Glonoinum ( Glon )


Homeopathic Remedy Glonoinum ( Glon )

Common Name : Nitroglycerin

Chemical Formula: C3H5(NO3)O3

Kingdom : Minerals

Stage : Acute

Side : Right

Miasm : Tubercular

Thermal State : Hot

Action : NoPolycrest

Thirst : Thirsty

Appetite : Reduced

Sensitivity: Low, High

Time Phases : Morning, Noon

Element : Hydrogen(H, 1), Carbon(C, 6), Nitrogen(N, 7), Oxygen(O, 8)

SOURCE: Dilutions with alcohol.

FAMILY: Organic compounds.

Physiological Action

This agent increases the pulse rate and produces a general throbbing of the vessels. The throbbing is most marked in the head, and gradually becomes worse till there is a violent, bursting frontal headache, with giddiness, fullness of the head, flushed face and sensation of constriction of the throat, accompanied by vomiting, faintness and complete insensibility. Large does occasion heart failure in diastole.

– C.N.S.-Centric vasomotor paralysis.

– Vagi-Inhibitory fibres paralyzed.

– Circulation excited.

– G.I.T.-Neurosis.

– Congestion.

– Cantharsis.

– Congestive headaches.

– Hyperaemia of the brain.

– Surging of blood to head and heart.

– Pulsations.


This remedy is indicated in those of a nervous temperament who are plethoric, florid and who suffer from severe CONGESTION and HYPERAEMIA of the brain. The functions of the brain are augmented while the reflex excitability of the cord is inhibited. The symptoms calling for it are violent and appear suddenly.

It is the first remedy in cases of SUNSTROKE, with bursting headaches, dullness, delirium, stupor; also for the troubles that result from working under gas light, where the heat falls upon the head, or the heat from a stove; also in the FLUSHES of heat at the climacteric.

It is useful in CONGESTIVE, THROBBING HEADACHES from delayed or suppressed menses. The head feels heavy, but cannot be laid on a pillow; the throbbing is synchronous with contraction of the heart; the blood – vessels are distended; the face is deep red; there is either a dull distress or sharp pains accompanying the throbbing Frequently the congestion is attended with convulsions.

It is useful in PUERPERAL CONVULSIONS. The face is red, the pulse is full and hard; the urine contains albumen; the patient is unconscious and froths at the mouth.

It is of service in the cerebral congestion of children when Belladonna does not afford desired relief. It is useful in cases of “Meniere’s disease and TINNITUS AURIUM that are dependent upon organic changes of the heart. It should be remembered in acute and CHRONIC INTERSTITIAL NEPHRITIS when the arterial tension is high; also in cases of increased vascular tension of the aged.

In angina pectoris asthma and heart failure it is of service when the pulse is small, wiry, and there is pallor, anaemia of the brain and collapse. Use the physiological dose in these cases.

A/F [Aliment From / Causation ]:

-Fear, fright



-Working under gaslight

MODALITIES of Glonoinum (Glon) :

< Sun, hot weather

< Suppression (menses)

< Wine

< Gas lights

< Hair cut

< Jar

> Open air

> Elevating head

> Peaches


– Confusion as to location, lost in well known places, well known streets, seem strange.

– Disinclined to speak, would hardly answer.

– Confusion on waking at night, confusion from inhaling fumes.

– Frantic, attempts to run away or jump out of window.

– Exalted ideas, thinks she is the Almighty and everyone else is inferior.

– Fear she has been poisoned.

– Fear, from sensation of swelling of throat.

– Time passes too slowly.

– As if in a dream, doesn’t know where he is.


– Symptoms have a sudden and violent onset.

– Complaints are worse from sun or heat of sun.

– Congestion surging of blood to head and heart.

– Sensation of pulsations throughout the body.

– Throbbing of whole body.

– Pulsations, pillow would beat < lying down.

– Head- Headache increases and decreases with the sun, from suppressed menses, from working under gas lights, seem to arise from neck.

– Sensation as if brain too large.

– Dull, bursting, blood surging to head, alternate congestion of head and heart.

– Afraid to shake the head, feels it would drop to pieces < jar < motion.

– Pulsations of arteries – fullness of temporals also sensation of whipcord.

– Eyes-Red hot eyes during headache.

– C.V.S.-Violent palpitations of heart with throbbing carotids. -Hot flushes during climacteric.

– C.N.S.-Epileptic convulsion- dentitional, with congestion of head and heart. KEYNOTES:

– Confusion

– Cannot recognize well known streets.

– Congestive headaches, every throb of arteries of brain seems to be synchronous with beats of heart.

– Bad effects of sunstroke, carries an umbrella all the time. -Sensation of pulsation throughout the body.

– Cannot bear heat around head > uncovering < jar, motion, lying down.


– Warm blood, sensitive women especially, during climacteric or children during dentition with congestion of head and heart.

– Suddenness-Sensation of bursting, upward surging, enlarged.

– Irregularity of circulation.

– Pulsations of heart, head.

– Violent, ebullition.

– Confusion, dizziness.


– Confusion -forgets well known streets.

– Headache- Climacteric, hypertensive, instead of menses, sun-strokes.

-Throbbing carotids, sudden onset, violent palpitation with red hot eyes and face.

-Sensation of heavy weight pressing upon head < at every step.


-An Intercurrent in angina pectoris, to prevent organism from getting accustomed to the influence of Aur-mur (Tyler).

-Symptoms of service in cerebral congestion of children when, Belladonna doesn’t give the relief.


Compare : Aml-n, Apis, Bell, Cimic, Crot-h, Dig, Diosc, Gels, Hyos, Lyc, Meli-a, Nit-ac, Petr, Phos, Sang, Sec, Stram.

Similar : Aml-n, Bell, Ferr, Gels, Kali-n, Nat-c, Nat-n, Op, Stram.

Antidoted By : Acon, Camph, Coff, Nux-v.

Duration Of Action : 1 Days.

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