Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t )

Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t )Homeopathic Remedy Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t) :

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Painfully raw, sore, and burning parts. Acrid discharges. Boring of nose, picking at lips persistently till raw, sore and bleeds.

Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t);  Common Name :  Jack-in-the-Pulpit;

Kingdom : Plants ;

Stage: Acute;

Side : Right, Left ;

Miasm: Tubercular;

Action : NoPolycrest;

Thirst : Thirsty, Small Quantity ;

Appetite : Reduced ;

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Last Quarter ;

Time Phases: Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon

Physiological Action:

This agent when freshly dug causes upon mastication an intensely acrid impression upon the tongue, lips and fauces, a though the parts had been severely scalded; this is followed by a slight inflammation and tenderness, and aphthous ulceration. It acts upon the salivary glands, causing congestion and salivation, and is an expectorant and diaphoretic.

This remedy is indicated in conditions in which there is a thin, excoriating discharge from the nose, which is sore and excoriated. It is of service in cases of SCARLET FEVER when thee is a thin, ichorous, burning fluid from the nose that excoriates the nose and lips. The patient may be delirious, must breathe with the mouth open, an is constantly picking the nose until it bleeds.

It should be remembered in cases of DIPHTHERIA when the mouth and fauces are covered with a deposit. Ulcers ar to be seen at different points. The secretions are acrid and excoriating; the glands of the neck are swollen and painful. It relieves cases of STOMATITIS where there are burning pains, excessive salivation, the mucous surfaces raw and sore, the tongue is red, like a beet, and the papillae are prominent. It has been employed in sore throat of public speakers, who speak improperly, and as a result suffer from hoarseness, pain in the larynx, and an excessive accumulation of mucus in the throat.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation ] :

-Over exertion of voice

-Cold wet winds


< Over use of voice

< Talking

< Singing

< Cold

< Heat

< Lying down

< Cold, wet winds

< Speaking continuously

MIND symptoms :

1. Delirium with picking at nose or lips.

2. Sighing in children.

GUIDING INDICATIONS of Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t):

– Left sidedness of complaints.

– Patient picks and bores into the RAW BLEEDING SURFACE, though very painful; SCREAMS WITH pain but keep up the boring.

– Great redness and irritation around the mouth and lower half of the face.

– Head-Bores head in pillow (brain affections).

– Headache < hot coffee, < much warm clothing.

– Eye-Twitching or quivering of the left eyelid.

– Nose- Coryza; acrid; fluent.

– Nostrils RAW. Acrid ichorous discharge, excoriating inside of nose, alae and upper lip (Ars, All-c). Sneezing < at night.

– Nose feels stopped up in spite of watery discharge.

– Constant PICKING AT THE NOSE UNTIL IT BLEEDS; boring with the finger into the side of nose.

– Pathological boring in the nose (Cina).

– Marked TINGLING or ITCHING of the nose and lips.

– Mouth-Constantly bites lips or PICKS LIPS UNTIL THEY BLEED; corners of mouth sore, cracked, bleeding; bites nail until fingers bleed.

– Cracking of the lips with a red irritated look. Chapped, raw lips.

– SALIVA PROFUSE, ACRID, corrodes the mucous membrane; tongue and buccal cavity raw and bleeding.

– Tongue sore, red, papillae elevated; appears to be denuded – STRAWBERRY TONGUE.

– Throat-CLERGYMAN’S SORE THROAT; voice hoarse, squeaky or breaks; uncertain, uncontrollable, changing continually; < talking, singing, speaking; from overuse of voice as in orators, singers, actors  (Arg-m, Caust, Rhus-t).

– APHONIA; complete, after exposure to north-west winds (Acon, Hep); from singing.

– Throat raw, sore; PAINFUL ON CLEARING or coughing, yet GRASPS and wants to scratch it.

– Children refuse food and drink on account of soreness of mouth and throat (Merc); are sleepless.

– Rectum- Diarrhoea in typhoid – stools like corn-meal.

– Thin stools escaping from anus and keeping parts raw and burning.

– Urinary system-Urine is VERY SCANTY or SUPPRESSED (sometimes passing no urine for a day).

– Threatened uraemia in typhoid fever.

– Skin-Eruptions have a brilliant red stain.

– Pemphigus.

– Impetigo contagiosa.

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1. Discharges are acrid causing PAINFUL, SORE, RAWNESS and BURNING of the parts.

2. Constant picking at nose and lips until they bleed, bites nails until fingers bleed.

3. Picks and bores into raw bleeding surfaces though very painful; screams with pain but keeps up the boring.

NUCLEUS OF REMEDY Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t):

– Left sidedness.

– Acrid discharges.

– Painfully sore, raw, burning parts.

– Irritation – mental and physical

– Persistent picking at nose and lips until they bleed though very painful; screams with pain.

– Painful hoarseness < overuse of voice.

CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS of Arum Triphyllum (Arum-t):

– Constant picking at nose and lips until they bleed. Patient picks and bores into raw bleeding surfaces though very painful; screams with pain but keeps up the boring.

CLINICAL Condition:

Allergy, Chapped lips, Diphtheria, Eczema, Fissures, Impetigo contagiosa, Laryngitis, Pemphigus, Scarlet fever, Stomatitis.


Follows Well : Caust, Hep, Nit-ac.

Inimical : Calad.

Compare : Ail, All-c, Am-c, Am-m, Arg-n, Ars, Canth, Caps, Caust. AILANTHUS, ARGENTUM METALLICUM.

Antidoted By : Acet-ac, Lac-ac, Puls.

Duration Of Action : 1-2 Days.

Preparations : The mother tincture is prepared from the fresh root. The dilutions from the tincture.

Dosage : Of the tincture. 1 to 20 drops. HOMEO., 3x.