Time to take life changing decision, Why homeopathy claim their position in No. 2?

Is Homeopathy work on human body

Homeopathic Treatment procedure method of  symptom collection

Homeopathy works on human body. Is it myth or fact? The debate is going from its invention.

The modern science is not accepting the fact that homeopathy is working on human body. But the reality is different homeopathy is effective on human body. It is not just placebo. Why scientist can not find how it works in human body. Most of the remedy came from natural source which are basically poisons or toxic in crude form. When it became medicine according to homeopathy pharmacopeia it turned into safe form. In spite of its safe nature homeopath never use it in large dose.

Modern life become more realistic; People do not want to believe in theory, they want to know the reality. What science talk about it. Homeopathy start its journey from 1796. The concept of homeopathy came in the mind of a great intellectual Allopath practitioner, Surgeon of German, honorable sir Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. During his life time he realize the fact that curing disease is not the aim of a doctor. A doctor is needed to cure the patient. In that time modern medical technology is not advance as it now, it is true but people also suffering, pathogen effect human and life was not essay.

May be some day people can discover how homeopathy work in human body and can change his/her mind in stable condition. The theory will be proved that “similia similibus curentur”. Billion of patient using homeopathy after its invention, thousand of Allopath practitioner using homeopathy to cure the patient. It works like magic it has the evidence although the theory is not yet proved by any scientist. Thousand of unproven fact exist in the world homeopathy is one of them.

Million of topics still not discover but we enjoy the result. It is very simple example- A piece of bread when a dog eat it; it becomes dog. When a man eat it; It becomes man. When a woman eat it it turned woman and when it spoiled it become earth. So how it behave different in different stage.

In conclusion if a flower can live with its plant it can be a fruit; with in a certain period its can become testy or nasty fruit. So we want homeopathy as testy fruit not looking behind its nasty criticism.

Abbreviations used by Homeopathy

A/F – Ailments from

A- Vitamin A

USG KUB – Ultra Sonography Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder

IVP- Intravenous Pyelogram

X – Ray KUB – Kidney, Ureter, And Bladder

CBC– Complete Blood Count

BUN -Blood Urea Nitrogen Test

K/C/O- Known Case of

C/O– Complaints of

< – Aggravation

> – Amelioration

H/O- History of

O/E– On Examination

OCC– Occasional

NAD– No Abnormality Detected

Q– Mother Tincture

– Right

– Left

VU– vesica l- ureteric

Mm– Millimeters

P – Powder dose

ROS– Radio Opaque Stones.

2C = 200 potency

Common use potency: Q, 3, 6, 30, 200, 1000, 10,000, 3x,6x, 12x 30x, 200x [L, M, LM, CM ]

For proving any Medicine commonly use low potency.

For treatment according to homeopathic doctor observation lower and higher potency is used.

Classical homeopathy practitioner use single medicine for treating patient. In very rare case homeopathy remedy is selected base upon disease name.


Treatment Guideline for disease of different systems for Homeopathic Medicine

In the Homeopathic System of Medicine patients are cured by applying medicine, according to symptoms-similarity of the disease and medicine. Instructions for treatment guideline of any disease is indicated in the famous book Organon of Medicine written by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Our following treatment guideline of disease of different systems is complied according to the above out look.


Treatment Guideline:

  1. Case History taking with examinations and investigations.
  2. Collection of causes and symptoms of patients.
  3. Classification and evaluation of symptoms.
  4. Determination of eliminating or prescribing symptoms-i.e, peculiar, uncommon, rate, striking and singular symptom. ( Characteristics and guiding individualistic symptoms).
  5. Repertorization -i.e. comparison of medicines and related symptoms and sorting the selected medicine with help of Repertory.
  6. Selection of Medicine- i.e. selection of medicine according to characteristics and guiding individualistic symptom-similarity of the patient and medicine, with the help of Materia Medica and Repertory. According to the Principles of Homeopathy laid down in Organon of Medicine, it is strongly prohibited to select and apply any patent, tonic, trade or Brand, Specific or special named medicine, Combination and external use medicine, Alternate medicine and large doses form ( i.e. Tablet, Large globule, Capsule, powder, Large quantity in liquid form etc.) medicine.
  7. Selection of potency of medicine- e.g in Centesimal scale of potency- 30. 200, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM potency and in Fifty Millesimal scale of potency – 0/1 to sigher potency serially.
  8. Selection of dose of medicine- i.e. minimum modified dose ( According to Organon of Medicine, 5th and 6th ed.). Quantity of minimum doses: (a) Centesimal medicine – One globule, number-20 and (b) in Fifty Millesimal medicine- on globule, number-10.
  9. Route of administration of medicine – i.e. oral and olfactory use (According to Organon of Medicine, 5th and 6th ed.).
  10. Mode of  administration of medicine- i.e. Administration of the potentized and proved (on healthy person ) medicine, selected according to symptom – similarity of the patient and medicine in minimum modified dose.
  11. Diet- i.e. must avoid causative, antidotal, inimical, aggravative and disease related foods, drinks and other substance, Take ameliorating foods and drinks.
  12. Regimen- i.e. avoid harmful and un-hygienic conditions.
  13. Management- i.e. nursing, hospitalization, removal of causes of disease etc., as the case may be.
  14. Follow up with second prescription- i.e. selection and application of next medicine, potency, dose, diet etc.


In practicing Homeopathy the above guidelines are followed. As a result, this treatment is being Rational & Cost-effective and playing an important role in our services.


(Md. Moniruzzaman Sikder)

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