Chelidonium Majus (Chel)

Chelidonium Majus (Chel)

Homeopathic Medicine Chelidonium Majus (Chel)

Chelidonium Majus (Chel) also known as Greater Celandine, Tetterwort, it belongs to Plants Kingdom act on Acute, Chronic Stage, Right, U.Lt.Low Rt., Rt. to Lt. Side;

Miasm : Psoric,

Thermal State : Chilly, Action-NoPolycrest,

Thirst : Thirsty, Thirstless,

Appetite : Increased, Reduced,

Sensitivity : Low, High,

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter,

Time Phases : Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night.

PREPARATION: Prepared from the juice extracted from Celandine, which is a perennial plant.

Chelidonium Majus (Chel) indicated for Jaundice, Bilious complaints during gestation, Serous effusions, Constant pain under the inner, inferior angle of right scapula, Prefers hot food and drink, Eating relieves temporarily, Constipation, stools round, hard, like sheep’s dung, Small lumps of mucous fly from mouth when coughing. Icy coldness of finger tips.

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A/F [Aliment From / Causation ]:

-Change of weather


[< – Aggravation]

< Motion

< Change of weather

< Cough

< Touch

< 4 a.m. and 4 p.m.

[>– Amelioration]

> Bending backwards

> Hot bath

> Pressure

> Hot food

> Eating, dinner

> Milk
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Physiological Action

This agent produces congestion and inflammation of the liver and jaundice; as a result of its action on the liver, the digestive organs are deranged, while the kidneys show indication of degeneration. There is a catarrhal inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane. The lungs are congested, inflamed and hepatized, especially the right.


This remedy is indicated in irritable persons, BLONDS who are subject to HEPATIC and GASTRIC COMPLAINTS. There is a constant bruised, aching pain at the inferior angle of the right scapula. They complain of great debility, are drowsy alter eating and desire to lie down. They are tired on the least exertion, feel sleepy, yawn, and are indisposed to make any effort.

The bowels are often constipated, the stools are hard like balls. If diarrhoea is present it is either of a grayish or yellow color, is watery, pasty, slimy, or worse at night. There is sensitiveness in the hepatic region and about the right scapula. It is a right – sided remedy; and the ailments are aggravated or return at each change of the weather.

It is of service in cases of JAUNDICE, GALL – STONES and HEPATITIS in all of which there is a bruised aching pain felt at the inferior angle of the right scapula, and pain either of an acute or dull character, in the hepatic region with tenderness of the liver. The stools may be soft and of a bright yellow color or light color and constipated.

It should be remembered in case of VERTIGO that are aggravated when rising from the bed or from sitting or when closing the eyes, feels as though he was falling forward. This is usually associated with jaundice and bilious vomiting.

It should be studied in the case of HEADACHE which is usually on the right side of the head and extends down the nape of the neck of the angle of the right scapula where it remains. There are usually indications of involvement of the liver. At times there are neuralgic pains over the right eye with tearing pains in the and above the eyes. These pains are relieved after eating but return in a short time. There may be rigidity of the muscles of the neck and occiput associated with the hepatic congestion.

There may be a catarrhal gastritis in which the tongue is broad and coated. There is a bitter taste with a feeling of nausea and at times vomiting. There is pain in the region of the stomach that goes to the back and right scapula. The stomach disturbance is relieved temporarily by eating.

In the so – called “BILIOUS PNEUMONIA,” BRONCHO PNEUMONIA and PERTUSSIS, it is frequently indicated.

The cough is loose and rattling, the expectoration is profuse but difficult to raise. The cough causes sever pain of a racking character in the hepatic region.

There are bilious symptoms as indicated by the tendency to JAUNDICE, vomiting of bile, and a slimy, yellow diarrhoea, with pain about the right shoulder and an excess of bronchial secretion, which is difficult to raise.

It is beneficial in RHEUMATIC ARTHRITIS when associated with hepatic congestion. The kidneys show irritation, the urine shows casts and an excess of a dark brown color.

The patient feels worse during the MORNING, but is better during the evening, from warm drinks, and longs for milk.

MIND Symptom of Chelidonium Majus (Chel):

-Adapted to persons of a light complexion, thin, irritable, with hepatic, gastric and abdominal complaints.

-Aversion to mental exertion, despondency.

-Anxiety as if she had committed a crime.

-Fear of insanity.

-Causeless weeping, restlessness.


-Predominantly a right sided remedy.

-Constant pain under the lower and inner angle of the right scapula.

-Craves hot or boiling drinks.

-Entire skin greyish yellowish with hepatic complaints.

-Nose-Flapping of alae nasi.

-G.I.T.-Tongue-Thick, yellow coated, indented, with red edges.

-Generally > after dinner.

-Hepatic troubles during pregnancy.

-Jaundice with great fermentation and accumulation of gas with nausea, vomiting and bitter taste in mouth

< motion and touch > pressure. Sharp lancinating pains.

-Stools clay coloured, yellow, hard, round, like a ball, like sheep’s dung, with itching of the anus.

-Alternate diarrhoea and constipation.

-Respiratory system-Pneumonia of the lower lobe of right lung, especially, if associated with liver affections.

-Pains sharp, lancinating on right side of chest and shoulder and under scapula.

-Spasmodic cough and expectoration of small lumps of mucus, which fly from the mouth when coughing.


1. Craving for hot or boiling drinks with all complaints.

2. Constant, sharp, lancinating pains under the lower and inner angle of the right scapula.

3. Hepatic troubles during pregnancy.

4. Affection of the lower lobe of right lung in pneumonia, with expectoration flying from the mouth while coughing.

5. Generally > dinner.


-Right sided-hepatic, pulmonary complaints, with constant pain under lower inner angle of right scapula.

-Jaundice, thick yellow coating of tongue, with imprint of teeth.


1. Tongue with a thick yellow coating.

2. Constant pain under the lower inner angle of right scapula.

3. Desires boiling hot drink.


-Constipation, Gall stones, Gastralgia, Hepatomegaly, Hydrocele, Jaundice, Pneumonia, Pruritus.


Follows Well : Ars, Bry, Cor-r, Ip, Led, Sulph.

Compare : Chen-a, Ran-b.

Antidoted By : Acids, Acon, Camph.

It Antidotes : Bry.

Duration Of Action : 7-14 Days.