Kali Sulphuricum (Kali-s)

Homeopathic medicine Kali Sulphuricum-Kali-s

Homeopathic Medicine Kali Sulphuricum (Kali-s)

Common Name : Potassium Sulphate; It comes in hard, colorless crystals, or in a white powder.

Chemical Formula : K2SO4

Family : Salts

Kingdom : Minerals

Stage : Chronic

Miasm : Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic

Thermal State : Hot, Ambithermal

Action : OnlyPolycrest

Thirst : Thirsty

Appetite : Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced

Sensitivity : Low, High

Time Phases : Evening

Gender : Male, Female, Child

Element : Oxygen(O, 8), Sulphur(S, 16), Potassium(K, 19)

Kali Sulphuricum (Kali-s ) is indicated for Desquamation; Later (third) stage of inflammation, with yellow discharges; Engorgement of the nasal and pharyngeal mucous membranes; Rattling of mucus in the chest.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation]:

– Suppressed skin eruptions

– Fear, fright

– Chronic suppurative illnesses

– Fumes

– Gases

– Foreign body obstruction


< Evening

< Closed room

< Early morning

< Eating after

< Warmth

< Sun

> Cold open air


-Very irritable.


-Lack of self confidence, easily frightened.

-Changeable moods.

-Weeping tendency.



-It is indicated in 3rd stage of inflammation.

-Promotes sweat, useful in lowering temperature in high fever, also controls infection.

-Always irritable, always thirsty, always hungry, always constipated (reverse of Puls).

-Pains-sharp, shooting, stitching, shifting, spotty, wandering.

-Discharges-slimy, yellow or greenish, ropy, tough, stringy, lumpy which can be pulled into long threads, offensive.

-Warm blood, always worse from covering.

-Head-Bald spots, dandruff with scald head.

-G.I.T.-Tongue-soft, flabby, dry, indented, yellowish coating with bitter taste.

-Respiratory system-Chief remedy in respiratory disorders, sinusitis, bronchiectasis, lung abscess, empyema, fibrosis of lung tissues.

-Rattling in chest, yellowish expectoration.

-Chronic nasal obstruction, often yellowish discharge (post-nasal).

-Cough, especially in children, < evening < hot atmosphere.

-Skin-Exfoliation of skin, yellow scales.

-Psoriasis, eczema, papular eruptions.


-Polypi, epithelioma.


-Ring worm of scalp or beard with abundant scales.


1. Third stage of inflammation.

2. Sharp, shooting, shifting, spotty pains.

3. Always irritable, always hungry, always constipated.

4. Yellow, slimy discharges.


-Keratolytic agent.

-Affinity for epidermis and epithelial tissues with catarrhal inflammation characterized by yellow, slimy discharges.


1. Tongue-flabby, yellow coating, indented. Bitter taste.

2. Stringy, ropy, yellowish greenish discharges.


– Prevents stricture formation of circular muscle fibre.

– Prevents thickening of terminal bronchioles and mucus secretion.

– Specific remedy for oxaluria.

– Snoring remaining after removal of adenoids.

– Eruptive, intermittent, influenzal and typhoid fevers.

– Obstinate cases of chronic intermittent fever.

– It is indicated when Ferr-p fails to produce perspiration, Mag-p fails to relieve pains.

– Rheumatic and gouty diathesis.


Follows Well : Acet-ac, Ars, Calc, Hep, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep, Sil, Sulph.

Compare : Kali-m, Nat-m.

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