Hydrastis Canadensis(Hydr)


Homeopathy Medicine Hydrastis Canadensis (Hydr)

Common Name :Goldenseal, Orange-root

Family: Ranunculaceae

Kingdom : Plants

Natural Order : Ranunculaceae.

Habitat : United States. It contains the alkaloids, Hydrastine and Berberine.

Source : Tincture is prepared from fresh root.

Stage : Chronic

Miasm : Psoric, Sycotic, Tubercular, Syphilitic

Thermal State : Chilly

Action : NoPolycrest

Thirst : Thirstless

Appetite : Increased, Easy satiety, Reduced

Moon Phases : First Quarter

Time Phases : Morning, Forenoon

Preparations : HOMEO., Mother tincture of the fresh root; and dilutions. U. S. P., Hydrastis, Fluidextractum Hydrastis, Glyceritum Hydrastis, Tinctura Hydrastis.

Hydrastis Canadensis (Hydr) is indicated for Thick, yellowish, tenacious, ropy secretions; Old, cachectic, easily tired, debilitated persons; Cancer and cancerous states with pain, before ulceration; Pain across lumbar region, must use arms in raising himself from seat.


– Mucus membrane-Copious, stringy + Ulceration

– Digestive organs-Secretion, constipation

This agent is stomach and intestinal tonic, increasing the secretion of the gastric and intestinal juices and promoting the appetite. It increases and peristaltic action of the stomach and intestinal walls, increasing their muscular tone and favors a more normal evacuation of the bowels.

It has a stimulating influence upon the respiration and circulation, increasing the arterial tension, as a result of its action upon the myocardium, which is more permanent than that imparted by many other agents; a similar action is observed upon the muscles in general.

It is mildly antiperiodic. If continued over a long period it will derange the digestion and constipation results; it is also a protoplasmic poison, arresting the movements of the white blood corpuscles. It contains two alkaloids, Hydrastine, which is considered identical with Berbein, and acts as a tonic antiperiodic and causes ringing in the ears, and Hydrastine, which affects the mucous membrane.

These alkaloids while not toxic in medicinal doses, have produced death in the larger animals. There were convulsions, decreased blood pressure and failure of the heart in diastole.

The elimination of this agent is largely through the kidneys.


This remedy is indicated when the patient complains of DEBILITY, a general weakness and all run down condition; she complains of PALPITATION of the HEART and DYSPNOEA and atonic condition of the stomach and retarded digestion; the bowels are constipated. There is a catarrhal condition of the mucous membranes, the natural secretions are increased, are clear, white and tenacious at first, later they are yellow, green or bloody. Its sphere of action extends to all the mucous surfaces whether it is applied locally or internally.

It should be remembered in CATARRHAL CONDITIONS of the GALL DUCTS, and catarrhal JAUNDICE when there is no pain, as well as CHOLELITHIASIS. The tongue is coated yellow and slimy, there are eructations of a sour, putrid nature. The patient complains of an atonic dyspepsia; the stools are pale and scanty. There is palpitation of the heart, and a sensation of faintness and a gone feeling referred to the epigastrium.

It is an important remedy in chronic GASTRIC CATARRH, especially when there is a history of indulgence in alcohol and other stimulants or an exhaustion that has been the result of an acute disease. The patient complains of a sensation of sinking in the epigastric region. There is vomiting, especially in the morning, of a material that contains much mucus. The bowels are usually constipated and the stools often mixed with mucus. In these cases from three to ten drops of a reliable tincture should be given before each meal and on retiring, in a cup of hot water.

It is an important remedy in CONSTIPATION, especially of children and the aged. Associated with this condition there may be a prolapsus of the rectum in children, with superficial ulcers of the mucous membrane and fissure about the anus that are dependent upon inertia or congestion of the lower bowel, or when it is the result of sedentary habits or purgative; medicines. There is usually the sensation of goneness referred to the epigastrium, a frontal headache, sour eructations and hemorrhoids. In these cases five drops of a lower attenuation or tincture in water before meals acts well.

It is useful both locally and internally in cases of STOMATITIS of nursing women, APHTHOUS SORE MOUTH in delicate children. The gums may be loosened from the teeth and spongy, and bleed easily. The tongue is large and shows the imprint of the teeth. It is to be especially remembered if mercury and chlorate or potash have been extensively employed without results.

It has been employed in ULCERATION of the SKIN and FISSURED NIPPLES, INDOLENT ULCERS, lupus, eczema and leprosy during the ulcerative stage, when it meets the secondary symptoms, the lowered vitality and impaired constitutional effects.

In those suffering from CANCER it has given a degree of relief, and improved the general health, and while it may have no influence over the cancerous dyscrasia and but little over carcinoma, it has a favorable influence over scirrhous tumors developing in glandular tissue, and especially if there is a history of atonic dyspepsia, gastric catarrh, a constipated state of the bowels and liver, with a brad indented tongue and distress after meals. It is reputed to have cured cancer of the mammary gland when the tumor was hard and painful and the general indication for the remedy was present. However this may be, it is of great service in non – malignant mammary gland tumors during the menstrual period., and in those local circumscribed enlargements that occur in the gland more or less suddenly.

It is a valuable remedy in leucorrhoea, which may be uterine or vaginal. It is profuse, yellow, tenacious and the patient complains of great prostration, sensitiveness in the haptic region, constipation and hemorrhoids.

It should be remembered in PRURITUS VULVAE, with superficial ulcerations and fungoid development s.

There may be bleeding associated with the profuse leucorrhoea and many of the constitutional symptoms of the remedy. In these cases it should be used locally as well as internally.

It has been employed in GONORRHEA when the discharge is yellow and thick.

A/F [ Aliment From / Causation ] :

– Alcohol

– Constipation

– Abuse of wine or drugs


< Inhaling air

< Cold air

< Old Age

< Dry winds

< Open air

< Slight bleeding

< Washing

< Touch

< Motion

< Pregnancy

< Abuse of wine or drugs

< After stool

< Every other day

> Pressure

> Dry weather

> Warm covering


– Irritability after dinner.

– Weakness of memory.

– Depressed; sure of death, desires it.

– Indifference to everything.

– Malicious, desire to strike.


– Secretions – THICK, YELLOW, ROPY.

– Catarrhal processes, a tendency to haemorrhage and ulceration.

– Constitutions broken down by excessive use of alcohol.

– In cancer, removes pain, modifies discharge, depriving it of its offensiveness and improves health in a marked degree.

– Respiratory system-Sinusitis after coryza.

– Thick, tenacious secretion from posterior nares to throat.

– Watery, excoriating discharge, burning, smarting rawness in nose.

– Discharge scanty in room, profuse out doors, rawness in throat and chest.

– Face-Facial expression is dull, heavy, sodden looking, yellowish white.

– G.I.T.-Tongue-white, swollen, large, flabby, slimy, shows imprint of teeth [Merc, Nat-p, Yuc], with a peppery feeling or sensation as if it had been burnt, especially on forward half of tongue.

– Tongue-yellow, dirty. Bitter taste.

– Stomatitis of nursing mothers or weak children.

– Cannot eat bread or vegetables.

– Apt to vomit all food, retaining only milk or water.

– Loss of appetite, a sensation of sinking or goneness, in region of stomach < after eating.

– OBSTINATE CONSTIPATION; of pregnancy, following purgatives, especially of children and aged, after parturition, after rheumatic fever; lumpy stools coated or mixed with mucus.

– Constipation and haemorrhoids, even a light flow exhausts.

– Cutting pains from liver to right scapula < lying on back or right side.

– Urinary system-Gleety discharge, thick yellow in urine.

– Female genitalia- Leucorrhoea < after menses [Bov, Calc].

– Leucorrhoea-acrid, corroding, shreddy, tenacious, hanging from os in long strings [Kali-bi].

– Pruritis vulvae and profuse leucorrhoea [Calc, Kreos, Sep] and sexual excitement.

– Removes tendency to habitual adherent placenta.

– CANCER; HARD, ADHERENT, skin mottled, puckered, pains knife-like, sharp, cutting, nipples retrated.

– Back-Dull, heavy, dragging pain and stiffness, particularly across lumbar region, must use arms in raising himself from seat, must walk before he can straighten up.


-Secretions-thick, yellow, ropy.

-Stomatitis of nursing mothers or weak children.

-Loss of appetite with a sensation of emptiness or goneness in region of stomach < after eating.

-Leucorrhoea < after menses. Leucorrhoea acrid, corroding, shreddy, tenacious, hanging from os in long strings.


– Secretions- THICK, YELLOW, ROPY.

– Tongue-white, swollen, large, flabby, slimy, shows imprint of teeth, with a peppery feeling, or sensation as if it is burnt especially on forward half of tongue.

– Obstinate constipation; of pregnancy, following purgatives, especially of children and aged, after parturition, after rheumatic fever, lumpy stools, coated or mixed with mucus.

– Cancer-hard, adherent, skin mottled, puckered, pains knife; like, sharp, cutting, nipples retrated.


– Affections of mucus membranes causing a thick, yellow ropy secretion, especially in old, easily tired people, with weak muscular power, poor digestion and obstinate constipation.

– For cancer and precancerous state, before ulceration, where pain is the principal symptom.


– Hydrastis ointment for local treatment of toe nail ingrowing.

– In excoriation of skin of infants, Hydrastis canadensis has been found useful when Calendula has failed. A lotion of 1/10 in water, applied with lint, acts with great rapidity. Glycerine is however a better vehicle than water.

– In 3 drop doses, Hydrastis is a mild purgative. It has advantages of giving tone at the same time.

– Hydrastis canadensis is used as a gargle in septic state of throat, in malignant scarlet fever, arrests the destructive process at once.

– In conjunctivitis, locally and internally.

– In cancer, improves appetite and condition of patient generally.

– Under its use, the complexion alters, the state of blood improves. Always the pain of cancer surpassing Opium and Morphine.

– Retards growth of cancer.


Compare : Aloe, Am-m, Ant-c, Ant-t, Arg-n, Ars, Bapt, Berb, Cinch, Coll, Con, Dig, Euphr, Gels, Graph, Hep, Hydrc, Kali-bi, Kreos, Merc-c, Nux-v, Phyt, Puls, Sep, Stry, Sulph, Thuj, Trif-p.

Antidoted By : Sulph.

It Antidotes : Kali-chl, Merc.

Dosage :
Of the mother tincture, 1 to 30 drops; of the fluidextractum, m v – xxx; of Hydrastine, gr. 1/4-j.
HOMEO., 2x to 6x.

Information Source: A Manual Of Materia Medica, Therapeutics And Pharmacology By Blackwood, Alexander Leslie

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