Adonis Vernalis (Adon)

Homeopathic Remedy Adonis Vernalis (Adon)

Homeopathic Remedy Adonis Vernalis (Adon)

Common Name : Pheasant’s Eye, Spring Pheasant’s Eye, Yellow Pheasant’s Eye, False Hellebore

Kingdom : Plants

Family :  Ranunculaceae / Anemoneae

Habitat :  Europe and Asia.

Stage : Chronic

Side : Left

Miasm : Sycotic, Tubercular

Thermal State : Chilly

Action : NoPolycrest

Thirst : Thirstless

Appetite : Easy satiety

Adon : Adonis Vernalis is indicated-

Cardiac remedy – fatty degeneration, compensatory hypertrophy.

Dropsy of cardiac origin. Urine scanty. Thirstlessness.

Physiological Action

This agent is a cardiac and arterial stimulant, and a diuretic. By its direct action upon the heart it increases its rate, force, and the blood pressure. It diminishes the frequency of the pulse and increases the force of the cardiac contraction, cyanosis gradually disappears, while dyspnoea is less marked. No cumulative effects were ever noticed.


This remedy is indicated when there is a failing or BROKEN CARDIAC COMPENSATION. The arterial tension is lowered and cardiac dropsy is present, the function of the kidneys is interfered with and anasarca results. The urine is scanty, the urea is deficient, there is great dyspnoea, and the pulse is irregular. There is often a headache, the pain extending from the occiput around the temples to the eyes and across the front.

It is useful in HYDROTHORAX, ASCITES and ANASARCA when they are dependent upon a chronic dilation of the heart or valvular disease.

It is of service in cases of MITRAL and AORTIC REGURGITATION, when there is a precordial pain with painful throbbing of the blood – vessels and headache. It has a sedative action upon the heart. It relieves the sense of increased intra cardiac pressure, and is useful INTESTINAL MYOCARDITIS, when there is irregularity of the heart action, with dyspnoea and dropsy. The cases of aortic regurgitation in which it appears to answer best, are those in which the lesion is due either to a TRAUMATIC RUPTURE of the valve, to a CHRONIC AORTITIS, or where it has arisen independently of rheumatic endocarditis.

Notwithstanding this prompt and energetic action, this remedy may be administered in pathological conditions where Digitalis, if given at all, should be administered only with the utmost care. This refers to FATTY DEGENERATIONS of the heart, PERICARDITIS, simple HYPERTROPHY and certain ATHEROMATOUS CONDITIONS. Its DIURETIC ACTION in health is limited, while the disease it influences the edematous conditions and produces diuresis, especially when the heart failure is secondary to disease of the kidneys.

A/F [Aliments From / Causation]:

Abuse of alcohol (affections of stomach and heart).

Modalities of Adon:

< Cold

< Lying

< Rest

> Exertion

> Slow motion

> Walking in open air


-Anxiety, arising from the stomach causing restlessness and nervousness.

-Anxious, frightful dreams.

-Morose, cross, irritable, peevish.


-It acts predominantly on heart, when it is affected after rheumatism, influenza or nephritis, where the muscles of the heart are in the stage of fatty degeneration.

-Compensatory hypertrophy of heart in cardiac stenosis and mitral regurgitation.

-Mitral and aortic regurgitation with marked venous engorgement.

-It is valuable in cardiac dropsy, hydrothorax, ascites and anasarca.

-Heart weak, fatty and arrhythmic. Pulse rapid, irregular.


-It regulates the pulse, increasing the contracting power of the heart, with increased urinary secretion.

-Chronic aortitis, fatty heart, PERICARDITIS. Rheumatic Endocarditis (Kalm)- Myocarditis, irregular cardiac action, constriction and vertigo.

-Urging to urinate. Albuminuria; URINE SCANTY, OILY PELLICLE on urine.

-Cardiac Asthma (Queb). Frequent desire to take a deep breath.

Dyspnoea < touching back. Dry, tickling, cardiac cough.


-Vertigo; on rising, turning head quickly or lying down. Vertigo with palpitation and faint feeling in epigastrium > open air.

-Sleeplessness with rambling thoughts, or horrible dreams.

-Swelling of extremities in morning on walking.

-Tongue sore, as if scalded, yellow discoloration. Thirstlessness and great hunger with tendency to obesity. Bowels seem as if breaking < bending.

-A special indication seems to be “decompensation after influenza or pneumonia”.


Heart affections after rheumatism, influenza or nephritis where the muscles of the heart are in the stage of fatty degeneration.

Cardiac asthma; dyspnoea < touching back.

Urine scanty, albuminous; oily pellicle on urine.

Tongue dirty, yellow coated, sore as if scalded.


-Heart affections after rheumatism, influenza, nephritis.

-Compensatory hypertrophy of heart.

-Aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation.

-Cardiac dropsy, hydrothorax, anasarca.

-Heart affections with scanty urine.

-Heart weak, fatty, arrhythmic.

-Vertigo with palpitation and faint feeling in epigastrium.


It may succeed when Digitalis fails, especially when there is kidney disease.

However, less beneficial than Digitalis in VALVULAR heart disease.


Compare : Conv, Crat, Dig, Stroph.

It contains Adonidin and Adonitic acid.

Preparations : Mother tincture of the entire fresh plant; and dilutions.

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