Graphites ( Graph )


Homeopathic Remedy Graphites (Graph) use sign symptom keynotes

Common Name : Plumbago, Black Lead, Amorphous Carbon

Chemical Formula : C

Kingdom : Minerals

Stage : Acute, Chronic

Side : Left, U.Rt.Low Lt.

Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic

Thermal State : Chilly

Action : OnlyPolycrest

Thirst : Thirsty, Thirstless

Appetite : Increased, Reduced

Sensitivity : Low, High

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon

Time Phases : Morning, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night

Gender : Male, Female, Child

Element : Carbon(C, 6)

Graphites (Graph) is indicated for Skin lumpy, thick, hard. Excoriations, cracks or fissures, Gluey moisture, Moist, crusty eruptions, Obesity, Sourness.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation ] :

– Grief and vexation

– Supression of skin eruptions

– Extremes of heat and cold

– Overlifting

– Fear


-SKIN:-Moist, sticky eruptions

-Fissures, corns



– Secretions acrid







< During and after menses

< Cold, drafts

< Suppression of eruptions

< Light

< Secretions

< Motion

< Night

< Wet feet

< Warmth of bed > Open air, walking in

> Hot drinks, esp. milk

> Touch

> Eating

> Eructation


– Simple, basic, earthy and unrefined patients.

– Slow thinking, irresolution, poor concentration. Dullness. SLOWNESS.

– Sad, tearsome, irresolute, hesitates at trifles. Timid, dread of work.

– Fidgety while sitting at work.

– Feels miserable and unhappy.

– Weeps, without cause, from MUSIC. Sensitive to music. Weeping from music (Aur), especially organ.

– Forgetful, makes mistakes in speaking and writing.

– Child impudent, teasing, laughing of reprimands.

– Remembers all the events of youth; recent events are forgotten.

– So sad that thinks of death.

– Thinks of nothing but salvation.

– There is a changeable mood.

– Memory weak for recent events, > for long past events.

– Anxiety and dullness in the morning on waking. Anxiety about trifles.

– Restless, agitated anxiety. restlessness and anxiety at night.

– Timid, reserved.

– IRRESOLUTION. Insecurity. Anxiety about the consequences of the decision.

– Obstinate. Censorious.

– Discontented. Easily offended.

– Irritability about trifles.


-Fear something will happen, of misfortune.

-Anxiety and fear < morning. Irritation, excitement, sleeplessness in evening.

-Aversion to mental work.

-Difficult concentration, mental exertion gives restlessness (Kali-p).

-Absence of thoughts. Impressions don’t penetrate. Hard to get information from them.

-Confusion with weeping and awkwardness < before and during menses.


-Especially adapted to women of climacteric age. Generally inclined to obesity, who suffer from habitual constipation and delayed menstruation. Tendency to put on unhealthy fat; plump, anemic, fair.

-Sensitive to cold; Chilly.

-Cracks and FISSURES on end of fingers of toes, nipples, labia, commissures, anus, etc.

-Left sided complaints.

-OBESITY. Rapid emaciation in stomach diseases.
Emaciation of affected parts (Plb).


-Discharges:thick, sticky, offensive, honey like, foul, scanty and acrid.

-Sudden weakness. Cataleptic.

-Sourness – of taste, eructations, stools, urine, teeth, etc.

-Sensation of burning, NUMBNESS and deadness.

-General sense of uneasiness, tremulousness, sudden sinking of strength.

-Skin symptoms <-> digestive symptoms.

-Cancerous diathesis in old cicatrices. Tendency to grow cystic tumours. Dropsy.

-Desire: CHICKEN, beer, sweets, bland food.
Aversion: SALT, SWEETS, MEAT, fish, soup, warm food, cooked food.


-< Morning on waking; looking upward; rising from stooping.


-Headache < left side, sunlight, while eating.

-ERUPTIONS < occiput. Psoriasis.

– Alopecia. Falling of hair at temples.

– Eye-PHOTOPHOBIA (Nat-s), < sunlight.

– Conjunctivitis. BLEPHARITIS. Keratitis.

– Eruptions on lids. Fissures of canthi.

-Ear-Otitis < left. Chronic otorrhea, gluey, offensive.

-Noises < night, left side. -HEARING IMPAIRED > BACKGROUND NOISE.

-Eruptions or cracks behind ear.

-Ear discharge smells like spoiled fish.

-Nose-Cracked nostrils.

-Frequent colds. Coryza before menses.

-Face-Sensation of cobweb over the face and forehead, tries hard to remove it (Alum).

-Eruptions, especially around mouth. Acne.

-Circulation is affected causing, irregular distribution of blood, producing especially rush of blood to head with flushed face.

-Phlegmonous erysipelas, of face, with burning, stinging pain, commencing on right side, going to left.

-Mouth-Fissures in corners of mouth, lips.

-Offensive breath, like smell of urine.

-Throat-Constant inclination to swallow.

-Stomach-Stomach complaints after suppressed eruptions.

-Ulcers. Cancer. Stomach disorders with rapid emaciation.

-Gastric complaints > eating, (WARM) MILK (Chel).


-Eruptions, especially in inguinal region.

-Rectum-Chronic constipation

– stool difficult, large hard knotty with lumps, united by mucous threads too large < during menses, suppressed menses; instead of menses.

-Fissure in ano (Nit-ac, Rat). Smarting sore pain, remains after stool in anus. Bleeding anus > hot milk.


– stools brown, fluid mixed with undigested substance, of an intolerable odour, often caused by suppressed eruptions.



-Impotency. Ungovernable desire with poor results (Con, Gels, Lyc).

-Erections failing during coition (Lyc). Premature ejaculation.


-Eruptions, herpes; spreading to thigh.


-Female genitalia-HIGH DESIRE, nymphomania, OR LACK OF INTEREST.

-Enlargement and induration of ovaries.

-Uterine fibroids, cancer.

-Menarche late. Menses scanty, late, not appearing.

-Eruptions. Cracks.

-Menses late, scanty, pale, irregular, painful, delayed by getting feet wet.

-Morning sickness during menstruation, prostrated.

Leucorrhoea – acrid, excoriating, occurs in gushes day and night, before and after menses.

-Hard cicatrices remaining after mammary abscess, retarding the flow of milk.

-Cancer of breast, from old scars, and repeated abscess.

Respiratory system-Hoarseness during menses.

-Dyspnoea, from suppressed eruptions > eating.

-Suffocative, wakes from sleep.

-Chest-Cancer of breasts, esp. old scar tissue.

-Sore, cracked nipples.

-Eruptions in axilla, under breasts.

-Extremities-Swelling feet and toes during menses.

-CALLOSITIES of palms and soles (Ant-c, Ran-b).

-Cracks of fingertips.

-Eruptions < bend of elbows and knees.

-Numbness of forearms.

-NAILS DISTORTED, BRITTLE, thick, hard, crumbling, deformed, painful, sore as if ulcerated.

-Ingrowing toe nails (Sil).

-Burning heat of foot soles, uncovers them.

-Rheumatic pains.

-Skin-Affects the folds skin, at flexures, mucocutaneous junctions, behind the ears.

FISSURES, where skin and mucus membrane joins.

-THICK, hard, dry, rough (Ant-c, Fl-ac). Thickening and induration of skin.

-ERUPTIONS. Eczema. Herpes. Psoriasis.

-Itching < heat, during menses.

KELOID (Fl-ac, Sil) or cicatrices.


-Tendency to produce excoriation.


-Watery, transparent sticky honey like fluid discharge.

-Morning sickness during menses.

-Hears better when in a noise, when riding a carriage.

-Sensation of cobweb on face; tries hard to brush it off.


-Cracks, fissures, dryness, bleeding- Cracks or fissures in the ends of fingers, nipples, labial commissures. Eczema of lids, eruptions moist and fissured.

-Affections of skin folds, flexures, behind the ear. Skin becomes thick and indurated. Obstinate dryness of skin and absence of sweat.

-Crustiness- Eyelids red and margins covered with scabs and crusts, milk crusts. Crusty and scabby ulcers, moist crusty eruptions.

-Dry, rough skin that breaks easily and exudes a ‘gluey moisture’.

-Discharge, always sticky, transparent, thin, watery, may be thick honey like.

-Menses late, scanty, pale, delayed due to getting feet wet, irregular.


-Suited to women inclined to be fat, who suffer from constant chilliness, habitual constipation and herpetic eruptions which crack and ooze a gelatinous fluid.


Complementary : Caust, Hep, Lyc.

Follows Well : Calc, Lyc, Puls, Sep, Sulph.

Compare : Alum, Ant-c, Ars, Aur, Bism, Bor, Calc, Calc-ar, Canth, Carb-an, Carb-v, Caust, Euphr, Lach, Lyc, Nit-ac, Op, Paeon, Pall, Petr, Pic-ac, Puls, Rat, Rhus-t, Sil, Stram, Sulph.

Antidoted By : Acon, Ars, Nux-v.

It Antidotes : Ars-i, Rhus-t.

Duration Of Action : 40-50 Days

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