Arsenicum Album (Ars)

Arsenicum-Album Ars.
Arsenicum Album (Ars)

Homeopathic Remedy Arsenicum Album (Ars)

Homeopathic Medicine Arsenicum Album (Ars), White oxide of Arsenic is widely used in Insecurity, Anxiety, Restlessness, Weakness, Chilly, Midnight aggravation, Intense thirst for frequent sips, Burning pains > heat, Periodicity, alternation of symptoms.

ir?t=homeoremed0f4 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0083V6TB2Basic Information of  Arsenicum Album (Ars)

Common Name : White Oxide of Arsenicum,

Chemical Formula :  As2O3;

Kingdom: Minerals;

Stage:  Acute,

Chronic; Side: Right, Left, U.Lt.Low Rt., Rt. to Lt., Lt. to Rt. :

Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State : Chilly ;

Action: OnlyPolycrest;

Thirst : Thirsty, Unquenchable, Thirstless, Small Quantity ;

Appetite : Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced ;

Sensitivity:  Low, High;

Moon Phases: First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon ;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night;

Element : Oxygen(O, 8), Arsenic(As, 33)

PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION Arsenicum Album (Ars.):

1. Mucous membrane – Destructive inflammation.

2. Serous membrane – Oedematous inflammation; Copious effusion.

3. Kidney – Fatty degeneration, Albuminuria.

4. Skin – Eczema, Gangrene.

5. Blood – Haemolysis; Haemorrhage.

6. Heart – Fatty degeneration; Motor Paralysis.

7. Circulation – Vasomotor paralysis.

8. Liver – Fatty degeneration; disorganization.

9. Lungs – Asthma; Congestion; Malignant Catarrh.

10. CNS – Motor and Sensory paralysis; Neuralgia.


A/F (Causation of Arsenicum Album-Ars. ):

-Cold fruits, watery fruits, melons ice-cream, ice

-Sour beer

-Bad sausage

-Alcoholic drinks

-Strong cheese

-Vegetable diet

-Poor diet

-Chewing tobacco

-Anthrax poison

-Dissecting wounds

-Stings of venomous insects


-Ptomaine poisoning

-Sea bathing


-Mountain climbing




MODALITIES of Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

< After midnight

< Exertion

< Cold, cold drinks and food

< Sea shore

< Periodically, 14 days, yearly

< Alcoholism

< lying on affected side / with head low

< Watery fruits

< Bad meat, food

> Warm wraps

> Open air

> Company

> Sweating

> Motion

> Walking

MIND symptom of Arsenicum Album (Ars) :

– RESTLESS mentally, but physically too weak to move, restlessness in affected part.

– Restlesness, cannot relax, anxious.

– FEARS being alone, cancer, robbers, poverty, DEATH. Fear of death, comes at the later stage of disease, thinks it useless to take medicine, disease is incurable.

– Worry things will go wrong, anxiety for others.

– ANXIOUS. Highly sensitive. Anguish. Anxiety about health. Later despair of recovery. Anorexia nervosa (first remedy) (Nat-m, Sep, Nux-v, Ign, Verat, Abrot, Sulph).

– Insecurity, feels vulnerable in an unsafe world.

– FASTIDIOUS, obsessed with order and tidiness. Fault finding.

– Violence, self-torture, pulls her hair, bites her nails, suicidal impulses, mania, wants to be held. Suicidal. Impulse to kill, fear of killing.

– Selfish. Seeking security.

– Demanding help, company.

– Delusion that she is being watched. Hears voices and sees animals, after taking alcohol.

– Mixture of depression and irritation.

– Immaculate outer appearance.

– Avaricious, collecting.

GUIDING INDICATIONS of Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

– Extremely CHILLY, wants to be wrapped up warmly, hugs the fire. Chilly with rheumatic complaints, warm blooded in headaches.

– Great prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces, out of proportion to the rest of his illness.

– BURNING pains, affected parts burn like fire, pains maddening, even felt during sleep, cause shortness of breath.
Burning > heat, hot drinks, hot applications.

– Thirst – Burning, for cold water, but it lies like a stone in stomach, drinks often but little at a time, it can’t assimilate, gurgling in oesophagus when drinking.

– Thirstlessness in chronic diseases.

– Cannot bear smell, sight or thought of food. (Colch, Sepia).

– Discharges of mucous membranes – ACRID, thin, SCANTY – coryza, saliva, sweat. Putrid cadaveric odours of discharges.

– Haemorrhages – black, offensive.

– Tendency to ulcerations, phagedenic with intense burning. WEAKNESS and emaciation rapid.

– Dryness of skin, or rough like parchment, lips dry, dry gangrene. Scanty discharges.

– Sleep- RESTLESS, anxious, disturbed, talks in sleep.

– Dreams of death, full of care, sorrow and fear.

– Sweat- COLD or CLAMMY.

– Periodicity midday or midnight,- everyday, 3rd/4th day, every fortnight, every 6 weeks, every year.

– Hydrogenoid – < water in any form e.g. watery fruits, damp places, etc.

– Craving – sour, brandy, coffee, milk.

– Aversion – sweets, butter, fat, meat.

Arsenic Album ars
Key Symptom of Arsenicum Album (Ars)

– Dropsical states – anasarca, skin pale, waxy or earth coloured. Acts as a trocar.

– Head-Headache congestive > cold temporarily.

– Restless head, it is in constant motion.

– Scalp very sensitive.

– Early graying and falling of hair.

– Eye-Oedema around eyes.

– Intense photophobia.

– Burning with acrid lachrymation.

– Everything appears green, sees as through a white gauze.

– Face- pale, anxious, sunken, hippocratic, tearing needle-like pains, covered with cold sweat.

– Tongue- bluish white, taste bitter to water, after drinking or eating – sour, saltish, sweet in morning.

– Vomiting and stools simultaneously < eating and drinking.
Vomiting immediately after eating or drinking of (especially cold) water or mucus to bile, blood and coffee ground substances.

– Rectum-Haemorrhoids with stitching pain < walking or sitting, not at stool, with burning pain < by heat.

– Stools- Rice water, foul, small, acrid, involuntary, burning, black, mucus, lienteric, cadaveric. < cold drinks with prostration.

– Nose-Thin, watery, excoriating nasal discharges, sneezing without relief.

– Colds descend to chest.

– Dyspnoea felt in nose.

– Respiratory system-Cough dry <-> loose, dry at night < drinking > sitting up.

– Asthmatic breathing < after 12 o’clock, unable to lie down for fear of suffocation. > sitting up / bent forward.

– Darting pain through upper third of right lung.

– Extremities-Sciatica > walking, > hot application.

– Skin -Dry, scaly, cold, blue, wrinkled, like parchment, burning pain, black vesicles.

– Psoriasis or gangrenous inflammations, itching without eruption.

– Fever-Low grade, like typhoid.

– Externally cold with internal burning.

– Coldness in spots > open air.

– Dyspnoea with chill, sweat with great thirst.

KEYNOTES of Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

1. Restlessness mentally, but physically too weak.

2. Rapid prostration, out of proportion to disease.

3. < after midnight.

4. Burning thirst for sips of cold water at short interval.

5. Burning pains > heat.

NUCLEUS OF Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

-Old broken down constitutions, extremely prostrated, chilly, who hug the fire all the time with evidence of destruction of tissues causing ulcerations, putridity, acridity or irritability.
-Mentally anxious and restless with great anguish and fears especially of death. A mixture between depression and irritation.

CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS of Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

1. Restlessness.

2. Thirst.

3. < after midnight.

4. Burning > heat.

5. Anxiety and anguish.

CLINICAL symptom of Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

– Lower potencies are used in malignant tissue and blood diseases.

– Higher potencies for nervous and mental ailments.

– Shouldn’t be used in patients with low vitality even though characteristic symptoms are present, as it may produce rapid death without pain.

  Post partum retention of urine.- Dr. Chaudhary

 As a diuretic in all forms of dropsy. – Dr. Bahr.

When peptic ulcer is at the pyloric end – Dr. Pope

For the very severe form of multiple neuritis with paralysis, Ars. 30 will be called for. – Dr. Joseph. T. O. Conner.

Ars. is proved specific to conteract effects of penicillin – Dr. M. B. Desai.

  For pellagra, in low potency – Dr. Honder Shiles.

–  Ars. for nail biting – Dr. Dixm.

Physiological Action Arsenicum album [Ars]

This agent when applied to the skin acts as a caustic, and produces a violent inflammation with sloughing of the parts. When small doses are taken, it has a tonic effect upon the nervous system and circulation, stimulating the flow of saliva, and gastric and intestinal juices, increasing the peristalsis and improving the digestive and nutritive functions. Toxic doses produce violent gastroenteritis with nausea, diarrhoea, and a sense of heat and dryness in the stomach. The heart is rendered irritable and feeble, and fatty degeneration of the myocardium ensues.

The red blood corpuscles are decreased in number, and the blood rendered less coagulable. The urine becomes scanty, albuminous, and bloody. The skin shows oedema which extends and becomes a general anasarca if the drug is continued. This is at times followed by eczema urticaria, herpes zoster, bronzing and exfoliating of the skin; the hair and nails may fall. The nervous system shows disorders of motility and sensibility, tremors and multiple neuritis.

It also acts as a respiratory depressant. Toxic doses increase the bodily temperature, though the extremities are cold. It is eliminated by the intestines, kidneys, liver and skin.

THERAPEUTICS property of Arsenicum album [Ars]

This remedy is indicated in cases characterized by extreme WEAKNESS and prostration, especially by the least exertion, with restlessness, anguish, and burning everywhere. There is an unquenchable thirst for small quantities of water at frequent intervals. The pains are worse from rest, and increased by cold. All troubles are worse from 12 to two AM. The patient fears death, is restless, with weakness of the memory, and a tendency to suicide.

It becomes a remedy in melancholia after financial losses, when he believes he will starve. There are sleepless nights, with anxiety, restlessness, and great fear of death; also in mania, he believes his case incurable, he is irritable, discouraged, and restless.

It cures various forms of headaches, a PERIODICAL headache with vomiting when raising the head, accompanied by severe vertigo and anguish; hemicrania with sensation of hot pains extending through the ramifications of the fifth nerve, must move, but he is so very weak and prostrated. Also in megrim that is accompanied with biliary derangement, vertigo, nausea, retching, and vomiting of bile.

In rhinitis and WINTER COLDS, it is indicated by a thin, watery discharge that excoriates the upper lip. The nose feels stopped up, there is a frontal headache, photophobia, and excessive sneezing. The patient is worse on going into the open air, the burning, however, being better in the open air, and worse near the fire. It becomes the remedy in INFLUENZA when the discharges are profuse, burning, and corroding, and are accompanied with extreme lassitude and aching of the muscles.

The tongue may be red, dry, and black in typhoid and gangrenous, and when there are spots they burn like fire.

The mouth is dry, so that there is great craving for small quantities of water, at frequent intervals.

In DIPHTHERIA, it is indicated by high fever, extreme restlessness, and prostration, burning, and thirst; the breath is fetid, the membranes have a dry, wrinkled look, and the throat feels dry, as if scraped, and may even be gangrenous.

It is indicated in ACUTE GASTRITIS when there are pains, thirst, restlessness, and diarrhoea. The patient desires cold water but it causes distress. The stomach feels as though it were on fire. The nausea that attends these cases is associated with a sense of great weakness and anxiety; it often recurs periodically.

It is useful in the nausea and vomiting that result from eating ice cream, and the toxaemia that occasionally follows, as well as for the injurious effects of ice water, when the stomach feels full and distended, and there is nausea and vomiting. When cold drinks are continued, or alcohol has been employed for a prolonged period, a chronic catarrhal gastritis is established and this remedy is curative when there are burning pains in the epigastrium, with great thirst, restlessness, and anxiety.

In gastralgia, it is curative when the patient is feeble and anaemic, the pains being of a burning character and radiating in various directions. Haematemesis is relieved by it when the patient is anaemic, and shows scorbutus and indications of degeneration. In cancer of the stomach it will assist in relieving the burning pains and distress. Enlargement and induration of the liver and spleen following malaria are benefited by it, when burning and stitching pains are present.

It is indicated in PERITONITIS by the burning distress in the abdomen like coals of fire, with great restlessness and anxiety; also in dysentery when there are violent, cutting pains in the abdomen, which is greatly distended. The evacuations are frequent, and then there is a cold sweat with spells of fainting.

ASIATIC CHOLERA and cholera morbus require it when there is intense vomiting with stools that resemble rice – water. They are profuse and watery. The burning, thirst, anxiety, and restlessness that characterize the remedy are present, and while the extreme heat is complained of internally, externally the patient is cold.

In CHOLERA INFANTUM, much the same class of symptoms are present. The stools are undigested, the taking of food causes a movement of the bowels, and the trouble is worse after midnight. The skin is harsh, dry, and of a yellowish tinge. The child becomes rapidly emaciated.

It is demanded at times in intermittent fever, when the chill is irregular and not well defined, the heat being intense, and attended with thirst for hot drinks, cold drinks causing the patient to shiver. Sweating does not relieve the symptoms. The patient is greatly prostrated, and dropsy is apt to appear as a result of the enlarged liver and spleen. In some cases neuralgia appears. In these case the general and gastric symptoms are present.

In continuous type of fever, as TYPHOID, it is indicated when there is diarrhoea, the stools being yellowish and watery in character, offensive, and worse after midnight. The fever is high, the blood changes are pronounced, and there is the exhaustion, agony and thirst characterizing this remedy.



In chronic diffused NEPHRITIS, it is indicated by the dropsy that fills that serous cavities, anaemia, and gastrointestinal irritation, the thirst, anxiety, restlessness, dyspnoea, nightly aggravation, and desire to lie with the head high are the symptoms upon which the selection is made. In diseases of the skin, it is indicated by the indurated, hardened condition of the skin, with extensive scaling of raw, colored scales.

This should lead to its use in eczema, etc. It has been employed in the medical treatment of cancer. Its general symptoms lead to its selection in diseases of the nervous system.

It is indicated in hemicrania that is associated with bilious colic, bilious vomiting, or some affections of the river. There is depression of the spirits. The patient believes he is going to die; is aggravated by cold, ameliorated by warmth. There s great prostration, restlessness and chilliness. In neurasthenia, it is suggested by weakness of the lower limbs, or trembling of the limbs from debility. The patient is sleepless and restless.

RELATIONSHIPS with Arsenicum Album (Ars.) :

Complementary : All-s, Carb-v, Phos.

Followed Well By : Aran-d, Iod, Nux-v, Rhus-t, Sulph.

Follows Well : Acon, Arn, Bell, Bry, Calc, Carb-v, Cinch, Ferr, Hep, Iod, Ip, Lach, Lyc, Merc, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep, Sil, Sulph, Verat.

Similar : Acon, Apoc, Arg-n, Ars-m, Bell, Bism, Calc, Cann-i, Carb-v, Cinch, Ferr, Hyos, Ip, Kreos, Lach, Lyc, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Rhus-t, Sil, Tab, Verat.

Antidoted By : Camph, Chin, Chin-s, Ferr, Graph, Hep, Iod, Ip, Nux-v, Sambu, Tab, Verat.

It Antidotes : Carb-v, Chin, Ferr, Graph, Hep, Iod, Ip, Lach, Merc, Nux-v, Phos, Samb, Stry, Tab, Verat.

Duration Of Action : 60-90 Days.

Arsenicum album [Ars] Preparations:
HOMEO., Triturations and dilutions, also mother tincture of drug power 1/100. U. S.P., Arsenic tri iodium, Liquor Acidi Arsenosi.

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