Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c)

Kali Carbonicum (Kali-C)
Kali Carbonicum (Kali-C)

Homeopathic Remedy Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c)

Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c);  Common Name: Potassium Carbonate, Potassic Carbonate, Salt of Tartar, Salt of Wormwood, Carbonate of Potassium;

FAMILY: Minerals, salt;

Chemical Formula: K2CO3;

Kingdom: Minerals;

Stage: Acute, Chronic;

Side: Right, Left, U.Lt.Low Rt., Lt. to Rt.;

Miasm: Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State: Chilly;

Action: OnlyPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty, Thirstless;

Appetite: Increased, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night;

Gender: Male, Female ;

Element:  Carbon(C, 6), Oxygen(O, 8), Potassium(K, 19)

Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) is indicated for Compulsive rigidity, adhering to the code of ethics and rules, Stoic, Exercises a strong control over his emotions, Duty conscious, Conservative, loyal, moral, proper people, Chilly, Intolerant to drafts, Backache, perspiration and weakness, Worse from coition, Worse 2 to 4 a.m.  Bag-like swelling of eyelids, especially upper.

Physiological Action

This agent acts upon the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tract, producing congestion. It is a diuretic and renders the urine alkaline. The serous membranes are dry, and there are sticking pains. The fibrin of the blood is increased.


This remedy is indicated in fat, aged and obese subjects who are sensitive to every atmospheric change, who suffer from rheumatism and cannot endure cold weather. The pulse is soft and compressible. They perspire easily, are weak and prostrated and suffer from backache, and have little sacks over the eyes. There are sharp, stitching, darting pains that are felt at any part and at any time; all the conditions are worse at three AM

It is of service in DISEASES OF WOMEN, when the menses appear too early, are too profuse or last too long. They are of a pungent odor and very acrid. There is severe pain in the back, which feels as if it would break. AMENORRHOEA with backache. It is useful in DYSPEPSIA of the aged, of the weak, anaemic and exhausted, who are always tired, and who suffer from backache; they are faint before eating, and there is much flatulence after eating, with sour eructations, which give relief.

It is beneficial in pulmonary affections, the cough being worse from 2 to three AM. There are sticking pains through the lower portion of the right lung, with puffiness of the face and an expectoration that is difficult and tenacious. Frequently there are profuse night sweats, which leave the patient prostrated and liable to take cold easily.

It should be studied in chronic RHEUMATISM, when there are drawing, darting, shooting pains.

PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c):

– Mucus membrane – Congestion

– Serous membrane – Rheumatism, increased secretion.

– Female – Ovarian atony.

– Blood – Fibrin increased, rheumatoid affection.

A/F [Ailments From/Causation ] :

-Catching cold


-Suppression of eruptions in childhood

-Closing of ulcers or fistulous openings

-Miscarriage, Labour

-Sexual excess

-Loss of vital fluids

-Ice-cream, Iced water

MODALITIES of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c):

[< Aggravation ]

< Cold air, draft, water

< After exertion

< Overheating

< Winter

< Before menses

< During menses

< Suppressed menses

< 2-3 a.m.

< After parturition

< Abortion

< Sudden or unguarded motion

< Stooping

< Loss of fluids

< Change of weather

< After coition

< Touch

< Motion

< Pressure

< Soup

< Coffee

< Early morning

< Eating

[> Amelioration]

> Warmth

> Sitting with elbows on knees

> By day

> Open air

> Motion

> Warm, moist room

> Eructations

> Lying on painful or left side

MIND symptom of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) :

– Despondent.

– Conservative, loyal, moral, proper people.

– Very irritable. Quarrels with one’s bread and butter, with his family.

– Rigid, unable to break even a trivial rule. Dogmatic, dislikes change.

– Obstinate and hypersensitive to pain, noise, touch.

– Never wants to be left alone. Desire for company, yet treats them outrageously.

– Anxiety and fear when alone. Fear of death when alone.

– Full of fear and imaginations.

– Fear-of impending disease, of future, of ghosts, being alone, dark, of death.

– Frightened from touch.

– Easily startled; starts when touched especially on feet; on falling asleep.

– Starting from unexpected noises.

– Shrieking at trifles.

– Starting from noise.

– Antagonism with herself.

– Anxiety when hungry. Anxiety felt in stomach.

– Want of self-confidence.

– Imagines himself sick.

– Hurry in mental work; in occupation.

– Weakness of memory; for expressing oneself.

– Weeping with headache; when telling of her sickness.

– Talking in sleep.

– Impetuous.

GUIDING INDICATIONS of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) :

-Weakness, characteristic of all potassium salts is seen especially in this with soft pulse, coldness, general depression and very characteristic stitches which may be felt in any part of the body or in connection with any affection.

-Inclined to obesity, disposed to oedema eg. dropsy in old age, dropsy from liver troubles, etc.

-Pains-sharp, cutting, stitching, stabbing or catching, darting

-are felt in various parts of the body from within out.

-Perspiration of painful parts.

-Throbbing pains, numbness or coldness of single parts, abdomen, fingers.

-Cannot bear to be touched; starts when touched ever so lightly especially on feet.

-Sensitive to every atmospheric change and intolerance of cold weather.

-SWEAT, BACKACHE and WEAKNESS in combination are not found in any other remedy.

-Throbbing of blood vessels all over body and to ends of fingers and toes.

-Burning like fire.

-Patients who have never been well after pneumonia.

-Giving out sensation.

-Fibrous tissues, ligaments of joints, of uterus, of lumbar back, are particularly affected, producing relaxation. Joints give way; back feels as if broken; the patient feels compelled to lie down or lean on something.

-Discharges are profuse and acrid.

-Convulsions seem to pass off with eructations.

-Twitching of the muscles; rigidity and atony of the muscles.

-Very much inclined to take cold [after having being heated]; symptoms of taking cold from every draught of air.

-Dread of open air < open air.

-Swelling and indurations of glands [after contusions].

-All the wandering pains and chilliness are > eruptions, reappearance of discharge, by haemorrhages, by ulcers that eat deeply and flow freely and fistulous openings.

-Eyes-Bag like swelling between the upper eyelids and eyebrows.

-Mouth-Toothache-only when eating.

-Throbbing < when touched by anything warm or cold.

-Throat-Difficult swallowing.

-Sticking pains in pharynx as of a fish bone.

-Food easily gets into the windpipe, pain in back when swallowing.

-G.I.T.-Stomach-distended, sensitive, feels as if it would burst.

-Excessive flatulency, everything she eats or drinks appears to be converted into gas.

-Sour eructation.

-Desire for sweets or sugar.

-Constant feeling as if stomach were full of water.

-Anxiety felt in the stomach, as though it were a fear.

-Severely painful haemorrhoids.

-Large, difficult stools with stitching pain an hour before, then burning or torn feeling.

-Respiratory system-Cough-dry, paroxysmal, loosens, viscid mucus or pus, which must be swallowed.

-Spasmodic, with gagging or vomiting of ingesta.

-Hard, white, or smoky masses fly from throat, when coughing.

-With stitching pains, whole chest is very sensitive.

-Queer sensation of a lump rolling over and over on coughing, rising from right side of abdomen to throat, and back again.


-Expectoration increased in morning and after eating.

-Coldness of chest.

-Wheezing cough with relaxed uvula.

-Asthma > when sitting up or bending forward or by rocking < 2-4 a.m.

-Difficult respiration, worse lying flat, better sitting upright, better leaning bent forwards with elbows resting on the knees, better lying propped up.

-C.V.S.-Tendency to fatty degeneration of heart.

-Sensation as if suspended by a thread.

-Palpitation and burning in heart region.

-Weak, rapid pulse; intermits due to digestive disturbance.

-C.N.S.-Convulsions seem to pass off with eructations.

-Female genitalia- Leucorrhoea with labour like pains causing itching and burning in pudendum > washing.

-Back-Backache with threatened abortion, delayed labour.

-Pain goes down to the thighs and legs; wants the back pressed.

-While walking, feels as if she must give up and lie down.

-Backache > sitting down and pressure.

-Pain extends downwards to the buttocks and even to the knee.

-Pain from hip to knee.

-Sleep-Drowsy whilst eating.

-Excessive sleepiness during or after meals.

-Sleeplessness without cause.

KEYNOTES of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) :

1. Backache, sweat and weakness in association.

2. Bag like swelling between upper eyelids and eyebrows.

3. Cannot bear to be touched, starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on the feet.

NUCLEUS OF REMEDY Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c):

-Adapted to fleshy, aged, soft, thin blooded, cold persons sensitive to atmospheric changes, to every draft of air, with dropsical and paralytic tendency.

-Persons who always complain of weakness, backache and sweat profusely.

CONFIRMATORY SYMPTOMS of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) :

1. Backache, sweat, weakness in association.

2. Bag-like swelling between upper eyelids and eyebrows.

3. Cannot bear to be touched, starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on feet.

4. Stitching, darting pains, worse during rest and lying on affected side.

5. Early morning, 2 to 4 a.m. aggravation.

CLINICAL condition of Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) :

-Allergy, Anaemia, Angina, Arthritis, Asthma, Cholelithiasis, Congestive cardiac failure, Connective tissue disease, Headache, Hypertension, Insomnia, Lumbago, Peptic ulcer, Pneumonia, Prostatic hypertrophy, Psoriasis, Renal calculi, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Uterine fibroids.

-Kent warns against Kali-c in at all high potencies in gout, but it is not a bad plan to start Kali-c fairly low, say 30th or lower and then go up.

To re-establish peristalsis after abdominal operation, give Kali-c- Dr. H.A. Robert.

-When Colocynth relieves the pain in cases of colic, where the patient is doubled up with pain, where the attacks recur give Kali-c- Dr. Kent.

-Good remedy for warts on fingers- Dr. Woodbury.

REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS with Kali Carbonicum (Kali-c) :

Complementary : Carb-v, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Phos, Sep.

Followed Well By : Ars, Carb-v, Fl-ac, Lyc, Phos, Puls, Sep, Sulph.

Follows Well : Bry, Kali-s, Lyc, Nat-m, Phos, Stann.

Compare : Other Kalis.

Antidoted By : Camph, Coff, Nit-s-d.

Duration Of Action : 40-50 Days.