Bacillinum Burnett (Bac)

Homeopathic Medicine Bacillinum Burnett (Bac)

Homeopathic Remedy Bacillinum Burnett (Bac)

Common Name : Nosode of Tuberculosis named after Dr. Brunett

Kingdom : Animals, Nosodes, Micro-organisms

Source: Tuberculous sputum.

Stage : Chronic

Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular

Thermal State : Chilly

Action :NoPolycrest

Thirst : Thirsty, Large Quantity

Appetite : Increased, Reduced

Sensitivity : High

Time Phases : Morning, Evening, Night

Gender : Child

Condition :  Cold, Cough

Organ : Nose, Lungs

System : Disorders of the respiratory system


Bacillinum Burnett (Bac) is indicated for –
Lung congestion, humid asthma, with much bubbling rales and muco-purulent expectoration.
Eczema of eyelids. Ringworm.
Sudden diarrhoea before breakfast.


This remedy is indicated in TUBERCULAR CONDITIONS, also in bronchorrhea, and chronic catarrhal conditions with enfeebled pulmonary circulation. These are accompanied with dyspnoea, pulmonary oppression, and a disposition to catch cold. The circulation is enfeebled, and there are suffocative attacks of cough at night. It is of service in ringworms of the scalp.

A/F [Aliment from / Causation]:

-This Nosode is prepared from tuberculous sputum. It is indicated in chronic catarrhal conditions of the lungs with enfeebled pulmonary circulation.

An inter-current course of Bacillinum will often make a wonderful change in patients who have a personal or family history of chest affections.


< Motion

< Night and early morning

< Cold air

> Heat or warmth


-Indolence < morning.

-Begins a task and before it is finished, takes up another.

-Fear explainable, of solitude.

-< After sleep, in morning and during day. Dreams of death, with desire to escape.
Dreams of intent to violence.

-There is a vicious miasmatic state the remedy brings into subconscious expression.

-Intense, hectic activity.


-Feeling of danger, risk, need to take a risk.

-Fearlessness, doesn’t feel fear to the extent demanded by the situation.

-Need to help others, especially those in danger.

Homeopathic Remedy Bacillinum Bac Can cure Ringworm fungal infection
Homeopathic Remedy Bacillinum Bac Can cure Ringworm fungal infection


-Defective growth. Retarded mental development. Imperfectly developed teeth.

-Emaciated women with profuse menses.

-Enlarges glands (especially of neck).

-Chronic, recurrent fever.

-< Cold, susceptibility to cold

< Cold, wet weather

-Perspiration [forehead, axilla, palms of hands].

-Eyes -Eczema of eyelids.

-Strawberry tongue.

-Abdominal pains, enlarged glands in groins, tabes mesenterica.
Sudden diarrhoea before breakfast. Obstinate constipation and offensive flatus.

-Catarrhal dyspnoea. Humid asthma. Bubbling rales and muco-purulent expectoration.
Shaking cough at night, yet without waking.

-Oppression often relieves congestion of the lungs thus paving way for other remedies in tuberculosis.

-Sense of a damp cloth on the spine.

-Skin-ringworm, pityriasis, glands of neck enlarged and tender.


-Mentally- Heedless, reckless energy. Physically- Restless, reckless.

-Extremely susceptible, hence internally weak, frail.

-Tubercular traits.


– Asthma (humid), Bubbling rales, Catarrhal dyspnoea, Coryza, Eczema (eyelids), Lymphadenopathy, Meningitis (tubercular), Ringworm, Tuberculosis.

– Favours falling of tartar of teeth.

Clinical Tips : An infallible remedy in coughs and colds. Bacillinum 200 in weekly doses in early fall for a few weeks. Repeat again in mid winter


Homeopathic Medicine Bacillinum [Bac] is made by the pus from a tuberculous lung in which the Bacillus Tuberculosis had been found microscopically. Tuberculinum IS MADE FROM THE CULTURED BACILLI (HUMAN) INSTEAD OF FROM THE PUS.

Complementary : Calc-p, Kali-c.

Follows Well : Calc-p, Lach.

Compare : Bac-ts, Psor, Tuberculinum.

Dosage :It is used from the 200 potency up. Weekly doses in early fall for a few weeks.

Repeat again in mid winter

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