Atropa Belladonna (Bell)

Atropa Belladonna (Bell)

Homeopathic Remedy Atropa Belladonna (Bell)

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Homeopathic Remedy Atropa Belladonna (Bell) also known as Deadly Nightshade, Fair lady. Angurshefa, Luckmuna, Atropa Belladonna (Bell) belongs to plant kingdom. It is used in acute condition of inflammatory disease. Its found active in Right, Left, U.Lt.Low Rt., Rt. to Lt. side.;

Homeopathic Miasm : Psoric, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State : Chilly;

Action: OnlyPolycrest:

Thirst: Thirsty, Unquenchable, Thirstless, Small Quantity ;

Appetite : Increased, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon

ir?t=homeoremed0f4 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0083V6UV6Physiological Action of Atropa Belladonna (Bell)

This agent, when applied locally, diminishes the sensibility of the sensory nerves, and when absorbed it produces systemic effects. Taken internally, it lessens the secretions, and as a result there is dryness of the mucous surfaces. This is brought about by paralysis of the peripheral nerve endings. At first the pulse is retarded, but it is quickly accelerated and rendered firmer, while the arterial tension is increased. The heart muscle is stimulated but if it is over – stimulated it then becomes weak.

Full doses stimulate the brain and may produce hallucinations and a delirium, which may be mild, joyful, talkative, or of a violent type; accompanying these there are frequently spectral illusions. The reflexes at first are slightly stimulated, while later they are diminished. There may be complete motor paralysis. The sensory nerves are depressed, especially from a local application of the drug.

The respirations are quickened and rendered deeper by medicinal doses; while poisonous doses, by over – stimulating, soon result in exhaustion and paralysis of the respiratory centers, and the breathing becomes shallow and asphyxia and death may result. The bodily hear is increased. It dilates the pupil and increases intraocular tension, occasions vertigo and turgescence of the face. Assimilation is impaired. It is rapidly absorbed and is eliminated by the kidneys and bowels.

THERAPEUTICS of Atropa Belladonna (Bell)

This remedy is indicated in those who are of a bilious, lymphatic and plethoric constitution; women and children with a delicate skin. They are jovial and entertaining, when well; but are delirious, violent, and threatened with convulsions, when sick. They are sensitive to drafts of air, and take cold easily from sitting in drafts or having the hair cut.

The pains come suddenly, remain for a time, and leave as suddenly. The pain is usually of short duration. The face is red, the conjunctiva is congested, the eyes staring, and the pupils dilated. There is throbbing of the carotids, the pulse is full and bounding and the mucous membranes dry.

It should be studied when there are sensory and motor disturbances. When there is anaesthesia, or great irritability of all the senses amounting to hyperaesthesia. There are motor disturbances, as twitching, jerking, and jactitations. These have led to its employment in puerperal and infantile convulsions, epilepsy, hydrophobia, laryngismus, and whooping – cough.

During the early stages, it may be indicated in cases of LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA; the conjunctiva is congested, the pupils are dilated, there is ptosis, diplopia, incontinence of the urine, and tactile anaesthesia. It has also been of service in the general paralysis of the insane; and in progressive muscular atrophy during its early stages.

In mental and moral derangements, it occupies a prominent place. Hallucinations, melancholia and rage find in it remedy when attended with spectral illusions of a bright nature. It is most frequently indicated in the CONGESTIVE DELIRIUM that attends acute fevers, as the eruptive diseases, or when it arises as a result of metastasis to the brain. The cases of vertigo it relieves are those of a congestive type. The patient is better from movement, and while in the open air; the pulse rate is increased.

In congested, neuralgic, and NERVOUS HEADACHES, it is the remedy when the face is flushed, the head is hot, the eyelids droop and feel heavy. There are flashes of light before the eyes, or there may be a sensation of blindness. The headache is made worse from light, noise, movements, and from lying down.

In the treatment of arterial congestions of the brain it occupies a prominent place. This may be hyperaemia, the result of sun – stroke, when it is only excelled by Glonoin, the congestion that follows reaction from concussion or the result of mental excitement, or intemperance.

It will be found curative in NEURALGIA, when it is of recent origin and in young subjects, and is associated with hyperaemia and hyperaesthesia. The trigeminus is the nerve most frequently involved. The pains are apt to be most severe at five PM; they come and go quickly, and are made worse from motion.

In the treatment of FEBRILE CONDITIONS, it occupies a place between Aconite and Arsenic. The fever is continuous. The face is congested. They eyes are glistening, and the general symptoms of the remedy are present. It will be demanded in puerperal fever, and during the early stages of variola and in scarlatina when the skin is uniformly smooth, shining, and of a scarlet redness.

It is dry, hot, and burning, and imparts a burning sensation of the hand. It is claimed to have a modifying influence on the Sydenham type of scarlatina when employed as a prophylactic.

For acute pharyngitis and TONSILLITIS, it is of service when there is dryness, constriction, soreness, s painful deglutition, swelling, and burning of the parts.

The dry, red, hot condition of the skin has led to its successful use in erysipelas, for which it is often indicated for the smooth form.

It has a prominent place in inflammation of the EYE and its appendages, when there is a sense of burning and dryness. There is dilation of the pupil, although this is not a necessary indication for the use of the remedy.

It should be compared with Arnica and Calendula in those temporary suppression of the urine, which may contain albumen. There is irritation of the bladder with strangury. It is of great importance in uterine congestion and inflammation, when there is violent burning, with stinging pains and sensation of fullness, as though everything was pressing towards the vulva.

It is of great service in cases of exophthalmic GOITER when the leading characteristics of the remedy are present. In diseases of the alimentary canal, it is of service; in peritonitis the transverse colon protrudes like a pad while the whole abdomen is tender, distended and aggravated from the lest jar. In a dry, irritating laryngeal cough, it is of service.

This is worse during the evening and early night. It will relieve the extreme soreness in the side, observed after Bryonia has done its work in pleuro – pneumonia, and the patient can no longer lie on the diseased side because it is so painful.

In MASTITIS, it is of service when Bryonia is no longer indicated. The gland is heavy, hard, and red, the face is flushed, the eyeballs injected. The pulse full and bounding; there is a throbbing headache and the eyes are sensitive to light.

Symptom that leads to Atropa Belladonna (Bell):

Sudden, violent effects. Dryness. bright redness. Burning heat, great pain.

Congestion to head with throbbing of carotids. Sensitive to drafts of cold air.

Pains – throbbing, sharp cutting, shooting. Jerks, spasms.

Dilated pupils. Photophobia. Dry, hot mouth and throat.

Bright red, glossy skin. Jerks during sleep.

Wildly delirious, restless, biting mania.

A/F [Aliment From/Causation ] :

-Hair cutting

-Head, getting wet



-Walking in wind or draft


< Drafts, on head, haircut [Glon], washing head ;

< Checked sweat;

< Light, noise, jarring;

< Heat of sun; if heated;

< After taking cold;

< Touch;

< Motion;

< Hanging down affected part;

< Afternoon (3 p.m.);

< Company;

< Pressure;

< Lying down;

< Looking at shining objects or running water ;

> Bending backward, semi-erect;

> Leaning head against something;

> Bending or turning affected part ;

> Light covering;

> Rest in bed;

> Standing

MIND Symptom:

– Wildly delirious.

– Delirium- frightful images, furious, rages, bites, strikes, wants to escape or hide himself.

– Delirium > after a meal, > after sleep, quick movements, springing, act of being violent. Delirium with livid face, injected protruding eyes, dilated pupils, strong pulsation in carotids, full, hard, frequent pulse, inability to swallow.

– Excited, ferocious, noisy, cries out.

– Disposed to tear things to pieces.

– Abhorrence of liquids; liquids poured makes her furious.

– Fury, heat of body, staring eyes continually, spitting at those around her.

– Fury; pulls hair of bystanders.

– Rage; doesn’t know her relatives.

– Rage leading to violent deeds.

– Imagines himself dreaming when awake.

– Imagines, he sees ghosts hideous faces, various insects [Stram], black animals, dogs, wolves, etc.

– Sees faces on closing eyes.

– Horrible visions in the dark.

– Visions of fire.

– Desire for light.

– Fear of imaginary animals, imaginary things, wants to run away from them.

– Fear of dogs.

– Breaks into fits of laughter and grinds the teeth.

– Child cries out suddenly, ceases just as suddenly.

– Sardonic laughter.

– Hasty motion of hands.

– Plays antics.

– Anxiety during menses; in sleep.

– Kicks in sleep, jerks during sleep.

– Insanity and increased strength.

– Delusion he has stabbed a person who passed him in the street.

– Memory active.

– Consolation <.


-Hot, red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids, pulse full, bounding, globular, like buckshot striking the finger, excited mental state, hyperaesthesia of all senses, delirium, restless sleep, convulsive movements, dryness of mouth, throat, with aversion to water, NEURALGIC PAINS THAT COME and GO SUDDENLY.

-Violence of attack and suddenness of onset.

-Pains- Throbbing, sharp, cutting, shooting, clawing, of maddening severity, coming or going in repeated attacks [Nit-ac], running downwards.

-Burning heat, bright redness and dryness.

-Heat of body, part, discharges.Intense heat of affected part, feels almost as if it has scalded the examiner’s hand, the sensation and memory of heat lingers in the head.

-Fullness- congestion to head and swelling.

-C.N.S.-Spasms, Shocks, Jerks, Twitching, Constrictions.

-Convulsions commence in the arm; sensation of a mouse running up the limb [Sil, Sulph, Calc, Nit-ac].

-Throws body forward and backward.

-Spasms followed by prolonged unconsciousness.

-Loss of sensation, motion of one side of the body.

-Sensitive to light, noise, jarring.

-Irritability and acuteness of sense of taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing. The MIND is easily moved, thoughts more acute.

-Bleeding from inner parts.

-Right sided symptoms.

-Head-Head sensitive to drafts, cold or washing hair.

-Throbbing, hammering headache in temples.

– Jerking headache, extremely violent, on walking quickly, ascending stairs rapidly, at every step, a jolt downward as if a weight were in occiput.

– Pressive pain in forehead, so severe during motion, that it causes him to close his eyes.

– Bores head into pillow [Apis, Hell, Podo].

– Eyes-Pupils dilated [Agn]. Dilated immovable pupils.

– Eyes feel swollen, protruding, staring, brilliant, conjunctiva red, dry, burn, photophobia, shooting in eyes.

– Halo around light, party coloured, red predominantly, at times light seems broken into rays.

– Ears-Child cries out in sleep due to throbbing, beating pain deep in ear synchronous with heart beat.

– Mouth-Great swelling, tension in upper lip, stiff feeling on opening mouth.

– Dull pain drawing in upper right teeth < night, cold air.

– Dryness of mouth, tongue, throat, interferes with speech and deglutition.

– Tongue- hot, dry, cracked, red, white centre with red edges, strawberry tongue.

– G.I.T.-Swallowing difficult, drinks in sips, must take a drink to swallow solid food.

– During deglutition, feeling in the throat as if it were too narrow or drawn together, as if nothing would pass properly.

– Tonsillitis- parts bright red < right side, swallowing liquids.

– Aversion to tight collars around throat.

– Aversion- meat, milk, acids, coffee, beer, vegetables, fat, fish, fruits, beans.

– Craving- for snuff, lemonade or lemons, sour food, vegetables, sweets.

– Great thirst for cold water. Dread of drinking.

– Colicky pain comes and goes quickly > lying on abdomen > bending backward.

– Transverse colon protrudes like a pad during abdominal colic.

– Urinary system-Urine scanty, dark, turbid, frequent, profuse, with tenesmus.

– Haematuria where no pathological condition can be found.

– Female genitalia-Sensitive, forcing downward, as if all viscera would protrude at genitals < lying down, sitting bent > standing and sitting erect < early morning.

– Menses bright red, too early, too profuse, hot, thick, gushing, decomposed, dark red blood, mixed with large, dark clots [Sabin].

– Menses and lochia very offensive and hot.

– Right sided ovarian pains or cysts [Apis, Lyc, Pall, Podo].

– Mastitis, throbbing pain, redness, streaks radiate from nipple.

– Respiratory system-Larynx very painful, feels as if a foreign body in it.

– Sensation as if larynx was inflamed, swollen, constricted.

– Hoarseness, especially when crying, high pitched voice.

– Barking cough, awake after midnight, pain in larynx and threatened suffocation.

– Swelling of glands of neck.

– Back-Pain in small of back as if it would break.

– Extremities-Cold extremities, but face hot.

– Pain in thighs and legs as if beaten, as if carious; fine, shooting, gnawing along the bones. Violent tearing in joints, pain gradually rises from tarsal joints to the hips; necessitating while sitting, constant motion and shifting of feet > walking.

– Sleep-Sleepy but cannot sleep [Cham, Op].

– Starting when closing the eyes during sleep.

– Sleeps on abdomen, sleeps with hands under the head [Ars, Plat].

– Dreams of falling [Thuj], quarrels, fire, robbers, assassins.

– Skin-Skin of a uniform, smooth, shining, scarlet redness, dry, hot, burning, imparts a burning sensation to examining hand.

– Alternate redness and paleness of skin.

– Fever-Internal coldness with external, pungent, burning, steaming heat in fever.

– No thirst with fever.


1. Sudden violent onset.

2. Red face, with throbbing of carotids.

3. Violent delirium, wants to bite, spit, strike, tear things.

4. Sleepy but cannot sleep. Pains come suddenly go suddenly.

5. The transverse colon protrudes like a pad.

CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS of Atropa Belladonna (Bell):

1. Sudden violent onset of conditions.

2. Bright redness, burning heat, dryness.

3. Congestion of face with throbbing carotids.

4. Pains are throbbing, sharp, cutting, shooting.

5. Sensitive to light, noise, jarring.

6. Generally < 3 p.m.

7. Condition associated with violent delirium.


-Useful in all forms of disorders which are congestive, intense, often characterized by throbbing pains or pulsation.

-Women and children with light hair, blue eyes, fine complexion, delicate skin, sensitive, nervous, threatened, with convulsions, tuberculous patient.

-Intelligent, plethoric persons, who are jovial and entertaining when well, but violent and delirious when sick.

-He is acutely alive and crazed by a flood of subjective visual impressions and fantastic illusions.

-Hot, red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes, throbbing carotids, pulse full, bounding, globular, like buckshot striking the finger, excited mental state, hyperaesthesia of all senses, delirium, restless sleep, convulsive movements, dryness of mouth, throat, with aversion to water, neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly.


-Appendicitis, Boils, Convulsions, Deliriums, Enuresis, Exanthematas, febrile convulsions, Hypertensive crisis, Influenza, Intussusception, Mania, Mastitis, Meniere’s syndrome, Migraines, Orchitis, Otitis media, Ovarian cysts, Pneumonia, Pyelonephritis, Tonsillitis.

-Belladonna is acute of Calcarea which is often required to complete a cure.

REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS with Atropa Belladonna (Bell):

Complementary : Calc.

Followed Well By : Cham, Chin, Con, Dulc, Hep, Hyos, Lach, Rhus-t, Seneg, Stram, Valer, Verat.

Follows Well : Arn, Ars, Aur, Bry, Calc, Caps, Caust, Cham, Cic, Cinch, Cocc, Con, Hep, Hyos, Ign, Ip, Lach, Lyc, Merc, Nat-c, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Op, Phos, Puls, Rhus-t, Seneg, Sep, Spig, Staph, Stram, Sulph, Valer, Verat.

Inimical : Dulc.

Compare : Caps, Dulc, Hyos, Lycp, Stram.

Similar : Acon, Ars, Bry, Calc, Cham, Cic, Coff, Cupr, Eup-pur, Gels, Hep, Hyos, Lach, Merc, Nux-v, Op, Puls, Rhus-t, Stram, Ter, Verat.

Antidoted By : Acon, Arum-t, Atrop, Camph, Cinch, Cupr, Ferr, Jab, Merc, Plat, Plb.

It Antidotes : Camph, Coff, Hep, Hyos, Op, Puls, Sabad.

Duration Of Action : 1-7 Days.

Commonly use potency : Belladonna 6,  Belladonna 30, Belladonna 200,