twelve weeks.

– It produces lumpy effects-stools are watery containing lumps,

– Leucorrhoea is watery mixed with lumps,

– Lumps appear upon the skin,

– Nails become thick, distorted and lumpy.

-Eats beyond the capacity of his digestion or without discrimination, therefore the mental and skin symptoms are due to gastrointestinal disturbances.

-Aversion to cold bathing, child cries when washed.

-All conditions are < heat and cold. Worse in warm weather and from heat < radiant heat.

– Always weary and sleepy.

– Head-Aching in vertex on ascending, from bathing, from disordered stomach, especially from eating candy or drinking acid wines.

– Heaviness in forehead with vertigo, nausea and nosebleed.

– Eyes-Dull, sunken, red, itch, inflamed, agglutinated canthi, raw and fissured.

– Chronic blephritis.

– Pustules on cornea and lids.

– Face-Pimple, pustules, boils on face.

– Yellow crusted eruption on cheeks and chin.

– Cracks in corner of mouth.

– Mouth-Tongue coated thick white as it white washed.

– Cancer of mouth.

– Saltish salivation. Taste bitter.

– Toothache in hollow teeth. Toothache before menses.

– G.I.T.-Loss of appetite.

– Desire for acids, pickles, wine, vinegar, cucumber.

– Eructation tasting of the ingesta.

– Gastric and intestinal complaints from bread, pastry, acids, vinegar, sour wine, cold bathing, overheating, hot weather.

– Constant belching.

– Bloating after eating. Sweetish waterbrash.

– Child vomits its milk in curdled form after nursing and refuses to nurse afterwards.

– Stomach seems to be always overloaded.

– Digestion disordered easily.

– Appetite does not return after severe illness.

– Constant discharge of flatus, up and down for years.

– Old people with morning diarrhoea, suddenly become constipated, or alternate diarrhoea and constipation.

– Stools of hard lumps mixed with watery discharge. Catarrhal proctitis.

– Diarrhoea after acids, sour, wines, bathing, overeating, slimy, flatulent, slow.

– Mucous piles, continued oozing of mucus.

– Respiratory system-Looking into the fire cause cough.

– Nostrils chapped and covered with crusts.

– Eczema of nostrils, sore, cracked and scurfy.

– Much thick, yellowish mucus from posterior nares.

– Rough voice, from over use.

– Hoarseness after cold water bath.

– Loss of voice, harsh and badly pitched voice.

– Loss of voice after being overheated.

– Cough worse, coming into warm room, with burning and itching of chest.

– Whooping cough < overheated, from cold washing.

– Extremities-Disposition to abnormal growths of the skin of fingers.

– Nails do not grow rapidly; crushed nails grow in split like warts, with horny spots.

– Nails grow out of shape. Nails brittle. Growth beneath nails.

– Horny warts on hands and soles.

– Large horny corns on soles of feet; very sensitive while walking, especially on stone pavements.

– Inflamed corns.

– Arthritic pain in finger.

– Weakness and shaking of hands while writing, followed by offensive flatus.

– Skin-Eczema with gastric derangements.

– Eruptive tendency of pimples, vesicles and pustules.

– Urticaria, measles like eruption.

– Itching when warm in bed.

– Dry gangrene.

– Chicken pox.

– Impetigo.

KEYNOTES of Antimonium Crudum(Ant-C):

1. Sentimental mood in the moonlight.

2. Thick, milky white coating of tongue.

3. Loss of voice from becoming overheated.


The mental and gastric symptoms determine this remedy.

Eats beyond the capacity of his digestion or without discrimination, therefore the mental and skin symptoms are due to gastro intestinal disturbances.

Aversion to cold bathing, child cries when washed.

Aggravated from heat and cold bathing.

Disposition to abnormal growths of the skin.

Nails grow slowly, grow out of shape. Nails brittle.


1. For the people who have a tendency to grow at, for the extremes of life.

2. Aversion to cold bathing.

3. Excessive irritability and fretfulness, together, with a thickly coated, milky white tongue.

4. Craves acids, pickles, cucumbers.

5. Warts on hands and soles.

6. Horny corns on soles of feet, very sensitive while walking.

7. Stools composed entirely of mucus.

8. Nails grow slowly, grow out of shape, and are brittle.

9. Loss of voice from becoming overheated.
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CLINICAL condition of Antimonium Crudum(Ant-C) :

Arthritis, Callosities, Chicken pox, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Depression, Diarrhea, Gastritis, Glossitis, Headache, Impetigo, Menopausal complaints, Obesity, Peptic ulcer.

Ant-crud 30 or 200 is almost specific for impetigo– Dr. Foubister and Dr. Borland.

In the diarrhea, often of old people, which alternates with constipation, Ant-c is the only remedy- Dr. Tyler.

Arthritis deformans responds to Ant-c, a near specific- Dr. Shwatartz.

REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS of Antimonium Crudum (Ant-C):

Complementary : Squil.
Followed Well By : Merc, Puls, Sulph.
Follows Well : Ip, Puls.
Compare : HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS, IGNATIA, PHOSPHORIC ACID. Acon, Am-m, Apis, Ars, Bry, Carb-v, Cham, Euphr, Ferr, Hep, Ip, Lyc, Merc, Nux-v, Puls, Ran-b, Rhus-t, Squil, Sulph.
Antidoted By : Bry, Calc, Hep, Merc.
Duration Of Action : 40 Days.