Spongia Tosta (Spong)

Spongia Tosta (Spong)

Homeopathic Remedy Spongia Tosta (Spong)

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Spongia Tosta (Spong) also known as Roasted Sponge;

Kingdom: Animals;

Stage: Acute ;

Side: Right, Left, U.Lt.Low Rt., Rt. to Lt.;

Miasm: Psoric, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State: Hot;

Action: NoPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty;

Appetite: Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases: Full Moon, Last Quarter;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night;

Gender : Male, Female, Child;

Spongia Tosta (Spong) is indicated for Cough-dry, barking, croupy, cardiac < sweets, during inspiration, before midnight, moon phases > warm food or drink. Suffocation causes anxiety. Swelling of spermatic cord and testicles, with pain and tenderness. Orchitis.

Physiological Action

This agent produces enlargement and induration of the glands, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the larynx and trachea. It also exert an influence on the nutrition of the heart.


This remedy is indicated in diseases of women and children who have light hair, fair complexions and a tubercular diathesis.

It is of service in CROUP; the respiration are wheezing, the cough is dry, sibilant, like a saw driven through a pine board. It is worse from cold winds, while lying with the head low, and before midnight. It is also of service during the early stages of TRACHEITIS and BRONCHITIS, when there is great dryness of the mucous membrane; the cough is dry, barking, rasping and ringing; everything is dry; also for pulmonary tuberculosis, when the cough is hard, ringing and metallic. It is worse, from dry, cold winds and from breathing deeply.

It is useful in ORCHITIS and EPIDIDYMITIS following suppressed gonorrhea, when the spermatic cord is swollen and painful; the testicle is swollen and feels as though it was bruised or squeezed.

It should be remembered in ANGINA PECTORIS, when it appears after midnight and it associated with a contracting pain, heat, faintness and anxiety; also for the palpitation of the heart that attends valvular insufficiency.

There is pain and distress in the cardiac region, with suffocation and great anxiety.

It is often beneficial in GOITER, when the thyroid gland is much enlarged and there are spells of suffocation, which are worse after midnight.


[< – Aggravation]

< Mental excitement

< After eating sweet

< Smoking

< Lying with head low

< Dry cold winds

< Reading

< Singing

< Talking

< Swallowing

< Before midnight

< Ascending

< Full moon

< Thinking about complaint

< Inspiration

< After sleep

< Roused from sleep

< Before or during menses

[>– Amelioration]

> Eating or drinking warm things

> Descending
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MIND Symptom

-Irresistible desire to sing; with excessive mirth; followed by sadness.

-Fear of future; tired of life.

-Anxiety fear of death with suffocation due to choking sensation.

-Timidity, fear and terror of approaching death; that she will cough.

-Weeps with dreams, with whooping cough, with heat, with sweat.

-Despondent about loss of sexual power.

-Obstinate and improper behaviour.

-Every excitement increases the cough.

-Weeping and inconsolable mood.


-Anxiety during flushes of heat.

-Despair during the heat.

-Fear of heart disease.

-Ideas abundant on closing eyes.


-Suicidal disposition, during perspiration.

-Quarrelsomeness alternates with gaiety and laughter.

-Somnambulism, STARTING FROM SLEEP. Starting from trifles.

GUIDING INDICATIONS of Spongia Tosta (Spong) :

-Especially adapted to diseases of children and women with light hair, lax fibre, flabby, blue eyes, often with a tubercular diathesis.

-Dryness of mucous membrane of air passages, tongue, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi. Dry as a horn. No discharge.

-Rawness and soreness of chest throat, larynx, trachea, mucous membranes, due to dryness.

-Inflammation and glandular enlargement, especially of thyroid, testis, ovary. Swelling becomes hard, indurated.

-Exhaustion and heaviness of body after slight exertion and orgasm of blood to chest, face. He must lie down.

-Sensation as if breathing through sponge.

-Sensation as if plug in throat, lump in the throat accompanied by difficulty in breathing.

-Sensation as if something alive or moving in the abdomen.

-Sound as if saw is driven through pine board when coughing.

-Throat-Clears throat constantly.

-Throat symptoms > lying on back < after eating sweet things.

Goitre with suffocative spells, touching neck or pressure.

-Swallows water in small quantity and with difficulty.

-Respiratory system-Cough, hollow, barking, crowing, sawing or tight, ringing, whistling, wheezing.

-Coughs like a saw driven through a pine board.

-Everything is perfectly dry, no mucous rales.

-Hoarseness, larynx dry, burns constricted painful.

-Croup worse during inspiration.

-Chest weak, can scarcely talk.

Tuberculosis of larynx.

-Suffocation as from a plug, valve or leaf in larynx, and wakes with violent painful palpitation and blue lips with heavy sweat.

-Anxious, gasping breathing.

-Voice gives away when singing or talking.

-Asthma, must throw head back.

-Asthma especially after cold things and exposure to dust and wind.

-As if air were passing into glands of neck, on breathing.

-C.V.S.-Cough of cardiac origin.

-Rapid and violent palpitation with dyspnoea cannot lie down, also feels best resting in horizontal position.

-Valvular insufficiency.

Angina pectoris, faintness and anxious sweat.

-Blood surging upto neck, head and face with asthmatic symptoms.

-Hypertrophy of heart especially right, with asthmatic symptoms.

-Rheumatic endocarditis, Aneurysm of aorta.

-Surging of heart into chest as if it would force out upward.

-Male genitalia- Spermatic cord swollen, painful, testicles swollen, bruised.

-Suppressed gonorrhoea or maltreated orchitis.

-Female genitalia- Amenorrhoea with Asthma.


1. Cough and sore throat from sweets, better by eating and drinking especially, warm things.

2. Cough dry, sibilant, like or saw driven through or pine board.


-Affections of the respiratory organs from sweets and cold things, relieved by eating and drinking (especially warm).

-Children with fair complexion, lax fibre, swollen glands.

-Exhausation and heaviness of the body after slight exertion with orgasm of blood to chest and face.

-Heart affections and cough of valvular heart disease.


1. Dryness of mucous membranes. Dry as a horn.

2. Cough < after eating sweets, before midnight > eating or drinking warm things.

3. Awakens, suddenly after midnight with pain and suffocation is flushed, hot, frightened to death.

CLINICAL condition

-Spongia relieves the cough and the concomitants of an aneurysm of the descending aorta – Dr.Hughes.

-Asthma depending upon Tuberculosis- Dr.Boehr.


REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS with Spongia Tosta (Spong):

Followed Well By : Brom, Carb-v, Hep.

Follows Well : Acon, Hep.

Compare : Abrot, Alum, Anac, Ars, Bac, Bad, Brom, Chol, Dros, Gels, Ham, Iod, Kalm, Lach, Lyc, Menth, Merc, Naja, Nux-m, Ox-ac, Puls, Rhus-t, Samb, Sep, Thyroid, Tub.

Antidoted By : Camph.

Duration Of Action : 20-30 Days.

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