Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels)

Homeopathic Remedy Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels)

Homeoremedy Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels)

Common Name : Yellow Jessamine or Jasmine, Evening Trumpet flower

FAMILY: Loganiaceae

Kingdom : Plants

Stage : Acute, Chronic

Side : Left

Miasm : Sycotic, Syphilitic

Thermal State: Hot

Action : OnlyPolycrest

Thirst : Thirstless

Appetite : Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced

Sensitivity : Low, High

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon

Time Phases : Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening

Gender : Male, Female, Child

Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels) is indicated for:-

Weakness (mental, emotional, physical), paresis, gradual paralysis.

Cowardice, an inability to face challenge. Stage fright.

Nervous diarrhea, trembling, weakness, urgent urination.


Feels heart will stop beating, causing him to jump up, fears heart will stop unless he stays in motion.

Physiological Action

This agent in toxic doses produces paralysis of the roots of the motor cerebral nerves and the motor area of the spinal cord and as a result paralysis of the muscles of the body. This is followed by a cutaneous anesthesia. Convulsions in animals and at times in man. The breathing is rendered slower and shallower due to depression and ultimately paralysis of the respiratory center. The heart’s action is reduced, the pulse is lowered. The temperature is reduced.

Through its action on the third cranial nerve, mydriasis and ptosis results. The sixth never may be affected when a convergent strabismus may result with diplopia and dimness if vision. There is extreme muscular weakness and prostration while the patient is drowsy, but the mind is not affected till carbonic acid narcosis takes place.


This remedy is indicated in children, young people, and especially women of a nervous hysterical temperament, who are ALL TRIED OUT, also in male and female ONANIST and in MALARIAL DISEASE.

It is useful in hysteria, especially of women with spasms and a sensation as of a lumps in the throat, that is not removed by swallowing. There is palpitation of the heart, a PARALYTIC FEELING of the extremities, a profuse flow of clear urine accompanied with fears and apprehensions.

It is to be thought of in CATARRH FEVERS and affections of the various mucous membranes. The patient is continually chilly over the back; cannot move from the stove, they are so chilly. They complain of PROSTRATION and DEBILITY, especially in damp, muggy weather. This conditions is observed during the summer when there is a change from dry to damp atmosphere. The catarrh inflammation GIVES RISE TO DEAFNESS AND PAIN IN THE EARS WHEN SWALLOWING; THERE IS HEADACHE, PHYSICAL WEAKNESS AND PROSTRATION AND MUSCULAR SORENESS.

It is an important remedy in many cases of La GRIPPE and INFLUENZA when there is great prostration, with complete relaxation and prostration of the whole muscular and dull pains over the whole body. The pulse rate is rapid but weak and compressible. There is partial OROSIS of the quite. There is chilliness, especially of the back and a desire to keep the back warm.

These patients have a disposition to take cold, either from a slight change to cold weather or during warm, foggy days. After exercise, he sits down in a draft or in a cool room. There is headache of a dull, heavy nature, as if congested with blood. While there is aching over the whole body it is most marked in the shoulders and lower extremities.

It should be remembered in MEASLES. It produces an eruption very similar to measles. It is frequently the remedy indicated when the physician first sees the case. The patient is drowsy, stupid, and there is a croupy cough. There is a watery discharge from the nose, excoriating the alae nasi and the upper lip. The fever is moderately high and the prostration is profound. The heart’s action is rapid and the pulse is soft and weak.

The eyelids droop and the eyes are suffused. The pharynx and tonsils show an acute catarrh condition. Pain extends to the ears when swallowing. There may be a mild delirium of a muttering character.

It is of service in the REMITTENT and INTERMITTENT type of FEVERS in children, when the nervous symptoms predominate. The chill and fever are both severe. The patient feels prostrated, stupid, sluggish and as if bruised.

It is frequently indicated during the early stages of the disease. The patient is of the nervous, excitable, hysterical type in whom the nervous symptoms predominate. He complains of a sensation of chilliness and shivering. There is frequently a PARTIAL PARESIS of the motor nerves of both the voluntary and involuntary muscles. As a result there is great debility, weakness and prostration and muscular soreness. The legs and arms tremble when moving.

The face presents a suffused redness. If headache is presents it is more a sensation of fullness and dullness of the mental faculties, and while the patient may appear sleepy there is a condition of insomnia present.

It is of service in CEREBRO – SPINAL FEVER, when there is a dull pain in the back of the head. He feels as if intoxicated, or there is stupor and a tendency to convulsions, with wild delirium and a sensation as if bruised over the body. There is paralysis of the eyelids, double vision, dilated pupils, complete loss of muscular power, pulse is very weak, the breathing is labored and there is nausea and vomiting.

It should be remembered in CONGESTIVE, HYSTERICAL, NEURALGIC, and URAEMIC HEADACHES that appear suddenly with vertigo, dimness of sight and double vision; they are often accompanied with some nausea, the pain may start in the cervical region and extend up over the occiput and cause a sensation of bursting in the forehead and eyeballs. Accompanying it there is complete relaxation and prostration of the whole muscular system. The head is relieved by a profuse urination.

In some cases the pain extends to the shoulders and spine or to the eyes which are sore to the touch. In other cases the head feels confused and large, there may be a soreness of the head, face and teeth, with periods of dizziness and blindness.

It is of service in MENSTRUAL and CLIMACTERIC HEADACHES, when there is nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, vertigo and blurred vision and prostration. The distress is relived by profuse menstruation.

It affords relief to women during CONFINEMENT, when there is great nervous excitement and the rigid os retards the progress.

It is indicated in DYSMENORRHOEA, with spasmodic neuralgia and ovarian pains with cramps in the uterus and legs. The nervous and hysterical condition indicated by the remedy is present.

It is indicated in the NEURASTHENIC male when the sexual organs are relaxed, irritable and cold. There are emissions without erections; which are followed by an exhaustion, prostration, depressed spirits, and paint at the base of the brain. He is so prostrated he cannot move.

It should be remembered in the bad effects of FEAR, FRIGHT, SUDDEN EMOTIONS, exciting news, a preparing for an extra ordeal, as anything of this character is apt to produce a muscular relaxation, prostration and DIARRHEA. The stools are usually painless and may be involuntary. There may be a paralysis of the sphincter ani and a partial prolapses of the anus.

It is an important remedy in enabling persons to bear the INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY of this rapid age, with leading symptoms already outlined. They fear the results and have apprehensions of the ultimate outcome.

It is often our first remedy in HEAT PROSTRATIONS and EXHAUSTED STATES, the result of the heat of the sun and damp, hot weather.

It is useful in VERTIGO when it spreads up from the occiput; there is diplopia, dimness of vision and loss of sight and dullness of the mind.

It is useful in the WEAKENED HEART, when the heart’s action is feeble, the pulse soft and weak, and there may be a sensation that the heart would stop beating if she did not move about. In some cases as a result of grief, there maybe a be nervous, hysterical palpitation, and a sense of distress and oppression about the heart.

It is a most important remedy in POST – DIPHTHERIA PARALYSIS, when if persisted in it may be the only remedy needed.


A/F [Aliment From / Causation] :

-Depressing emotions

-Fright, Anxiety, Anger

-Bad news

-Anticipation- going to church, examination, public platform

-Self abuse; masturbation

-Heat of sun

-Damp weather, warm or cold




-Mechanical injuries


< Emotions

< Dread

< Ordeals

< Surprise

< When thinking of ailment

< Bad news

< Excitement

< Bending forward

< Humid weather

< Spring

< Foggy weather

< Heat of sun

< Thunderstorm

< Dentition

< Tobacco smoking

< 10 a.m.

< Mental effort > Profuse urination

> Sweating

> Shaking

> Alcoholic drinks

> Stimulants

> Continued motion

> Reclining with head high


-Dullness of mental faculties; with languor, listless and inability to fix attention.

-Drowsy dazed.

-Doesn’t wish to speak or have anyone near her, even if the person be silent.

-Desires to be left alone.

-Nervous dread of appearing in public.

-Anticipation of any unusual ordeal, like preparing of church, exam, etc. brings on complaints. Utter lack of courage. Nervousness.

-Fearful (diarrhea) and all complaints thereafter.

-Fear of -falling




-losing self control

-that heart will stop beating unless on the move.

-Stage fright. Helps acutely the terror before performance.

-Susceptible to mental disturbances such as sudden excitement or emotion, any bad news or fright.

-Delirious sleep; half waking and incoherent talk.

-Great depression of spirits. Wants to throw himself from a height. Wants to commit suicide.

-Apathetic regarding his illness.

-Answers slowly. Inability to concentrate.

-Exhilaration, can recall things long forgotten.

-Vanishing of thoughts on mental exertion.

-Child starts and grasps the nurse from fear of falling [Bor].

-People who give up their work; unable to face it longer.

-Cowardice. Timid.

-Sadness with inability to cry. Depression.

-Dullness; Dizziness; Drowsiness, Trembling.


-Aching; Tiredness; Heaviness, Weakness and soreness in the muscles (Phys).

-Catarrh of mucous membranes causing watery discharges.

-Paralysis of various groups of muscles about the eyes, throat, chest, larynx, sphincter, extremities, etc.

-Tremors or twitching of single muscles, face, chin, tongue, etc.

-Muscular weakness with complete relaxation and prostration.

-Lack of muscle coordination, muscles to obey will.

-Affects circulation which becomes sluggish causing passive arterial and venous congestion and sense of heaviness and fullness in different organs

– heart; liver etc > profuse urination.

-Patient has a flushed, dusky, red face and sleepy look and a ” worn-out” expression on face ( Bapt; Gels ).

-General depression from heat of sun, or summer.

-Sticky perspiration all over the body.

-Complaints lingering since the time of influenza.

-Thirstiness or little thirst.

-Weakness tremendous, unable to move, great prostration of vital forces.

-Trembling is so great, that patient wants to be held because he shakes so.

-Trembling of tongue, hands, legs.

-Rigidity and stiffness with cramp-like pains in muscles; during menses.

-Neuralgia of various parts with loss of control and pains which are most deep seated. Sore, bruised feeling all over especially the limbs.

-Head-Headache beginning in occiput or neck, radiating to forehead ( Sil ).

-Sensation of an band around head [ Carb-ac ; Plat; Sulph].

– Dull, heavy headache with heaviness of eyelids.

– Pain in head with soreness of neck muscles.

– Headache preceded by blindness ( Kali-bi; Lac-d ) >profuse urination < sun, lying with head low, mental exertion.

– Congestive stage of meningitis with pain at back of head and neck with dilated pupils.

-Vertigo-With blurring of vision; lack of muscular steadiness < Walking < Sudden movement of head.

-Eyes-Visual symptoms like drooping, diplopia from weakness.

-Heavy, can hardly open them. Drooping [ Caust; Graph ].

-Dim vision; pupils dilated.

-Diplopia from weakness of extra ocular muscles during headache.

-Slow accommodation of vision.

-Detached retina [from injury or myopia].

-Blindness before headaches.

-Face-Besotted face [ Bapt, Op ].

-Drunken appearance.

-Hot heavy flushed face.


-Tongue trembling paralyses.

-Thick speech as if drunk.

-Thick yellow coating of tongue.

-Throat-Sore throat during menses.

-Loss of voice from fright.

-Paralysis of throat. Post diphtheric paralysis [ Caust; Diph ].

-Paralytic dysphagia after cerebral apoplexy.


-G.I.T.-Usually thirstiness, but thirst with sweat.

-Diarrhea from emotional excitement or fright or bad news [ Ph-ac ].

-Diarrhea, cream colored [ Calc ], tea green.

-Painless diarrhea in nervous individuals.

-Partial paralysis of rectum and sphincter.

-Prolapse of rectum after labour.

-Respiratory system-Sneezing with fullness at root of nose.

-Watery, excoriating discharge.

-Sensation of hot water flowing through nose.

-Sneezing < morning.

-Catarrh associated with inflamed throat.

-Acute nasal catarrh; great disposition to take cold.

-Urinary system-Urine profuse, clear, watery.

-Partial paralysis of bladder, flow intermittent ( Clem ).

-Retention of urine.

-Incontinence from excitement.

-Loss of bladder power in old persons or following diphtheria.

-Male genitalia-Profound weakness and relaxation of genitals.

-Spermatorrhoea without erections.

-Cold relaxed genitals [ Ph-ac ].

-Sexual power exhausted but slightest caress causes emission.

-Female genitalia

-Dysmenorrhoea with pain to back and hips.

-Pains insufficient with os widely dilated, complete atony.

-C.N.S.-Coma, Apoplexy; subarachnoid haemorrhages.

-C.V.S.-Sensation as if heart would stop beating if not be in motion.

-Slow pulse.

-Pulse soft; weak, full and flowing.

-Back-Chills running up and down the back.

-Dull heavy pains in lumbar or sacral region.

-Pains under scapula, neck muscles.


-Loss of power of muscular control [Alum; Aster].

-Trembling and weakness of all limbs.

-Fatigue after slightest exercise.

-Limbs heavy with knees weak. Tottering gait. Paraplegia. Locomotor ataxia [ Phys ].

-Inability to walk, tottering and falling when closing eyes [ Arg-n; Alum].

-Paralysis [Acon, Arg-n, Caust, Cocc, Con, Cup, Dulc, Merc, Kalm, Nat-m, Nux-v, Phos, Plb, Rhus-t, Sulph, Zinc].

-Sleep-Sleepless from anticipation or excitement or smoking.

-Sleepless from nervous irritation [ Coff ].

-Fever-Eruptive fevers, especially measles, with catarrh symptoms.

-Fever with prostration, stupor, thirstlessness.

-Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling.

-Does not want to move in fever.

-Chills- in back going up an down.

-Could tell when chill was about to return as incontinence of urine would set in.

-In fever, wants to be held, he shakes so.

– Chill and languor, and aching, mixed with heat or alternating with heat.

– Heat with drowsiness.

– Perspiration not profuse.

– In Typhoid fevers, with dark, red face and besotted appearance.

– Measles with catarrh symptoms, aids in bringing out eruptions.


1. General depression from heat of summer.

2. Nervous individual, with dread of appearing in public.

3. Anticipatory diarrhea while preparing for exams, etc.

4. Fear heart will stop beating unless he moves.

5. Headache preceded by blindness > profuse urination.

6. Chills running up and down back.

7. Child starts and grasps the nurse, screams as if afraid of falling.

8. Aphonia, sore throat during menses.


1. Symptoms of gradual onset.

2. Dullness, dizziness, drowsy, trembling.

3. Catarrhal complaints.

4. Paralysis with complete prostration, relaxation.

5. Thirst-less

6. Anticipatory complaints.


-Indicated in people whose complaints come on from anticipation and depressing emotions.

-Especially useful in paralysis and neuralgia of various kinds, associated with dullness, dizziness, drowsiness, trembling and weakness.

-Useful in muscular in-coordination and prostration.

-Thirstlessness accompanies most complaints.


1. Gelsemium in drop doses, repeated hourly, causes rapid and permanent relief in the body- Dr. Douglas.

2. For angina pectoris, depending upon fatty degeneration of heart, Gelsemium [ and Belladonna ] are good palliatives- Dr. Hempel.

3. For preventive of sunstroke- Dr. C.G. Raue.

4. Earache during menopause is almost always relieved by Gelsemium -Dr.Dorothy Shepherd.

5. Gelsemium l X is the best remedy for insomnia with no bad effects- Dr.Cuthbert.

6. Anxiety, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Diarrhoea, Diplopia, Fever, Hayfever, Headache, Influenza, Insomnia, Laryngitis, Migraine, Multiple sclerosis, Myasthenia gravis, Paralysis, Tremor, Vertigo.


Follows Well : Bapt, Ip.

Compare : Bell, Bor, Bry, Caulo, Caust, Cocc, Con, Cur, Ferr-p, Hyper, Ol-an, Phos, Verat.

Similar : Bell, Caulo, Caust, Cocc, Con, Ferr-p, Ol-an, Quill, Verat.

Antidotes By : Atro, Cinch, Coff, Dig, Nux-m, Op.

It Antidotes : Mag-p.

Duration Of Action : 30 Days.

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