Staphysagria (Staph)

Homeopathic Remedy Staphysagria (Staph)

Homeopathic Remedy Staphysagria (Staph)

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Staphysagria (Staph) also know as Stavesacre, Delphinium Staphisagria, it belongs to Plants Kingdom,

FAMILY:  Ranunculaceae,

Stage: Chronic;

Side: Right, U.Lt.Low Rt.;

Miasm: Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic;

Thermal State: Ambithermal,

Action : OnlyPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty, Thirstless;

Appetite: Increased, Reduced;

Sensitivity : Low, High ;

Moon Phases : First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, New Moon;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night.

Staphysagria (Staph) is indicated for Sweet and gentle. Suppression of emotions and anger, suppressed sexuality leading to masturbation and a romantic, erotic inner life. Styes or tumours on eyelids. Honeymoon cystitis. Trembling from anger or emotions.

Physiological Action

This agent is an emetic, cathartic and parasiticide. Locally, it causes tingling, burning and inflammation; internally, it lowers the heart’s action and decreases the number of respirations,


This remedy is indicated when the mind has been dwelling too much upon SEXUAL EXCESS OR ONANISM. The patient is depressed and gloomy. He is shy and feels sad and despondent. It has an influence over the nervous system, and assists him to over – come the practice. It is of service in females, when there is a sensation as of some insect crawling on the external genital organs. The parts are sensitive.

It is of service in the relief of SUPPRESSED ANGER PEEVISHNESS and over – sensitiveness. He is worn out and exhausted. The nose is peaked, the face is pale, and the eyes are sunken and surrounded by dark rings.

It is beneficial when there is itching of the skin, when the scratching changes its position. It is beneficial when the child’s TEETH turn black and crumble as soon as they appear.


Stavestacre is a plant growing about a foot high, the flowers are spur shaped and the seeds have a bitter, burning taste.
Ripe seeds are used for preparation. It has marked action over the nervous system. Generally regarded as a great germicide and used to destroy lice and itch-mites.

A/F [ Aliment From / Causation ]


-Sexual excesses or sexual abuse

-Loss of vital fluids



-Reserved displeasure

-Mechanical injuries from sharp cutting instruments; post-surgical

MODALITIES of Staphysagria (Staph) :


< EMOTIONS (chagrin, vexation, mortification, indignation)

< Sexual excesses, onanism

< Touch

< Cold drinks

< Mercury, tobacco

< Lacerations

< Night

< Stretching parts

< After surgery


< Sleep


> Breakfast

> Warmth

> Rest
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MIND Symptom

-LOW SELF-ESTEEM, depression, weeping during the interview.


-Suppression of emotions. History of abuse, incest.

-Was insulted, being too dignified to fight, subdued his wrath and went home; sick, trembling and exhausted.

-Heightened sensitivity, both mental and physical. Extremely sensitive to least mental impression, to rudeness, to what people say about her. Often the insults are perceptions due to such sensitivity.

-Anger violent, with tendency to THROW things, usually not at persons. Rage. In later stages, snappish, irritable and destructive. Angry over his mistakes. Very excitable.

-Suppressed anger can give outbursts of temper. Trembling from anger.

-Depressed after a fit of anger or after an insult; prefers solitude.

-Fear of heights, anger, doctors. Fear of opposite sex.

-Delusion that he was going to lose his fortune.

-Delusion of someone pursuing him.

-Sweet reservedness, does not wish to burden another with her problems, but opens up easily to one who shows interest.

-Cannot fight for her rights, no bitterness even if treated unjustly- Morrison.

-Very excitable, timid internally though may be hard externally.

-Artistically inclined. Sentimental and romantic, writes poetry.

-Indurations mental and physical.

-GENTLE, SWEET and MILD persons, who draw our sympathy. Sensitive to rudeness.

-Very considerate of others. Not demanding.

-SELFLESS. Never egotistical, harsh or proud.

-No bitterness. Blames herself instead of others.

-ROMANTIC AND SEXUAL FANCIES before falling asleep. Masturbation.

-Can go to lasciviousness.

-Timid when they feel attracted to someone. Romantic vulnerability.

-Talk to themselves loudly.

-Vanishing of thoughts on mental exertion with sensation of wood or ball in head. Difficult concentration. Forgetfulness.

-Amorous dreams with seminal emissions.

-Child is quiet, serious and composed (Nat-m). Sensitivity, inhibition and vulnerability. Infrequent outbursts of emotion or anger. History of an abusive parent or elder sibling who suppresses or humiliates the child.



-Suited to persons who are pale and sunken, worn out and exhausted as a result of sexual excesses and self abuse with sunken eyes and a guilty abashed look, refuse to look up during an interview. Sexual fantasies.

-Induration on the physical plane are manifested in recurrent hard styes on upper lid and in glands and glandular affections.

-Scrofulous painful swelling of glands of nape, neck, axillae. Ovaries and testes enlarged and indurated. Atrophy of testicles causing impotency with increased sexual desire.

-Bad effects of masturbation. < coition – causing dyspnoea and prostration after an emission. Coition painful in women because of extreme sensitivity of the genitalia.

-Complaints after surgery, cuts. Stinging, smarting pains, like the cutting of a knife in post surgical cases. Mechanical injuries from sharp instruments.

-Head-Sensation of a ball or wooden block in forehead or occiput (Irid, Kali-n).

-Numb or hollow sensations.

-Head pain from suppressed emotions; < coition, masturbation.

-Eruptions. Loss of hair, < about ears and occiput.

Alopecia areata after grief or suppression.

-Eyes-STYES which leave small hardened spots.

-Photophobia. Iritis.

-Lacerations or incisions to the eyes.


-Face-Neuralgia. Pain from lips over face.


-Mouth-Toothache with tearing and tugging pain from head down into cheeks and teeth.

-Premature decay of teeth in children.

-Teeth turn black or show dark streaks and crumble.

-Gums bleed when pressed, tearing in gums when eating.

-Decay of teeth.

-Toothache < touch < eating or drinking < cold air or drinks < menses. No pain while biting or chewing.

-Gums white.

-Cleaning the teeth brings on cough.

-Throat-Swallows or scrapes constantly while talking.

-G.I.T.-Nausea of pregnancy, nausea of sea-sickness. Nausea after operations.

-Desire- Sweets, milk.

-Aversion- Fat, milk.

-Intense craving for tobacco.

-Intense hunger even when the stomach is full.

-Relaxation of abdominal muscles, sensation as if hanging down.

-Abdominal colic after indignation, after lithotomy; with urging to stools and urine.

-Frequent hiccoughs, much flatulence, with violent twisting pain, pinching.

-Itching in anus, needle-like pricking in renal region.

-Ailments from abdominal operations.

-Respiratory system-Cough with maddening frequency, but soft.

– Cough only in the daytime, with roughness of throat.

-Cough alternating with sciatica, cough brought on by tobacco smoke.

-Chronic hacking cough.

-Nervous or emotional cough.

-Loss of voice after anger.

-Urinary system-HONEYMOON CYSTITIS. CYSTITIS AFTER EVERY INTERCOURSE. Useful in young women who develop a constant urging to urinate or dysuria after coition.

-Ailments after catheter, lithotomy.

-Urinary troubles in old men with prostatitis.

-Burning in urethra when not urinating.

-Urinary difficulties after severe labour.

-Male genitalia-Enlarged prostate.

-Prostatitis, pain from anus to urethra. Cancer.

MASTURBATION. Masturbate till falls asleep at night.

-Impotency when confronted or after excess.

-Condylomata painful on touch.

Orchitis < left.

-Induration, tumours, atrophy of testes.

-Atrophy of testes < sexual excess.


-Nocturnal seminal emissions.

-Female genitalia-Amenorrhoea from indignation.

-Menses regular, with aching around hips and loss of power in limbs.

-Toothache during menses.

MASTRUBATION. Frigid when confronted.

-Cysts and tumours. Cancer.

-Painful sensitiveness of organs < sitting.

-Ailments after FIRST INTERCOURSE which is very painful causing suffering.

-Extremities-Sharp needle pricks on thumb scratching, prickling and itching in muscles of the buttocks.

-Obtuse shooting pains in shoulder joint < motion or touch.

-Paralytic aching in left upper arm.

-Fine twitching and jerking of muscles especially thumb tips, pain in knee joints, tearing pains in calf muscles.

-Weakness in body especially when walking.



-Paresis after cerebral accidents.

-Sleep-Sleepy all day, sleepless at night, body aches all over.

-Sleeplessness from romantic or sexual fancies. Masturbates to fall asleep.

-Skin-Eczema and discharge of yellow, acrid moisture from under the crusts.

-Thick scabs.

-Itching shifting, changing place on scratching.

-Wounds do not heal easily.

-Damaged tissues become hard and indurated.

-Figwarts, dry, pedunculated, cauliflower like, after abuse of mercury.


-Unhealthy skin.

-Oversensitive spots. Ulcers, scars, warts extremely sensitive. Touch may give convulsions.

KEYNOTES of Staphysagria (Staph) :

1. Sensation of round ball in forehead sitting firmly there even when shaking his head.

2. Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food.

3. Sensation as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down relaxed.

4. Sleepy all day, sleepless al night, body aches all over.


-Bad effects of sexual abuse, sexual excesses, onanism, complaints with increased desire, causing both physical and mental symptoms.

-Bad effects of suppressed emotions especially suppressed anger, indignation, chronic suppression. Staphysagria absorbs griefs.

-Low spirited, depressed individuals with a guilty, abashed feeling.

-No anger – feel guilty where they might have been angry.

-Very sensitive, with nervous affection and trembling.

CLINICAL symptom

– Cerebral accidents, Chorea, Condylomata, Cystitis, Depression, Enuresis, Insomnia, Orchitis, Peptic ulcer, Post-surgical pain, Prostatitis, Psoriasis, Strabismus, Styes, Tics.

-Weeping without tears in children- Staphysagria 30 or 200- Dr. Foubister.


Complementary : Coloc.

Follows Well : Caust, Coloc.

Inimical : Ran-b.

Compare : Calad, Fl-ac, Ph-ac, Plat.

Antidoted By : Camph.

It Antidotes : Merc, Thuj.

Duration Of Action : 20-30 Days.