Nux Vomica (Nux-v)

Nux Vomica

Homeopathic Medicine Nux Vomica (Nux-v)

[Health benefits, uses, warnings, safety precaution,  side effects, interaction, complementary  and dosage of Nux Vomica (Nux-v)]

Strychnos Nux-Vomica, Poison Nut, Quaker Buttons, Homeopathy Medicine for Spastic diathesis, angiospastic migraine, acute and chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitis, Alcoholic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer with a spasmic background, Spastic Constipation, hemorrhoids hyperemesis, dysmenorrhea, lumbago, ischias and other forms of  neuralgia, swollen liver.  This medicine work on central nervous system, autonomic (vegetative) nervous system, vascular nerves, gastrointestinal tract, liver, uterus, bladder.


Ardent, fastidious, zealous, fiery temperament, ineffectual urging-nausea, vomiting, stool, urine, labour pains, Violent anger, Chill.

Synopsis [ Identifying features of Nux Vomica-(Nux-v)]:

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Sedentary life with exhausting mental labour.

Ambitious, zealous, easily angered and offended malicious, spiteful. Rage leads to violence.

Ardent, fastidious, vehement. Angry from contradiction.

Gastric complaints with constipation; ineffectual desire for stool or vomiting or urination.

Sleepy in evening wakes up at 2,3 or 4 am, lies awake for an hour or two, then falls into heavy sleep and awakes late, tired and refreshed.

Ill effects of disappointments, ambition deceived.

Much relieved after stool. With nausea feels, “If only I could vomit I would feel better”. The more retching prevails over the vomiting the more it is Nux.

Desire for fats, alcoholic stimulants, pungent things.

During labour, os rigid, with constant urging to stool and urinate. (Dysmenorrhoea or pain in sacrum also with the same peculiar symptoms).

In Lumbago must sit up in bed to turn over.

Shaking chill, cannot stand the least uncovering, even of part of body. Must be covered well during every stage of fever.

Extreme sensitiveness to pain, or trifling ailments, so much so that he “prefers death” to suffering; faints from odors, from every labour pain.

Convulsion with consciousness; worse anger, emotion touch.

jealousy of Nux Vomica

MIND symptom of Nux Vomica

Ardent, zealous, easy anger, Violent anger. easily excited, extremely fastidious, fault finding, Hurried, Impatient, quarrelsome, Jealous, malicious, spiteful. Tenacious, Vehement. Head-strong. Self-willed. Easily offended. Angry when contradicted. Over sensitive to slightest noise, odours, even trifling ailments. Company, averse to. Agg. by mental exertion. Concentration difficult while studying. Suicidal thought, but lacks courage, Sudden impulse to kill for a slight offence.  Rage leading to deeds of violence. Generosity to strangers, avarice in regard to family.

 OBJECTIVE of Nux Vomica

Over-sensitive to noise, odours, light or music. Trifling ailments are unbearable, Fastidious; easily angered even to violence. Nausea, feels “If I could only vomit, I would be much better.” Ineffectual desire for stool; must attend toilet again and again. Hernia, strangulated, esp. umbilical. Must be covered in every stage of fever; can not bear to be uncovered, without being chilly.

CAUSATION of Nux Vomica

Mind: Anger, fright, indignation, Deceived ambition. Disappointment, emotional excitement, wounded honour.

MODALITIES of Nux Vomica

Aggravation: Cold, open air ( dry), draft, early morning, coffee, drugs, purgatives, liquor, over-eating, noise, odours, touch; pressure of clothes at waist; new moon, suppressed hemorrhoidal flow.

Amelioration: Evening, while at rest. Damp weather ( Caust, Hep. Med) free discharges. Naps. Hot drinks, milk, fats, moist air, lying on sides.


Appetite, Thirst:  Emptiness yet aversion to food. Fullness after eating a small quantity.

Craves: Piquant food; beer, fat food, chalk, stimulants.

Amel: Hot drinks (gastralgia).

Disagree: Coffee, tobacco, alcoholic stimulants.


Menses profuse, early, protracted. Dysmenorrhoea, cramps extend to whole body; with constant urging to stool. Inefficient labour pains, with urging to stool or urinate. Menses return al full moon.


Sexual desire easily excited, cannot be in female company without having emission. Premature ejaculation. Nocturnal emissions.


Snuffles of infants. Frequent and unsuccessful desire for stool, or passes a small quantity at a time. Emaciation with ravenous appetite.   Nose stuffed, prevents nursing in infants. Colic from flatulence and constipation. Shrieking at night. Left inguinal hernia in children.

Peculiar, Uncommon, Grand Characteristics of Nux Vomica (Nux-v)

(Mind)- Drunkenness, abusive, brutal, striking, jealous, sad, sexual excitement, Desire for suicide. Shrieking of children at night before epileptic convulsions.

(Vertigo)- At night waking him from sleep; after coffee, from odour of flowers, with obscuration of vision.

(Stomach)- Colic, renal, right side, extends to genitals. Epilepsy-aura in stomach, in solar plexus. Haemorrhoidal flow suppressed for epistaxis or vomiting blood or haemoptysis.  Nausea while riding in a carriage . Vomiting after anger, immediately after drinking; before menses.

(Abdomen)- Swelling of liver from alcoholic excesses, colic, billiary; gallstone colic.

(Rectum)- Constipation alternating with diarrhoea. Hernia-incarcerated or otherwise, in children form constipation and crying, especially if they are cross.

(Bladder)- Retention after confinement, Urination involuntary during cough, laughing or sneezing.

(Kidneys)- Pain in ureters extends to penis and testes.

(Urine)- Frequent ineffectual urging to urinate but the urine only dribbles.

(Chest)- Heart-Angina pectoris, from suppressed piles.

(Back)- Backache, must sit up to turn over in bed. Lumbago from sexual excesses; weakness from masturbation.

(Sleep)-Sleepiness after eating-cannot use the mind for two or three hours after eating. Dreams of misfortune; of cats mental exertion, quarrels, worms, vermin, creeping; of teeth falling out; vexatious.