Sepia (Sep)

Sepia ( Sep ) _cuttlefish_ink

Homeopathic Remedy Sepia (Sep)

Sepia Succus (Sep), Sepia Officinalis know as Cuttle Fish. This is a fish commonly found in the Mediterranean sea;

Kingdom : Animals, Sarcodes ;

Stage: Chronic;

Side: Left, Alternate Sides;

Miasm: Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State: Chilly;

Action: OnlyPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty, Thirstless;

Appetite: Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced;  Sensitivity: Low, High; Moon Phases; First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon; Time Phases :Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening; Gender: Male, Female, Child. Sepia [Sep] is brownish – black substance and is the dried liquid contained in the “ink bag” of the cattle fish, Sepia [Sep] is indicated for Excitable, affectionate, oversensitive, introverted, loves dancing. Stasis, sluggishness, indifference, detached, disconnectedness, irritability, depression, desperation. Shrieks with temper, sarcastic. Stasis, laxness, prolapse, varicosities > vigorous exercise and occupation. Chilly. Empty feeling in stomach, not better by eating. Lump sensation in rectum or prostate.

Physiological Action

This agent produce a general venous congestion. This is most marked in the portal system. It is attended with torpidity and depression that often terminates in complete exhaustion of the vital functions. This venous congestion involves the genito – urinary system and the gastrointestinal canal. The skin becomes earthy – yellow and cachectic, and eczema and herpes develop.


This remedy is indicated in cases which are characterized by SLUGGISHNESS. The patient has a sallow, doughy skin, is stupid, dull, thinks slowly and forgets. The intellect is dull, the face is often puffed, there are dark rings about the eyes, and a yellow saddle across the upper parts of the cheek and nose. They suffer from LIVER TROUBLES and are jaundiced at times. It is adapted to persons of dark hair, rigid fibre, but mild and of an easy disposition. Tall, slender women, with narrow pelves. The pains of Sepia are better from continued exercise and return while resting.

She is particularly sensitive to cold air, “chills so easily; ” lack of vital heat, especially in chronic diseases, nervous congestion.

INDIFFERENT even to one’s occupation, to those whom she loves best, dreads to be alone, yet when in company she is spiteful, greedy, miserly.

Yellowness of the face and conjunctiva, yellow spots on the chest, a “tell – tale face” of uterine aliments.

It is useful in DISEASES OF WOMEN, especially those occurring during pregnancy, childbed and lactation, or disease attended with sudden prostration and sinking, faintness, “the washer – women’s remedy. ” complaints brought on by, or aggravated by, laundry work. Sweat about the genitals, armpits, and back, hot flashes with headache in the morning, awakes feeling tired. The pains extend from other parts to the back, and are attended with shuddering. To relieve the backache she puts a book or some object in the back of the chair to lean against.

It is of service in CATARRHAL CONDITIONS, the discharges are thick, yellow, green, from the eyes, or nose, and leucorrhoea (of little girls), backache.

Coldness of the vertex with headache.

Hands hot, feet cold; as the feet become hot the hands become cold.

Anxiety, with fear, flushes over the face and head, about real or imaginary evils; toward evening. Great sadness and weeping, dread of being alone, of meeting friends; patient has uterine troubles.

Indolent; does not want to do anything, either work or play; it is an exertion to think.

It should be remembered in HEADACHE when there is a terrific shock; at menstrual period, with scanty flow; in delicate, sensitive, hysterical women; pressing, bursting sensation, worse from stooping, and mental labor.

There is relief from external pressure, or continued hard motion.

Great falling of hair, after chronic headaches or at the climacteric.

It should be remembered in DYSPEPSIA when associated with uterine disease. There is painful sensation of emptiness, all gone feeling in the epigastrium, which is relieved by eating; she longs for acid and pickles, gratification of which relieves the symptoms. The tongue is coated, but becomes clear at each menstrual period, the coat returning upon the cessation of the flow.

It is an important remedy in constipation during pregnancy. The stools are hard, knotty, in balls, insufficient and difficult, and there is pain in the rectum during and following the stool; also in PROLAPSUS of the uterus and vagina, when there is a sensation of pressure and bearing down, as though everything would protrude from the pelvis; she must cross the limps to prevent a prolapsus. There is a constant desire to hold up the abdomen.

This dragging – down – sensation is relieved by lying down. The menses are irregular. There are violent stitching pains that extend upward into the vagina, and from the vagina to the umbilicus; and in LEUCORRHOEA when

it is profuse and has a fetid odor, or is like pus. There are drawing pains in the abdomen and much itching of the vagina.

It is useful in AMENORRHOEA or feeble, cachectic individuals with thin skin. They always menstruate irregularly. They are sensitive to cold and complain of a painful emptiness at the pit of the stomach. The bowels are constipated. The urine deposits a reddish clay – colored sediment, which adheres to the vessel as if it had been burnt on. It is so offensive it must be removed from the room.

It is of service in painful GLEET, the discharge is of a yellow color, and stains the linen. The sexual organs are weak and exhausted.

A/F [Causation of Sepia (Sep)] :

-Anger and vexations

-Working in water or getting wet

-Blows, falls, jars, injury

-Overlifting, laundry work

-Snowy air, wetting

-Tobacco, boiled milk (diarrhoea), fat, pork


< Cold air

< North wind

< Snowy air

< Snowfall

< Wet getting

< Coitus

< Sexual excess

< Pregnancy

< Before menses

< Abortion

< Sitting

< Standing

< Kneeling

< Stooping

< Morning and evening

< After first sleep

< Falling to sleep

< Rubbing

< Scratching

< Before thunder storm

< Touch

< Ascending

> Violent motion

> Warmth, of bed

> Hot application

> Cold drinks

> Cold bath

> Open air

> Crossing or drawing limbs up

MIND Symptom of Sepia (Sep) :

-Indifference, hardness. Aversion to FAMILY, to those loved best, to sympathy, to company , yet dreads to be alone.

-Tearful, care-worn and pathetic females.

-Any demand by FAMILY is viewed as a further burden and met with anger.

-Shrieking at children, cannot control her anger.

-Nobody knows what she will do the next.

-Anxious fear, over trifles.

-Fear of ghosts; poverty.

-Irritability alternating with indifference, and/or sulkiness.

-Irritability, depression and weeping before menses.

-Guilt and isolation. Feels guilty of these internal changes, fearfulness and desperation.

-Becomes loner and no longer feels remorse for her behaviour. Yet dread of being alone.

-Sees weakness of those around her and will lash out with cutting, accurate, sarcastic, hurtful words, and then is followed by remorse.

-Anger from contradiction. Intolerant of contradiction.

-Dwells on past disagreeable occurrence with sadness.

-Weeping < consolation. Weeps involuntarily, without cause.

-Occupation >.

-Loves dancing and thunderstorms.

-Great aversion to sex.

-Despair of recovery.


-Weak persons with yellow earthy complexion, shallow skin, yellowishness of conjunctiva, yellow spots on the chest, with yellow saddle across the nose.

-Person with dark hair, rigid fibre, but mild and easy disposition.

-Diseases of women, occurring during pregnancy, childbed and lactation.

-Breasts become flat, lose mass and fullness.

-Complaints with sudden prostration and sinking faintness. Symptoms are < morning and evening > afternoon.

-The washer woman’s remedy; complaints due to laundry work.

-Sensitive to cold air, chills so easily, lack of vital heat, especially in chronic diseases.

-Emptiness, all gone sensation, especially in stomach not better by eating.

-Sensation of a ball in inner parts, with uterine affections.

-Short walk fatigues, but violent exertion relieves.

-Head-Headache in shocks at menstrual nisus, with scanty flow < motion < mental labour > external pressure > continued hard motion.

-Falling of hair after chronic headache or at the climacteric.

-Eyes-Drooping of lids.

-Dim vision from sexual excess, masturbation and uterine disease.

-Face-Saddle-like, brownish discoloration on nose and cheeks.

-G.I.T.-Sensation of emptiness, all gone feeling in epigastrium not better by eating.

-Nausea and vomiting at smell or sight, and even thought of food.

-Nausea < lying on side, tobacco smoking.

-Desires vinegar, acid, pickles, sour, sweets, bread and salt.

-Aversion to meat, fat, bread, milk which causes diarrhoea.

-Liver sore and painful > lying on rt. side .

-Pendulous abdomen from repeated pregnancies.

-Bearing down feeling in hypogastrium > holding it or crossing leg.


-Pruritus ani, rectal fissures.

-Sensation of a ball in the rectum > stool.

-Stools large hard, pain in rectum during, and long after stool (Nit-ac, Sulph).

-Constipation during pregnancy.

-Diarrhoea-infantile, greenish; from boiled milk.

-Respiratory system-Dry, fatiguing cough, as if coming from the stomach, with foul sputum < rapid change of temperature.

-Cold ascending from throat or chest.

-Dyspnoea < after sleep > rapid motion.

-Rotten eggs taste with cough.

-Urinary system-Thick ,foul urine, adherent, red, sandy sediment.

-Nocturnal enuresis, always during first sleep.

-Involuntary urination on coughing, sneezing laughing, fright or inattention.

-C.V.S.-Irregular circulation. Blood seems to stagnate.

-Violent, intermittent palpitation > walking fast < lying on left side.

-Visible palpitation ascends to occiput.

-Female-Pressure and bearing down, as if everything would protrude from pelvis, must cross the limbs tightly.

-Irregular menses of nearly every form, with pains going to the back.

-Dryness of vagina after menses.

-Coition painful.

-Aversion to coition. Nausea and irritability at thought of coitus.

-Leucorrhoea-yellowish greenish, with much itching, acrid, before menses, causes soreness of pudenda, excoriation between thighs < after urination only during the day.

-A remedy for prolapse, violent stitches upwards in the vagina, lancinating pain from uterus to umbilicus.

-Tendency to abortion from 5th to 7th month.

-Back-All pains converge on the back.

-Weakness in small of back.

-Aching coldness between shoulder or in lumbar region < stooping, kneeling > eructations, pressing back against something hard.

-Extremities-Restlessness in all limbs.

-Twitching, jerking day and night.

-Lame and stiff lower limbs, as if too short.

-Hot hands with cold feet or vice-versa.

-Skin-Herpes circinatus in isolated spots on upper part of body.

-Blotched, raw, rough, cracked skin especially in flexures.

-Itching of various parts, not better by scratching and is apt to change to burning.

-Ulcers on small joints especially finger.

-Ringworms. Tinea. Warts.



-Fever-Coldness in spots on vertex between scapulae; of feet in bed.

-Flushes of heat from pelvic organs.

-Sweat easy, offensive on genitals and axillae; has the odour of elder blossoms < least motion.

-Shivering with thirst.

KEYNOTES of Sepia (Sep):

1. Pains extend from other parts onto back.

2. Sensation as of a lump or rolling over internally.

3. Faints easily, especially while kneeling at church.

4. Indifferent to those whom she loves best.

5. The sight or thought of food sickens.


-Acts on the portal system and veins, causing a lot of abdominal and pelvic symptoms.

-Stasis and weakness with ptosis of viscera and weariness.

-Weakness, yellow complexion and bearing down sensation, especially in women.


1. Lack of vital heat.

2. Indifferent to those who she loves best.

3. Nausea due to smell, or sight, or even the thought of food.

4. Milk causes diarrhoea.

5. Ball-like sensation in parts or rolling sensation.

6. Aversion to coition.

7. Empty all gone sensation in stomach > eating.

8. Weak, dragging or bearing down sensation, must cross limbs or hold parts.

9. Tendency to abortion at 5th to 7th month.


CLINICAL condition of Sepia (Sep):

-Anaemia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Condyloma, Constipation, Cough, Cystitis, Depression, Dyspareunia, Endometriosis, Enuresis, Gastritis, Herpes, Hirsuitism, Leucorrhoea, Lumbago, Menopause, Miscarriage, Nausea of pregnancy, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Peptic ulcer, Premenstrual syndrome, Prostatitis, Pruritus ani, Psoriasis, Rectal fissure, Sciatica, Sexual dysfunction, Sinusitis, Stress incontinence, Tinea, Uterine prolapse, Vaginitis, Varices, Warts.

Sepia is a treasure in sinusitis- Dr. Elizabeth Hubbord.

-Sensation as if foetus in uterus, stopped moving inside the uterus, give Sepia 1M -Dr. Knerr.

-Whenever you get head nodding child, think of the possibility of Sepia- Dr. Borland.

-The best remedy we have for small ulcers about the joints of finger is Sepia- Dr. Farrington.

History of bed wetting in early life is good point to give Sepia – Dr. T. Douglas Rose.


Followed Well By : Nit-ac.

Follows Well : Nat-c, Nat-m, Sulph.

Inimical : Lach.

Compare : Agar, Alum, Apis, Arn, Ars, Ars-i, Asar, Aster, Ast-fl, Aur, Bac, Bell, Bor, Calc, Cann-i, Cann-s, Caust, Chel, Chlor, Cob, Cocc, Colch, Croc, Cur, Dros, Ferr, Fl-ac, Gels, Hedeo, Hep, Homar, Ign, Inul, Kali-c, Kali-f-cy, Kali-i, Kreos, Lach, Lil-t, Lyc, Mag-c, Merc, Mez, Murx, Nat-c, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Nux-m, Nux-v, Petr, Ph-ac, Phos, Plat, Psor, Puls, Ran-b, Rumx, Sang, Sanic, Sec, Sulph, Syph, Tell, Thuj, Urt-u, Ust, Verat, Vib-o, Vib-t, Zinc, Ziz.

Antidoted By : Acon, Ant-c, Ant-t, Nip-sp-d, Rhus-t.

It Antidotes : Calc, Cinch, Merc, Nat-m, Nat-p, Phos, Sars, Sulph.

Duration Of Action : 40-50 Days.

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