Causticum Hahnemanii (Caust)

Causticum Hahnemanii (Caust)

Homeopathic Medicine Causticum Hahnemanii (Caust)

[Materia Medica, Keynotes Health benefits, uses, warnings, safety precaution, side effects, interaction, complementary and dosage]

Common Name: Tinctura Acris Sine Kali, Potassium Hydrate;

Chemical Formula: KOH;

Kingdom: Minerals;

Stage: Chronic;

Side: Right, U.Rt.Low Lt., Rt. to Lt.;

Miasm: Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State: Chilly;

Action:  OnlyPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty, Thirstless;

Appetite: Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon;

Time Phases: Morning, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night;

Element: Hydrogen(H, 1), Oxygen(O, 8), Potassium(K, 19);

Causticum Hahnemanii (Caust ) is indicated for Paralysis of single parts. Expectoration slips back again. Insensible urethra or rectum.
Urine spurts on coughing. Deep burns and their effects.

Physiological Action

This agent produces congestion and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx and trachea, together with a paresis or paralysis of the vocal organs. There is paresis or paralysis of the sphincter vesicae. There is an increase of the urinary solids.


This remedy is indicate din persons with dark hair and rigid fibre, who are scrofulous and subject to derangements of the respiratory and urinary tracts. They are sad and melancholy and are prone to look upon the dark side of every subject.

It is of service in CATARRHAL STATES of the respiratory tract, as LARYNGO – TRACHEAL CATARRH, when the voice is partially lost. There is HOARSENESS which is worse during the morning and again in the evening.

This may be attended by a cough which is violent and fatiguing and is accompanied with a sensation of pain down the trachea during each cough, at which time there is an involuntary passage of urine.

It is of service in PARALYTIC AFFECTIONS of a single nerve, or part of the laryngeal, ocular, and sphincter muscles and as a result it becomes the remedy in NOCTURNAL ENURESIS, as well as in involuntary urination, while sneezing, coughing, or blowing the nose. The urine passes so easily that he is not aware of it.

It is useful when the URINE contains an excess of solids which may retard convalescence. It should be remembered in AZOTURIA. It is also of service in scrofulous affections of the eye when there is dryness and PHOTOPHOBIA as if there were grains of sand in them.

A/F [ Aliments from/ Causation] :

-Burns or scalds


-Grief or sorrow

-Night watching

-Suppressed eruptions

-Ulcers maltreated with lead

-Loss of sleep

-Lead poisoning

-Exposure to colds, burns scalds and febrile conditions


[< – Aggravation]

< Winds

< Dry cold or raw air

< Extremes of temperature

< Drafts (even chill)

< Suppressed eruption

< Stooping

< Change of weather

< Coffee

< Evening 3 or 3-4 am

< Fats

< After stool

< Exertion

< Motion of carriage

< Twilight

< Taking hold of anything

< Darkness

< Bathing in river in summer

< Sour things

< Clear fine weather

< While perspiring

< New moon

< Coming from the open air into a warm room > Cold drinks

[>– Amelioration]

> Damp wet weather

> Washing

> Warmth of bed

> Gentle motion

MIND Symptom of Causticum Hahnemanii (Caust) :

– Melancholy mood, sad, hopeless from CARE, GRIEF, SORROW.

– Weepy, the least thing makes the child cry.

– Intensely SYMPATHETIC, great sympathy for the sufferings of others.

– Children slow in learning to walk. Unsteady walking and easy falling of little children.

– Insanity after suppressed skin eruptions.

– Anxious forebodings (felt in head) < twilight. Fear that something bad will happen. Fears dark, dogs or other animals, ghosts.

– CANNOT STAND INJUSTICE, sensitive to authority, ANARCHIST, opposition or idealistic fight for a better world. REBELLIOUS even to the point of violent political extremism.

– Suspicious, mistrustful absentminded, looks on the dark side. Lacks control of balance. Compulsive neurosis, checks and rechecks for dangerous mental lapses.

– Serious, intense, idealistic and sensitive.

– Stammering, especially when excited.

– Hurriedness, eats fast, rushes in tasks.

– History of sexual abuse or violence in the family.


-Appearance-lean, dark and intense; may be very refined.

-It acts mainly upon nerves, motor and sensory and on muscles, voluntary and involuntary; of bladder, larynx and limbs.

-Weakness, progressive loss of muscular strength causing increasing uncertainity of control over the muscles, finally ending in paralysis of single organs or parts.

-PARALYSIS from exposure to cold. Post diphtheritic paralysis from lead. Local paralysis of vocal cords, muscles of deglutition, of tongue, face, bladder and extremities.

-Trembling, convulsions, chorea in nervous girls < during menses. Sympathetic jerking, twitching, startings and restlessness are other characteristic symptoms. -Pains are tearing, drawing, burning of the parts grasped by hand.

-Pain in muscular and fibrous tissues, with deformities about the joints. Progressive loss of muscular strength. Tendinous contractures.

-Rawness or soreness of scalp, throat, respiratory tract, rectum, anus, urethra, vagina, uterus.

-Periodicity, paroxysmal attacks (convulsions, epilepsy). Attacks twice a day or every two, three or four weeks.

-General and local aggravation from DRAFTS.

-Tendency to CRACKS, FISSURES. Fissures in anus and piles pulsate and burn like fire. Nipples get sore and cracked.

-Emaciation due to disease, worry etc., and of long standing.

-RIGHT sided remedy.

-Never have been well since the BURN.

-In catarrhal affections of the air passages, and seems to choose preferably dark complexioned and rigid fibred persons.

-Eyes-Drooping of eyelids, cannot keep them open, intense photophobia.

-Flickering sparks and black spots before the eyes.

-Face-Right sided prosopalgia > cold water

-Facial paralysis < opening mouth.

-Eruptions on face, especially the tip of the nose.

-Right sided Bell’s Palsy.

-R.S.-Aphonia or HOARSENESS in mornings of speakers < stooping > talking

-Cough with rawness and soreness in chest with inability to expectorate, sputa must be swallowed

> swallowing COLD water, on expiration, with pain in hips remaining after pertussis, with expectoration, chiefly at night

> drinking cold water

< warmth of bed.

-Expectoration scanty, greasy, ropy, like soap suds, must be swallowed.

-Cannot cough deep enough for relief.

-G.I.T.-Patient sits down to the table hungry, but thought, sight, smell of food takes away the appetite.

-Constipation:frequent, ineffectual desire, stool passes better when person is standing. Impeded by haemorrhoids. Tough and shining like grease in children with nocturnal eneuresis.


< standing.

-Desires-salt, bacon and smoked meats, cheese and eggs. Aversion-sweets.

-Urinary System-Urine involuntary, when coughing, sneezing, blowing the nose.

-Involuntary during first sleep at night, also from sightest excitement.

-Retention after surgical operations. Retention of urine after labour.

-Loss of sensibility on passing urine.

-Extremities-Left sided sciatica with numbness.

-Unsteadiness of muscles of forearm and hand.

-Rheumatic tearing in limbs,

> warmth, especially heat of bed.

-Restless legs at night.

-Stiffness of the joints.

-Arthritis of hands and fingers; ulnar deviation.

-CONTRACTURES of muscles and tendons. Hard, indurated tendons.

-Female-Menses cease at night, flow only during day.

-Leucorrhoea at night with great weakness.

-Uterine inertia during labour.

-Aversion to coition.

-Loss of sexual pleasure even if orgasm occurs in men or women.

-Epilepsy, runs in a circle, then falls down, at puberty. When attack occurs during sleep, urine escapes involuntarily.

-In fever, sweat after chill without intervening heat.

-Sensation as if empty space between bone of skull and brain > by warmth.

-Skin-Dirty white, sallow, with warts especially on the face.

-Warts large, jagged, bleeding easily, on TIPS of fingers and nose, often pedunculated, exuding moisture, small all over body.

-Old burns that do not get well. Cicatrices freshen up.


1. < Clear fine weather > damp wet weather.

2. Rawness, soreness and burning are features of Causticum.

3. Children slow in learning to walk.

4. Constipation, stool passes only when standing.

5. Great sympathy for the sufferings of others.


– Adapted to dark haired persons of rigid fibre with yellow, sallow, complexion.

– Conditions have a slow progress, gradual insidious onset.

– Timid, nervous, anxious, full of fearful fancies, especially in the evening.

– Paralytic weakness, paralysis of single parts.

– Contraction of tendons.

– Rawness and soreness.

– < clear fine weather

> damp wet weather.


1. Never well since that bad effects of burns and scalds.

2. Rawness, soreness and burning.

3. Paralysis of single parts.

4. Urine involuntary when coughing, sneezing, blowing nose, etc.

5. < Clear fine weather > damp wet weather.


 Routine remedy for retention of urine after operation (Dr. Foubister).

In nursing women, when overexertion or loss of sleep threatens their supply of milk (Dr. E.A.Farrington).

 In menstrual colic, Causticum will cure after the failure of Colocynth (Dr. Burnett).

 If I could have one remedy for the prostate, it would be Causticum (Dr. T. K. Moore).

 This drug has the mental confusion associated with a cerebral incident in the circle of Willis (Dr. Gordon Ross).

– Bell’s Palsy. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Contractures. Eneuresis. Fibrositis. Multiple Sclerosis. Neurodegenerative disorders. Parkinson’s Disease. Sciatica. Seizure Disorder. Tendinitis. Torticollis. Tremor. Urinary incontinence. Warts.


Complementary : Merc-c, Petros.

Inimical : Acids, Coff, Phos.

Compare : Calc, Nit-ac, Phos.

Antidoted By : Asaf, Coff, Coloc, Dulc, Guaj, Nit-s-d, Nux-v.

It Antidotes : Asaf, Chin, Coloc, Euphr, Plb.

Duration Of Action : 50 Days.

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