Tabacum (Tab)

Homeopathic Remedy Tabacum (Tab), Nicotiana Tabacum

Homeopathic Remedy Tabacum (Tab)

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Homeopathic Remedy Tabacum (Tab), Nicotiana Tabacum also known as Tobacco. Tambacu in Hindi,

FAMILY: Solanaceae. It belongs to Plant Kingdom and use in acute condition; The remedy work better in left side;

Miasm: Sycotic;

Thermal State: Ambithermal;

Action: NoPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty, Thirstless, Small Quantity;

Appetite: Increased, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases: Last Quarter, New Moon;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Evening.

Homeopathic Remedy Tabacum (Tab), Nicotiana Tabacum is used for Nausea, giddiness, death like pallor vomiting, icy coldness, sweat and intermittent pulse. Prostration, collapse, cold but wants abdomen uncovered, Sea-sickness.

Physiological Action of Tabacum (Tab) :

This agent produces relaxation and paresis of the involuntary muscular system. There is distress in the cardiac region, with pallor of the surface, icy coldness and seat, nausea, nervous trembling and debility.

This remedy is indicated when there is DEATHLY NAUSEA, with VOMITING, icy coldness and COLD SWEARS and INTERMITTENT PULSE, and PRECORDIAL DISTRESS.

It is of service in SEA – SICKNESS, with deathly nausea, pallor and coldness; or nausea from any cause when there is a terrible, faint, sinking feeling at the pit of the stomach; during PREGNANCY, when this nausea is present as soon as she moves, with cold sweat over the body. It is to be remembered in DIARRHOEA, when the stool is watery, yellow or green, and slimy. The desire is urgent and is faintness and cold sweat.

It has been employed in AMAUROSIS, due to ATROPHY of the OPTIC NERVE; also in difficult, violet constriction of the chest, with palpitation of the heart and pain between the shoulders.


A/F [ Aliment From / Causation]

– Sunstroke

– Bee stings

– Mosquito bites


[< Aggravation]

< Motion of boat, riding

< Lying on left side

< Opening eyes

< Evening

< Extremes of heat and cold

< Stormy weather

[> Amelioration]

> Vinegar

> Cold application

> Fresh air, open air

> Twilight

> Uncovering abdomen

> Weeping

> Vomiting
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MIND Symptom of Tabacum (Tab) :

– Very despondent. Sadness > complaining.

– Sense of excessive wretchedness [especially at climacteric or during menses].

– Weeping >.

– Anxiety > weeping.

– Sudden anxiety, anxiety at night.

– Anxiety from thinking about it.

– Indifferent.

– Does not recognize his relatives.

– Unconsciousness; as in a trance.

– Unconsciousness > cold water poured over head.

– Feels as if someone were coming to arrest him or murder him.

– Suicidal disposition but lacks courage.


– Has marked antiseptic qualities antidotal to cholera germs.

– Icy coldness of the surface, covered with cold sweat.

– Wants abdomen uncovered [Colch, Elaps, Lach].

– Complete prostration and relaxation of entire muscular system.

– Constriction of muscles of hollow organs-throat, chest, bladder and rectum.

– Symptoms occur in paroxysms.

– Vertigo- Excessive vertigo and copious sweat < opening eyes < indoors > open air.

– Vertigo followed by vomiting of food and tremulous weakness.

– Vertigo, on rising or looking upward, increasing to loss of consciousness > open air, vomiting.
Head- Headache increases with rising of sun and decreases on its going down.

-Periodical sick headache lasting 1-2 days with deathly nausea.

– Sudden pain on right side of head as if struck by a hammer or club.

– Eyes-Rapid blindness without lesion followed by venous hyperaemia and atrophy of optic nerve.

– Face-Deathly pale, blue, pinched, sunken covered with cold sweat [Ars, Verat].

– G.I.T.-Spits much.

– Incessant nausea < smell of tobacco smoke [Phos]

– Vomiting on least motion, sometimes of faecal matter, vomiting during pregnancy, much spitting > uncovering abdomen.

– Sea sickness > on deck, in open air.

– Terrible faint, sinking feeling at pit of stomach.

– Craving for tobacco [Morrison].

– Involuntary choleraic or thick, curdled watery stools, like sour milk.

– Respiratory system-Cough-dry, teasing, must take a swallow of cold water [Caust, Phos].

– C.V.S.-Acute dilatation of heart caused by shock or violent physical exertion.

– Palpitation due to tobacco < lying on left side, goes off when turning to right.

– Pulse-quick, full, large, small, intermittent, exceedingly slow, feeble, irregular, almost imperceptible.

– High tension and arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries.

– Urinary system-Renal colic, left sided with deathly nausea and cold sweat.


1. Seasickness > on deck, in fresh open air.

2. Wants abdomen uncovered.

3. Vertigo on rising or looking upward, increasing to loss of consciousness < opening eyes > in open air > by vomiting.

4. Cold sweats, icy cold skin.


1. Seasickness > on deck, in fresh, cold air.

2. Vertigo-On rising or looking upward, increasing to loss of consciousness < opening eyes > in open air > by vomiting.

3. Face deathly pale, blue, pinched, sunken, covered with cold sweat.

4. Collapse.

5. Incessant nausea < smell of tobacco smoke, vomiting on least motion, sometimes of faecal matter.

6. Vomiting during pregnancy, much spitting > uncovering abdomen.

7. Icy coldness of the body with cold sweat.

8. Complete prostration and relaxation of entire muscular system.

CLINICAL condition

-Vomiting of pregnancy when Lactic acid fails.

-Tabacum potentized (200 or 1000) to relieve terrible craving when discontinuing use of tobacco.

-Caladium causes a disgust for tobacco.

-Sea sickness with occipital headache, give Petroleum instead of Tabacum.


Compare : Acon, Ars, Benz-d, Berb, Carbn-s, Cina, Colch, Dig, Elaps, Fil, Kali-bi, Lach, Lyc, Meny, Nicot, Nux-v, Op, Plb, Salin, Sel, Sil, Staph, Sulph, Uran-n, Verat.

Antidoted By : Ars, Camph, Clem, Coff, Gels, Ign, Ip, Lyc, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Sep, Spig.

It Antidotes : Cic, Stram.

Preparations: Mother tincture of the recently dried leaves.

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