Kali Muriaticum(Kali-m)

Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m)
Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m)

Materi Medica of Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m)

Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m); Common Name: Potassium Chloride, It consists of white, odorless, permanent cubes.; SYNONYMS: Biochemic Sulphur; Chemical Formula: KCl; Kingdom: Minerals; Stage: Acute, Chronic; Side: Left; Miasm: Psoric, Sycotic, Syphilitic; Thermal State: Hot; Action: OnlyPolycrest; Thirst: Thirsty; Appetite: Increased, Reduced; Moon Phases: Last Quarter; Time Phases: Night; Element: Chlorine(Cl, 17), Potassium(K, 19); Kali Muriaticum(Kali-m) is used in Second stage of inflammation, Milky whiteness Toughness, hard deposits.

THERAPEUTICS of Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m):

This remedy is indicated in CATARRHAL AFFECTIONS, in subacute INFLAMMATIONS, when infiltration into the interstitial connective tissue has taken place, and in GLANDULAR SWELLING. There is a white or grey coating at the base of the tongue, and expectoration of a thick, white phlegm, and aggravation from the eating of fat or rich food and pastry. It is of service in catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear, with thickening of the structures. The ear feel stuffy, as though it were obstructed. The glands about the ear are swollen. There is snapping in the ears with noises, and hearing is defective.

It is useful in diseases of the eye, as PARENCHYMATOUS KERATITIS, and in ASTHENIC ULCERS of the cornea, with but little photophobia, pain or lachrymation; also in TONSILLITIS, PHARYNGITIS, and DIPHTHERIA, when there is a gray or white exudate and patches on the parts. It should be remembered in DYSPEPSIA, when fatty and rich food causes distress. The liver is inactive, the tongue has a white or gray coat, and the bowels are constipated.

It should be studied during the second stage of BRONCHITIS, when the sputum is thick and white; in PNEUMONIA during the stage of hepatization, when the tongue is white or gray and the sputum is white and viscid. It should be remembered in RHEUMATIC FEVER, when there is an effusion about the joints. The pain is felt during motion, and is increased by it.

A/F [Ailments from] :






-Rich food

-Deranged internal function

-Chronic use of laxatives

-Drugs; anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensives, diuretics, cortisones


< Open air

< Cold drinks

< Drafts

< Heat of bed

< Lying

< Night

< Dampness

< Motion

< Sprains

< Fats; Rich food

< During menses

< Exertion

< Touch, Pressure

< Noise

< Early morning

< Evening > Cold drinks

> Rubbing

> Letting hair down

> Rest

MIND Symptom of Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m) :

-Irritable at trifles.

-Habitual loss of appetite or refuses food. Imagines he must starve.

-Discontented, discouraged; sits in silence.

GUIDING INDICATIONS of Kali Muriaticum (Kali-m):


-Catarrhal conditions where discharges are thick, WHITE or greyish-white, tenacious, soapy and can be pulled into long threads.

-Slowness, Sluggishness, Relaxation, Oedema.

-Tough plastic or fibrinous exudates, greyish in colour.

-Hard deposits.

-Glandular swellings.

-Pains- sore, cutting, sticking < movement < pressure > rest

-Ears-Chronic catarrhal conditions of middle ear and blockage of eustachian tube, deafness.

-Snapping and noises in the ear.

-Mouth-Hawks out thick, white, cheesy mucus.

-Tongue – white, grey coating at base, salty, bitter taste.

-G.I.T.-Indigestion. Fullness after eating.

-Aversion to rich and fatty food.

-Haemorrhoids bleeding, blood dark, thick, fibrinous clotted.

-Anus sore < walking < stools.

-Female genitalia-Menstruation too late or suppressed, checked or too early excessive discharge, dark, clotted or tough, black blood like tar [Plat].

-Leucorrhoea-discharge of milky white mucus, thick, non-irritating, bland.

-Nodes in mammae feel quite soft and are tender.

-Extremities-Rheumatic fever; exudation and swelling around the joints.

-Rheumatic pains nightly; felt only during motion, lightning-like from small of back to feet, must get out of bed and sit up < warmth of bed.

-Rheumatism of left shoulder and elbow < morning on rising.

-Colds hands and feet.

-Skin-Dry flour-like scales on skin [Ars].

-Prevents adhesions and scar tissue formation after operations and exudative diseases.


1. Imagines he must starve.

2. Thick white or greyish – white, tough, shiny, fibrinous discharges.

3. White or grey coating at base of tongue.


1. Discharges -greyish or white, thick, fibrinous.

2. Tongue coated white, grey at the base.


-Scheussler’s tissue salt useful in the second stage of inflammation with white or grey, thick, slimy tough, plastic or fibrinous exudates.


-Kali-m is a well proven anti-infective and antivirus remedy. It can be used as a prophylactic (for epidemic jaundice) and given to people near a patient; 3 doses a day for a week or so. – Dr. Koppikar.

-Kali-m is the most valuable single remedy for the deafness following purulent or Catarrhal otitis media – Dr. Roffat.

Enlarged joints after acute rheumatism rapidly reduce to normal with Kali-m -Dr. Nash.


Follows Well : Calc-f, Calc-p, Ferr-p.

Compare : Bry, Hydr, Kali-bi, Kali-c, Kali-chl, Rhus, Merc, Puls.

Antidoted By : Bell, Calc-s, Hydr, Puls.

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