Hypericum Perforatum(Hyper)

Hypericum Perforatum (Hyper)

Homeopathic Medicine Hypericum Perforatum (Hyper) Use keynotes Sign Symptom

Common Name : St John’s Wort, Tipton’s Weed, Klamath Weed

Kingdom : Plants

Source : Tincture of fresh blooming plant.

Stage : Acute

Side : U.Lt.Low Rt.

Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic

Thermal State: Chilly

Action : NoPolycrest

Thirst :Thirsty

Appetite : Increased, Reduced

Sensitivity : Low, High

Moon Phases : First Quarter

Time Phases : Noon, Afternoon, Evening

Family: Hypericaceae

Habitat : Europe, Asia and Africa; also naturalize in America.

Hypericum Perforatum ( Hyper) is indicated for Injuries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails;
Crushed finger tips; Punctured wounds; Tetanus; Asthma attacks with changes of weather or before storms.


1. Venous System-Capillary Paralysis, Congestion.

2. Joint-Rheumatoid Inflammations.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation ] :

-Fright, Shock

-Bites, Wounds


< Injury

< Jar

< Shock

< Motion

< Fogs; Cold damp

< Change of weather

< Concussion of spine, coccyx

< Bruises

< Exertion

< Touch

< Pressure

< After forceps delivery

< As a complication of injury

< In closed room

< Least exposure

< At night

< Before a storm


> Lying on face

> Bending head backward

> Rubbing

> Lying quietly
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-Feels as if lifted high in air, or anxiety lest he fall from heights.

-Mistakes in writing, omiting letters.

-Mistakes in speaking, using wrong words, saying right for left or vice-versa.

-Forgets what she wanted to say.

-Mental symptoms before thunderstorm.


-Complaints from fright, shock, injury to head, following wounds or surgical operations.

-Remedy for injury to nerves especially of fingers and toe nails. Crushing injury of finger tips.

-Excessive painfulness and sore parts, relieves pain after operations.

-More tenderness about the wound than the appearance would indicate.

-PUNCTURED WOUNDS; very sensitive to touch.

-LACERATIONS; when the intolerable, violent, shooting, lancinating pain shows that nerves are severely involved.

-Preserves the integrity of torn and lacerated members when almost entirely separated from body [Calen].

-Neuritis and tingling burning pain, numbness and glossy skin.

-Tetanus [Kali-br, Phys].

-Head-Heavy, feels as if touched by an icy cold hand.

-Throbbing in vertex < closed room, feeling of heat in head, afternoons.

-Vertigo; head feels longer, elongated to a point, extending upward like a conical hat with strong desire to urinate [Chaudhary].

-G.I.T.-Tongue-coated white at base, tip clean.

-Toothache > lying on affected side quietly.

-Craves wine with a feeling of heat in mouth.

-Desire for pickles, warm drinks, wine.

-Haemorrhoids with pain, bleeding, tenesmus.

-Respiratory system-In patients of pneumonia with piles.

-Asthma < foggy weather > after expectoration.

-Asthmatic respiration after injuries to spine.

-Tightness of chest, stinging < moving.

-Back-Pressure over sacrum, coccydynia.

-Injuries of spine (fractures, sprains) with sharp, shooting pains [Morrison] < raising arms, movement, urination.

-Extremities-Crawling in hands and feet in morning.


1. Feels as if lifted high in air, or anxiety lest he fall from height.

2. Vertigo-head feels elongated to a point, extending upward like a conical hat.

3. Asthma < foggy weather > after expectoration.

4. Skin rough, feels as if full of small knots.


1. Injuries to parts rich in nerves.

2. Crushed finger tips, punctured, lacerated wounds.

3. Excessive painfulness, soreness of parts with spasm after injury.


-Remedy for injury to nerves of fingers, toes, nails. Crushing injuries of finger tips.

-Excessive painfulness, sore parts.

-Punctured wounds; very sensitive to touch.

-Lacerations; when the intolerable, violent, shooting, lancinating pains show that nerves are severely involved.

-Spasmodic affection after injuries, especially to spine; spasmodic.

-Asthma worse foggy weather.


-Prevents lock jaw.

-In wounds where formally Aconite and Arnica were given alternately, Hypericum cures.

-Hypericum is superior to Arnica before or after teeth extraction.

-Hypericum ointment, used for packing nail groove after removal of splinter derbis in onycho-cryptosis.

-As post operative dressing on neurovascular helona, has analgesic properties.

-Hypericum serves well after nerve trunks have been handled, stretched or bruised, and when partial paralysis exists. Remember it in the paresis of arm or hand when the patient has been inadvertently placed on operating table with upper extremity under body producing postural paresis.

-Paresis caused by entanglement of nerves in scars.

-Locally for neuralgia of leg with profuse sweating (sciatica).

-Facial paralysis resulting from forceps delivery when Arnica fails.

-Hypericum oil is wonderful in ecchymosis about eye or anywhere in body, it takes away the pain.

-Following punctured wounds, Hypericum may be required in those cases in which lymphangitis develops with red lines or streaks extending up the arm or leg.


Compare : Arn, Calen, Coff, Led, Ruta, Staph.

Antidoted By : Ars, Cham.

Duration Of Action : 1-7 Days.

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