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Homeopathic Medicine List

Well I Can not say some homeopathic medicine are useful or some are not; because each homeopathic Medicine has its significance. I personally love to learn each remedy ( Names of Homeopathic Medicine ). Here I am listing some selected remedy to find them easy way in searching. All Remedies are important so there is no way to option out any single remedy. It is true that the modern homeopathic medicine list become huge and we can not recall all medicine without help of modern technology. Here I am listing some medicine which my reader can find in my blog. Hope all of you enjoy them reading.

A Homeopath loves to read the remedy homeopathic medicine from book. Now a day people want to read article in mobile phone or computer. We are trying to write those homeopathic medicine here in this blog which is commonly used to cure patient. Most of the remedy found in any homeopathic pharmacy. Before taking any type of medicine consult homeopathic doctor first and use as per suggestion of your consultant. Although most of the homeopathic medicine are safe in appropriate dosage however we are not promoting any type of self medication.

[ You must consult register physician to take any type of homeopathic medicine ] 

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