Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p)

Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p)
Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p)

Homeopathic Remedy Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p)

Common Name: Phosphate of Potassium, generally comes as a white amorphous mass;

Chemical Formula: K2HPO4;

Kingdom: Minerals;

Stage: Acute, Chronic;

Miasm: Psoric, Tubercular;

Thermal State: Chilly;

Action: OnlyPolycrest;

Thirst: Thirsty, Unquenchable, Thirstless;

Appetite: Increased, Reduced;

Sensitivity: Low, High;

Moon Phases: Last Quarter;

Time Phases: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Forenoon, Evening, Night;

Element: Hydrogen(H, 1), Oxygen(O, 8), Phosphorus(P, 15), Potassium(K, 19) ;

Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p) is indicated for Weak, easily fagged, Great depletion, Putrid, carrion odour excretions, Coition aggravates.


This remedy is indicated in derangement’s of the nervous system as NEURASTHENIA, PROSTRATION, INSOMNIA, loss of mental vigor, and muscular debility following acute diseases. The patient is gloomy, depressed, with a loss of memory and a tendency to look on the dark side of things.

It is of service in MELANCHOLIA and MANIA that arise as a result of overtrain of the mind or from an exhausting drainage that affects the nerve centers, also homesickness, when haunted by visions of the past.

It is useful in ENURESIS, when dependent upon paralysis of the sphincter and a general weakness in the aged.

It should be remembered in low TYPHOID CONDITIONS when there is mental depression and delirium. The tongue is dry, brown, and there are sordes upon the teeth. The breath is offensive. There is a putrid diarrhoea and the patient is prostrated. It is indicated in the HEADACHE of those who are exhausted, students who have over studied.

The pain is relieved by gentle motion and is attended with a weary, empty, gone feeling in the region of the stomach.

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A/F [Ailments from]:

– Effects of mechanical injuries

– Sexual excitement from indulgence or suppression

– WORRY, mental FATIGUE, grief, vexation


[< – Aggravation]

< Worry, mental or physical FATIGUE

< Excitement

< Touch

< Pain

< Cold

< Puberty

< Coition

[>– Amelioration]

> Leaning against something

> Sleep

> Eating

> Gentle motion

MIND Symptom of Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p):

-Mental fatigue. Irritable, restless, anxious, from mental exertion.

-Nervous dread. Feel unable to cope, despondency.

-Mental breakdown after enormous mental exertion with nervousness and oversensitivity. Brain fag, hysteria.

-Slightest labour seems a heavy task.

-Indisposition to meet people, or to talk with them. Extreme lassitude and depression.

-Very nervous, starts easily from noise or when touched, hypersensitivity to all stimuli.

-Night terrors. Somnambulism.

-Shyness, disinclined to converse.

-Aversion to her own family, cruel to husband, to baby.


-Fear of being alone.

-Easily upset from hearing bad news or hearing world catastrophes.

-Irritability when spoken to, morose, obstinate, oversensitive children.


-Conditions arising from want of nerve power.

-Nervous, sensitive, weak and easily fagged- by slight cause, like PAIN, worry, mental fatigue, etc.

-General DEPLETION, weakness after chemotherapy or cancer surgery.

-NEURASTHENIA, paralysis. Infantile during dentition, paralytic weakness or pain with sensation of paralysis.

-Emaciation, wasting diseases, septic states and septic fevers.

-Progressive muscular atrophy.

-Discharges – PUTRID, carrion like odour of secretions, foul odour of body, golden yellow, copious.

-States of adynamia and decay. Gangrenous conditions, suspected malignant tumours.

-After operation, when in the healing process the skin is down tight over the wound, especially cancer.

-Sexual excitement from indulgence or suppression.

-Sea sickness without nausea.

-Head-Headache, worse from mental exertion.

-Vertigo- On facing the sun.

-Face- Sad, care-worn look.

-Eyes-Left lid droops.

-Burn, sting and swim in tears.


-Nose-Catarrh with yellow slimy discharge. Foetid discharge.

-Nose stopped up.

-Itching in posterior nares.

-Hay fever < 2 a.m. -Ears-Eustachian tube and middle ear catarrh. -Mouth-Warts on lips, Epithelioma of lips. -Aphthae in mouth. -Excessive salivation, yellow, slimy tongue. -Bleeding gums from disturbed digestion.

-Throat- Tonsillitis, pharyngitis with yellow slimy discharge. -Stomach-Craves ice cold drinks and food, sweets, vinegar. -Flatulence. -Empty, gnawing in stomach > eating.

-Easy satiety.

-Craving hunger soon after eating.

-Enter o-colitis.

-Stools-Golden yellow, putrid, hot.

-Chest-Yellowish thin discharge, burning coarse rattling in chest.

-Nervous asthma.

-This remedy has saved many people from phthisis.

-Urinary system-Milky urine.

-Enuresis nocturna.

-Female genitalia-Offensive menses or horrible foul leucorrhoea.

-Irregular menses.

-Intense sexual desire after menses.

-Male genitalia-Sexual erethism, with prostration after coition or nightly emissions.

-Skin-Profuse desquamation of epidermis.

-Promotes falling of crust, and formation of healthy skin after small pox, prevents suppression of rash.

-Profuse, easy sweat. Axillary sweat smells of onions.

-Cancer – Epithelioma, with thin yellow, watery exudations.

-Inactive skin.

-Extremities-Pricking hands and feet.

-Numb finger tips.

-Foot feels frost bitten.

-Pains in soles.

-Sleep-Drowsy, yawning.

-Night terrors of children, awake screaming.


                                                 KEYNOTES:ir?t=homeoremed0f4 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00020HTGQ

1. Slightest labour seems a heavy task.

2. Discharges golden yellow, copious.

3. Night terrors of children, awake from sound sleep screaming and in fright.

4. Intense sexual desire after menses.


1. Weak mentally and physically, especially after long standing disease.

2. Brain fag, tired.

3. Extreme sensitiveness to cold air and general tendency to catch cold.

4. They are usually tall, thin, lax and constantly tired.

5. Discharges are putrid, golden-yellow colour.

6. Mental disorders depending upon state of depression.

7. Somnabulism due to mental or physical shock or overstrain.

8. Specific remedy for Neurasthenia ‘want of Nerve power’, Insomnia.


-Conditions lacking nerve power, especially when both mind or body are depressed, especially after periods of stress or overexertion.

-Depression, weakness, forgetful.

-Great exhaustion or mental dullness if associated with nervous or oversensitivity.

-Putrid or gangrenous state with putrid discharge.

CLINICAL Condition of Kali Phosphoricum (Kali-p):

-Anxiety, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Multiple sclerosis, Nocturnal enuresis, Neurasthenia, Vaginitis.

-Useful when skin is drawn tight over the wound after removal of cancer.

-If Phosphorous does not hold, study Kali-p, Calc-p – Dr. Boger.


Follows Well : Cycl, Kali-m, Mag-p, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Zinc-p.
Compare : Ars, Bapt, Carb-v, Cinch, Ign, Kreos, Lach, Mur-ac, Phos, Phyt, Puls, Rhus-t.