Arnica Montana

Homeopathic Medicine Arnica Montana (Arn)

Arnica Montana, Celtic Nard, Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Arnica, Mountain Tobacco, homeopathy medicine for Crushing injuries, contusions, bruises / hematomas, furunculosis, hemorrhagic diathesis, as a complementary agent in apoplexy and retinal hemorrhages, general nuralgias and myalgias. Pains from muscular overexertion, ischialgia. Varicose veins, stenocardia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, weakness of the heart muscle. This medicine works on muscles, connective tissue, blood vessels, heart, gastrointestinal tract, Skin, As a principal agent for traumatic disturbances.

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Ill effects of falls, injuries, concussions, Fear of being approached. Says he is well though ill.

Synopsis ( Identifying features)

Says he is well even though seriously ill.

Averse to answer questions.

Indifference, wants to be left alone.

Fears touch, being approached by anyone, lest he should be hurt.

Answers correctly, but unconsciousness returns immediately.

Feels sore, lame, bruised all over (as if beaten)-sensitive to touch.

Involuntary discharge of urine and stool.

Face alone hot, rest of body cool. Heat of upper part of body, lower part cool.

Black and blue spots on body-every little hurt makes a black and blue spot.

Haemorrhagic tendency- eyes bloodshot; epistaxis; bleeding from uterus, bladder, ears; expectoration; post-partum haemorrhage.

Accidental Injury


Fears being struck or approached; of sickness, of instant death. Physically restless, but mentally prostrate, apathetic; says nothing ails him. Nervous, cannot bear pain; oversensitive.


Great fear of persons approaching, touching or striking them. Sore, lame, bruised feeling all through the body. Heat of upper part of body, coldness of lower. Bad effects from injuries (falls, bruises and contusions); involuntary faces and urine; haemoptysis. Keeps moving from place to place in search of a softer spot-as everything on which he lies seems too hard. Ecchymosis; extravasation of blood. Conditions simulating injuries, blows, falls, retinal haemorrhage expedites absorption of clots. Absorbs apoplectic 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B013JKW8Z2


Fright, shock, anger, rage, grief, emotional excitement, grief, pecuniary loss. Mechanical injuries; concussion; chronic effects.


Aggravation: Injuries; bruises, jarring; shock; over strain; sprains. TOUCH. Motion, damp cold weather.

Amelioration: Lying with head low (Ver. V); outstretched.


Appetite: Anorexia by day, canine hunger before midnight.

Desires: Vinegar

Thirst: Constant, but all drinks are offensive.


Heamorrhage after coition. Threatened abortion from falls. Prevents postpartum haemorrhage and puerperal complication.

Pregnancy-Sensation that the foetus is lying crosswise. Mastitis.


(Head)– Rolling of head

(Eyes) Haemorrhage- intraocular haemorrhage from injury or coughing.

(Nose)– Epistaxis agg. washing face; in whooping cough.

(Face) Dropping of jow. Eruption-acne, very sore; crops of small painful boils one after another.

(Mouth)– Red stripe down center of tongue.

(Stomach) Appetite-Anorexia by day, canine hunger before midnight.Eructations tasting of bad eggs.

(Stool)– Involuntary in apoplexy.

(Bladder)– Involuntary Urination, Retention or incontinence of urine after labour (Op., canth).

(Larynx)– Voice- hoarseness aggravation by exertion, colds or getting wet.

(Chest)– Disappearing milk.

(Extremities)– Deathly coldness in forearm of children in hydrocephalus ( in Diarrhoea: Brom), Paralysis on the left side. Chronic result of injury articular rheumatism, Ascending type rheumatism ( descending: Cactus, Kalmia).

(Fever)– Bed feels too hard during fever ( Bapt., Pyrog). Muttering delirium during fever; answers correctly, but unconsciousness returns at once. ( Phos-ac. Falls asleep in the midst of answer:Bapt.)

(Skin)– SYMMETRICAL, eruptions.

(General)– Symptoms appear crosswise, left upper and right lower.  Painlessness of complaints usually painful.

(Generalities)– Acute attack of APOPLEXY with stupor, Convulsions from injury of head (Cicuta).

(Dreams) – Animals; anxious; cats; of death; exhausting; mental exertion; murder; of misfortune; robbers; graves; lightning; of dying; journey by railroad.


Antidotes: Camph. Vitex trifolia. Compare: (1) Acon., Bapt., Bell-p., Ham., Led., Rhus-t., Hyper., Symph., (2) Abrot., Absin., Calen., Cham., Cina, Gnaph. (3) other Composites. (4) Am-c., Crot-t. – swashing in abdomen. (5) Ars., Bapt. – typhoid states, Bapt. feels ill, Arn. feels well. Bry., Rhod., Ruta., Sul-ac. Complementary: Acon., Ip.

Follows well: Acon., Ip., Verat., Apis.

Followed well by: Acon., Ars., Bry., Ip., Rhus-t. Antidote to: Am-c., Chin., Cic., Ferr., Ign., Ip., Seneg.

Antidoted by: Camph., Ip. (to massive doses), Coffee (headache), Acon., Ars., Chin., Ign., Ip. (to potencies).