Homeopathic Remedy Adamas – Adam

Homeopathic Remedy adams

Homeopathic Medicine Adamas (Adam)

Common Name : Carbon (Diamond, a Greek word)

Chemical Formula : C

Kingdom :  Minerals

Stage : Chronic

Action : NoPolycrest

Element : Carbon(C, 6)

+(White Diamond)

Pharmacy :

Adam. Adamas. White Diamond. Historical dose: All potencies.

Clinical of Adam:

Aphonia. Backache. Belching. Bladder, disorders. Bone, pains. Brain, tumors. Chilliness. Cold, sores. Constipation. Coughs. Cramps. Diarrhea. Dyspnea. Fever. Fever, blisters. Flatulence. Hair, loss. Headaches. Heat. Hemorrhoids. Hyperactive. Insomnia. Itching. Leucorrhea. Moles. Nausea. Nightmares. Nosebleed. Numbness. Palpitations. Photophobia. Pimples. Skin, dryness. Sprained joints. Stiffness. Tingling. Tonsillitis. Varicose, veins. Vertigo. Vomiting.


Adamas has associations with the word Adamantine meaning unbreakable, impenetrable, impregnable. The Greek word adamas means unyielding, invincible.

Chilliness. Feeling very cold and shivering inside, deep down in bones is freezing cold. Body temperature unusually warm. Sensation of heat all over, all day.

Increased appetite and thirst. Loss of appetite. Craving for coffee, fruit, smoked salmon. Unrefreshing sleep. Frightful dreams. Dryness of skin. Whole body is sensitive, bones aching, skin hurts.


Irritable and taciturn. Anger towards friends, loved ones. Irritated easily by words and gestures. Does not like to work. Resentful towards others. Does not want to be seen. Aversion to company, talking. Desire to be alone. Feelings of worthlessness. Loss of self-confidence. Critical of others and self. Hard to be pleased.

Mind feels cloudy. Feels separated and detached. Indecision. Does not stick to one decision. Forgetful. Weak memory. Poor concentration. Fumbles in speech with difficulty in getting at certain well-known words. Makes mistakes in speaking. Spelling mistakes. Mixing up words. Mistakes in speech. Slurred speech. Lethargic in morning.

Anxiety about health. Anxiety felt in stomach. Fear of driving car, obsessed with crashing and accidents and death. fear of breast cancer. Despair about their recovery. Delusion they have two pairs of hands, two pairs of arms.

Impatient and intolerant. Hurried and impatient. Feels rushed, so much to do. Feels overwhelmed. Hyperactive, since beginning of proving. Very excitable as if about to lose control. Sensitive to music. Tearful and oversensitive.

Feels trapped and helpless. Sad and moody. Mood swings. Despair. Lack of joy. Depressed and body feels heavy. Desire for order, everything needs to be in its place. Fastidious. Feels disorganized. Obsessed with trifles.


Bloated abdomen. Much smelly, nausea-inducing flatulence. Muscles aches, worse cough, worse movement. Shooting pains in lower abdomen in the evening. Needle like cutting pains. Sharp pain, left hypochondria upwards to left breast and inner left upper arm. Groin hurts when coughs.


Back cold in bed. Chilliness down the back, waist, shoulder blades and spine. Backache, very painful, better heat of bath. Feels better when lying down. Dull aching across back of shoulders, neck with pressure downwards. Severe backache while walking. Pain aching across lumbar region. Low back pain. Sharp shooting pains.


Sharp bladder pain across pubic bone above penis. Very dark, orangey brown urine. Diminished urination. Urine smells ketonic.


Breasts feel enlarged. Fizzy feeling in right breast. Shooting pains through right breast, like needles.


Spot above left breast. Contracting feeling in chest. As chest if expanded, opened up. Heat rising from chest to face. Pain in base of left ribs corresponding with pain of left vertex. Sharp pain under ribs. Tight chest with cough.


Racking, distressing cough. Incessant, exhausting, constant cough. Deep, barking cough. Coughing up bloody mucus, felt cold and clammy. Suffocative cough, difficult to inspire.

Cough with chill, shivering and heaviness in limbs, head and eyes. Loose cough with tight chest. Coughing up bloody mucus. Cough with catarrh in nose and throat. Spasmodic cough, better from sips of cold water. Cough, worse deep inspiration, worse morning, aggravated from cold air or drinks. Burning pain with cough. Sharp pain on coughing. Explosive, wet, violent cough. Vomiting from coughing. Wet cough. Cough from anger.


Dreams of friends betraying him and felt disappointed. Dream of protection, violence, murder. Dreams of betrayal, conspiracy, lies and deception. Dreams of traveling, water, babies. Dreams of cliffs and chasms.


Sensation as if ears were filled with water. Buzzing in both ears. Hearing is very sensitive. Hearing impaired.


Sticky eyes on waking. eyes watery. Bloodshot. Heat and heavy sensations. Itching, eyes. Photophobia. Twitching. Very tired with gritty eyes. Sensation as if something in the eyes.


Redness of face with burning dry heat. Deep ache in right jaw. Numbness left side of face when in cold air. Dark rings under the eyes. Blemishes on face like spots underneath the skin.


Menses scanty. First day of period very painful. Uterus feels heavy, full aching. Uterus feels as if hanging, suspended in space. Ovarian pain, cramping both sides. Stabbing, knifing pains through abdomen and groin, as if knives were cutting up inside vagina and womb. Severe pulling, as if being dragged down physically by pelvic bone. Pains worse during morning, and when eating. Eruption on right labia with white head. Vagina and labia itching, hot and burning. Voluptuous itch in vagina. Leucorrhea, thick, white, bland vaginal discharge. Heat in vagina with soreness at start of menses. Desire for sex diminished. Aversion to sex.


Aversion to cream, fats, milk. Aversion to white wine. Desires alcohol, cheese, coffee. Desires fruit, dried fruit, sparkling drinks. Desires seafood, fish, smoked salmon. Desires starchy food, potatoes. Desires vegetables, green vegetables. Desires wine, red wine. Worse from alcohol. Cold drinks aggravates coughs.


Headache and hunger. Dull and aching pains. Headaches with nausea. Headaches, worse exertion. Hair falling out. Scalp itching and dry. Heat sensation in vertex. Pain over eyebrows. Sharp pains in head. Head feels heavy and congested.


Heart palpitations. As if heart skips and jumps a beat. Palpitation with anxiety all through day.


Cold arms. Chilliness. Hands hot and clammy. Burning pain in ankle. Sensation of heat on soles of feet. Cramp in calves during sleep. Heavy feeling in my arms. Aching pain in wrists and elbows. Sharp pains like pins in hand. Numbness. Sprained joints. Stiffness. Tingling in legs. Varicose veins. Wrists feel weak.


Dyspnea. Difficulty breathing in. Burning in lungs on breathing in. Wheeze like a high-pitched whine on breathing. Wheezing and struggling for breath like asthma. Gasping for air on inspiration, during and after coughing fit. Sensitive bronchi.


Penis sore. Low sex drive.


Better sunshine. Better fresh air. Worse cloudy days. Worse winter.


Dry mouth and throat. Fever blisters. Cold sores. Lips very dry, sore and chafed. Bottom lip cracked in middle, split open. Rawness of palate. Offensive breath better after glass of water. Increased salivation.


Sore neck, very stiff, aching, better lying down and stretching. Cricking of neck.


Nosebleed. Catarrh white, stringy, thick and glossy, worse evening. Post-nasal catarrh. Sinuses feel full and congested.


Body odor smells acidic. Perspiration smells garlicky. Hot sweats during day.


Urgent desire to pass stool. In the morning has to rush for stool. While going to sleep sudden urging for stool. Much flatulence. Constipated, dark, round balls. Skin around the anus is raw and sore. Hemorrhoids. Hot itch in anus. Diarrhea, feel weak and drained afterwards. Diarrhea, preceded with gripping cramps. Loose, watery stools. Stool extremely pale. Hard, small stools. Unfinished feeling with bowel movement.


Dryness of skin. Pale skin. Large, painful cold sores in left corner of upper lip. Moles. Pimples, very sore, red and elevated. Dry, brownish-red eczema-like rash. Itching with redness, especially after a bath. Skin very painful, feels prickling and cold. Itchy pimples on right arm. Bumps and spots on left side of face.


Insomnia. Waking frequently. Sleep unrefreshing, awoke tired. Deep yawning. Restless, sleep.


Belching. Burning sensation. Cold sensation in stomach. Nausea and distention with headache. Nausea at thought of milk in tea since proving. Feel sick when eating or drinking, worse in morning. Feel nauseous but hungry. Vomiting from coughing. Bruised soreness in epigastric region.


Grinding teeth. Teeth feel sharp. Pains in back molar teeth. Bruised sore feeling above right upper canine tooth, worse cold air, pain extends up into the jawbone.


Chilliness down the back, waist, shoulder blades and spine. Icy cold body generally. Skin felt icy, freezing. Shaking with cold when sitting still. Chill, unable to keep warm, must go to bed. Cold shivers all over body. Fever, sudden onset. Fever with shaking, heat, sneezing and coughing.


Sore throat, better eating or drinking hot things. Sensation of needles pricking in throat. Adenoids and tonsils sore from coughing. Tonsils red and inflamed. Aphonia.


Burning sensation down the middle of tongue. Tongue feels swollen on the left side. Tongue is coated, white.


Dizzy, worse sitting down, better eating. Sensation on closing the eyes, as if rotating clockwise. Vertigo on closing eyes, floating feeling in head.


Although extremely hard, diamond is very brittle, being able to tolerate great pressure, yet being sensitive to violent jarring or shock. It will likely to be a remedy that aids recovery from psychological or physical trauma, recent or past.

RELATIONS :  Compare: (1) Plb-i.

REFERENCES :  Sankaran. Sherr.

Information Source: Nature”s Materia Medica By Robin Murphy, Md

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