Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac)

Homeopathic Remedy Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac)

Homeopathic Remedy Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac)

Hot, cachetic. Puffy, indurated or fistulous tissues. Bedsores. Puffy glabella.
Acrid, eroding sweat.

COMMON NAME :  Hydroflouric Acid.

SOURCE : Solution of spar.

FAMILY : Mineral acid.

Physiological Action :

This agent is a strong escharotic, its action extending deeply into the tissues and a dry, painful slough resulting. Its general action is observed especially upon the lower tissues, in consequence of which there is carries of the bones, ulceration, varicose, derangement of the nails, hair, old cicatrices become red and itch.


This remedy is indicated in the complaints of OLD AGE, DRUNKARDS and of those who are PREMATURELY OLD. They are relieved by moving about quickly, and from cold. There is a general roughness of the skin which is apt to be attended with a general and persistent itching, which is worse from warmth and better from cold. There is ALOPECIA and the nails become soft in some cases, while it has cured onychia complicating psoriasis. If there are old cicatrices they become sore and tender.

It will relieve and cure VARICOSE VEINS when they appear in small points; also flat naevus that are seen on children, and cases of the capillary aneurism. It should be remembered in cases of CARIES of the long bones; also of the temporal bone, and mastoid process.

These may be the result of SYPHILIS, MERCURY, or neglected catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear. The discharge from the affected part is think and excoriating. All caries is relieved by it when the discharge is bloody, sanious and disagreeable.

The mouth is foul and the process appears to undermine the whole system. Cases of ulcers, and ulceration, when a copious discharge appears they have definite edges surrounded by vesicles. There are violent pains through them. They are relieved by cold applications and aggravated by warmth.

It should be remembered in the early decay of the TEETH, the enamel is rough, deficient and is extremely sensitive to touch and to food, also of the nails when they are rough and wrinkled and have longitudinal furrows in them.

It is of service when the liver is engorged, INDURATED, hepatic cirrhosis, with ascites. There is nausea, vomiting of bilious material and diarrhoea.

It has been employed in COCCYGODYNIA when there is excruciating pain that is relieved by cold.

This remedy should be studied when Silica has but partially relieved the patient.

Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac)

A/F (Aliment From/ Causation ) :

– Syphilis

– Abuse of mercury or silica

– Alcoholism

– Gonorrhoea


< Warmth; warm room, warm food or drinks / applications

< Night

< Alcohol (red wine)

< Sour foods

< When constipated

< Delayed menses or micturition

< Morning

< Rest

< Standing [but > than when sitting]

< Rising

> Cold, cool bathing, cold air

> Open air

> Rapid motion

> While walking

> Short sleep

> Bending head back

> Eating


– Impulse to walk fast; necessity to be on the move.

Lasciviousness; ogling the women as they pass by so great is his lust.

– Aversion to his own, to loved ones, but becomes interested and converses pleasantly with strangers. Internally he feels isolated and often anxious.

– Inability to realize responsibility.

– Insanity with reticence and silence (Mathur).

– Fear of suffering (Vithoulkas).

– Materialistic. Dominering. Libertinism. Preoccupied with the fulfillment of his sexual cravings.

– Indifferent to business affairs.

– Irritability; sends nurse home.

– Cheerful during menses.

– Mistakes; uses wrong words, opposites, right for left and vice-versa.

– Lecherousness.

– Hurried, rapid speech, rapid eating.


-Suited to pale, miserable, cachetic, flabby, broken down constitutions, YOUNG PEOPLE WHO LOOK OLD [Arg-n, Kreos, Sec].

-Destructiveness is marked; caries of bones especially long bones, ulcers, bed sores.

-Always feels too HOT, wants to bathe in cold water < warmth in general > cold [ Reverse of Silicea: < cold > warmth].

-Discharges- thin, foul, acrid or salty causes itching [Coca].

-Increased ability to exercise his muscles without fatigue, regardless of most excessive heat of summer or cold of winter.

-Pain- lightning- like, on small spots, come suddenly, lasts for a short time, disappears quickly [Bell, Mag-p].

-Old cicatrices become red around edges and threaten to become open ulcers [Caust, Graph].

-Tissues puffy, indurated, fistulous especially dental and lachrymal.

-Symptoms seem to go from below upwards (Clarke).

-Cannot bear extremes of heat and cold (F.V. Concordance).

-Head-Falling of hair; after fevers.

-Puffy glabella.

-Headache worse from not urinating, and better from urination.

-Headache along the suture lines.

-Eyes-Sensation of cold air blowing through the eyes.

-Ears-Deafness > bending head back.

-Nose-Copious watery coryza.

-Mouth-Teeth discoloured, decay rapidly, at roots, sensitive to touch and food, teeth feel warm.

-Toothache > washing with cold water but cold drinks < toothache (Clarke).

-Tongue- fissured in all directions with large, deep, phagdenic looking ulcers in centre; painful when talking (F.V. – Concordance).

-G.I.T.-Desire for pungent, highly seasoned food, cold water.

-Aversion to coffee. Thirst; craves refreshing drinks.

-Warm drinks and salmon produce diarrhoea.

-Gnawing hunger, eating relieves temporarily.

-Stomach symptoms > tight clothing [Nat-m] [opp. of Lach, Hep, Sulph].

-Ascites from hepatic disorders, induration, enlargement and portal congestion.

-In dropsy, produces frequent and free discharge with great relief.

-Chest- Oppression in chest > bending backwards.

-Difficulty in breathing < – > metrorrhagia.

-Male genitalia – Swollen scrotum. Varicocele.

-Oily, pungent smelling sweat on genitals.

-Increased sexual desire. Promiscuity.

-Female genitalia – Feels distressed if menstrual flow is delayed.

-Menses –  too early,  profuse,  copious, frequent, too long.

-Extremities – Nails grow rapidly, distorted, crumble, have longitudinal furrows. Grow too thick in some places, too thin in others, break easily.

-Sensation of splinter under nail.

-Feet hot, must be uncovered at night.

-Varicose veins-painful, especially in women who have borne many children.

-Whitlow with terrible, throbbing pain.

-Skin-Scars; surrounded by pimples, become red around edges.

-Itching especially of orfices; in spots < warmth.

-Feels as if hot vapours emitted from all pores.

-Naevi; flat of children.

KEYNOTES of Fluoricum Acidum (Fl-ac) :


2. < warmth in general > cold.

3. Increased ability to exercise without fatigue.

4. Lascivious; ogling women as they pass by.

5. Cold drinks < toothache, but toothache > washing with cold water.

6. Desire for highly seasoned food, cold drinks. Aversion to coffee.

7. Old cicatrices become red around and edges, threaten to become open ulcers.


1. Prematurely old people.

2. < warmth > cold.

3. Destructive tendency.

4. Increased ability to exercise > rapid motion.

5. Lasciviousness with increased sexual desire.


– A remedy for deep destructive processes; the periosteal, osseous and connective tissue being especially affected.

– Exostoses.

– Cancer, ulcers and fistula formations. All symptoms are relieved by cold applications.

CLINICAL of (Fl-ac) :

-Bone disorders, Peptic ulcer, Sexual disorders, Varices.

-Falling out of hairs after typhoid. – Dr. Boger.


Followed Well By : Nit-ac, Sulph.
Follows Well : Ars, Kali-c, Ph-ac.
Compare : Coca, Coff, Ox-ac, Sep.
Duration Of Action : 30 Days.

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