Artemisia Absinthium (Absin)

Artemisia Absinthium-Absin

Homeopathic Remedy Artemisia Absinthium (Absin.)

Common Name : Common Wormwood, Absinthium, Absinthe Wormwood, Grand Wormwood

Kingdom :  Plants

Family : Compositae.

Habitat: Europe, and naturalized in America.

Source : Tincture of fresh young leaves and flowers.

Stage : Acute

Action : NoPolycrest

Thirst : Thirsty

Appetite : Reduced

Sensitivity : High

Time Phases : Morning

Condition : Epilepsy

Organ : Brain

System : Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system


HOMEO., Mother tincture of the fresh young leaves and blossoms. U. S.P., “The leaves and tops of Artemisia absinthium.” The alcoholic solution of the oil of wormwood is used in the preparation of the French liqueur under the name of Absinthe.

Physiological Action

This agent is a nerve depressant. A dose of one drachm, or less, in dogs, produces tremors, spasmodic muscular action, intoxication, and loss of sensibility; while large doses produce violent epileptoid seizures. Small doses act as a gentle stimulant to man, while larger doses cause headaches, cerebral disturbances, and clonic hysterical convulsions. When partaken of for some time the mental and physical powers are enfeebled, the virile power is lost in the male, while the menopause is premature in the female.


This remedy is of service in cases of EPILEPTIFORM CONVULSIONS, cerebral irritation, and infantile hysterical spasm. EPILEPSY that is preceded by nervous trembling, when there is distortion of the features, the pupils are equally dilated, and the patient is obliged to walk about.

He has hallucinations, with frightful visions, and becomes insane, idiotic, and brutal. He has cerebral VERTIGO with mental confusion and a tendency to fall backwards; wants the head low, and complains of a dull occipital headache.

There is hyperaemia of the brain, medulla, and spinal cord, with jerking of the upper extremities, trembling of the hands, sleeplessness accompanying typhoid fever, with hyperaemia at the base of the brain.

Artemisia Absinthium (Absin) is indicated for-

Epileptiform seizures preceeded by nervous tremors.

Chorea, tremors, hysterical and infantile spasms. Cerebral irritation.

Spasmodic facial twitching. Nervous excitement and sleeplessness.

Vertigo with tendency to fall backwards.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation] :


Mind of Absin.

-It is a useful remedy for nervousness, excitement and sleeplessness, in children.

-Loss of memory. Forgets, what has recently happened, after and before convulsions.


-Aversion to all persons wants nothing to do with anybody.

-Desires death during convulsions.

-Frightful visions and terrifying hallucinations.

-Delusions, imaginations-of grotesque animals, rats, mice, insects etc.

-Delusions of all colours.

-Violence, vehemence alternating with unconsciousness.

-Brutal insanity.


-C.N.S.-Convulsions preceded by trembling.

-Nervous tremors precede attack.

-Tremor is a marked feature; tremor of tongue, of heart.

-Sudden and severe giddiness; delirium with hallucinations, loss of consciousness.

-Epileptiform seizures begin in the face, extend to the body and limbs.

-Attacks occur in rapid succession, coming on with screaming.

-Consciousness not entirely lost.

-Patient bites tongue, bloody foam at mouth, makes grimaces.

-Spasmodic facial twitching. Face blue with foolish look.

-Head-Dull occipital headache [Gels, Pic-ac].

-Vertigo-On rising, with a tendency to fall backwards.

-Ears-Discharge from ear; after headache.

-G.I.T.-Immense accumulation of flatus in abdomen, with bloating and wind colic.

-Loss of appetite; loathing of food.

-Tongue thick protruding; can scarcely talk.

-Tongue trembling; feels paralysed.

-C.V.S.-Tumultous action of heart, beats can be heard in back.

-Female genitalia-Premature menopause.

-Urinary system-Constant desire to urinate.

-Urine of a very strong odour, of deep yellow colour [Kali-p].


Convulsions preceded by trembling.

Tremor is a marked feature; tremor of tongue, of heart.

Vertigo, on rising, with a tendency to fall backwards.


– Epileptic seizures.

– Nervous tremors.

– Delirium with hallucinations.

– Giddiness.

– Hysterical and infantile spasms.

– Trembling of tongue.

– Tumultous heart action.

– Facial twitching.


Convulsions preceded by trembling.

Tremor is a marked feature. Epilepsy with tremors, vertigo, illusion of sight and hearing, numbness.


-Cerebral irritation, Chorea, Delirium, Giddiness, Hallucinations, Insomnia, Kleptomania, Premature menopause, Seizures (epileptiform), Spasms, Spermatorrhoea, Tremors (nervous), Vertigo, Wind colic.

-Of special value in cases of minor epilepsy, where consciousness is not entirely lost.

-A drop of tincture placed on the tongue during an epileptic attack, is said to modify the convulsion.

Sleeplessness of typhoid fever when then is congestion at the base of the brain- Dr. Farrington.

Clinical Tips :

The convulsions of Absinthium are preceded by trembling; the patient makes grimaces; bites tongue; foams. Halbert regards Absinthium as of special service in cases of minor epilepsy, where consciousness is not entirely lost- Author Dr. J.H. Clarke

Remedy Relationships with Absin:

Compare : Abrot, Alco, Art-v, Cic, Cina, Hydr-ac.

Similar : Agar, Bell, Cham, Hyos, Stram.


HOMEO., Tincture, 1 – 30 drops. U. S.P., Of the leaves, one to two scruples; of the oil, 1 – 2 drops.

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