Urtica Urens [Urt-u]

Urtica Urens

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Homeopathy Remedy Urtica Urens [ Urt-u ]

COMMON NAME of Urtica Urens (Urt-u) : Annual Nettle, Dwarf Nettle, Small Nettle ;

HABITAT : Europe.

Kingdom : Plants;

Stage : Acute;

Miasm: Sycotic, Tubercular ;

Action : NoPolycrest;

Preparations : Mother tincture of the entire fresh plant; and dilutions.

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Physiological Action

This agent produces burning, stinging, pains, and inflammations with formications of the skin which are followed by vesicular eruptions containing bloody serum.

THERAPEUTICS of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :

This remedy is indicated in URTICARIA, DROPSICAL, EFFUSIONS, GOUT, BURNS, SCALDS, and when the milk is diminished. It is useful in urticaria when the skin is elevated. There is a white central spot and a red areola; this is attended with stinging. It is of service in dropsical effusions when the upper portion of the body is greatly swollen, pale dropsical, and covered with small confluent vesicles that are filled with serum;

it is also of service in the anasarca that follows scarlatina when the lower extremities are greatly distended and oedematous. The kidneys are affected and the urine is suppressed.

It should be remembered in ERYSIPELATOUS INFLAMMATION of the extremities when there is burning heat and formication of the skin. The hands and feet are much swollen. It has been employed in MENORRHAGIA, which alternates with an acid leucorrhoea. It has also been used in EPISTAXIS and HEMATOMYELIS. It is a reliable remedy in insufficiency or entire absence of the secretion of milk. It is used in acute gout in ten drop doses.

Homeopathic medicine Urtica Urens (Urt-u) is indicated for the followings-

Agalactia, lithiasis, gout, urticaria.

Spleen affections.

Rheumatism associated with urticaria-like symptoms.

Pruritus vulvae, with stinging, itching and oedema.

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-Bee stings

-Eating shellfish

-Suppressed milk

-Suppressed nettle rash

MODALITIES of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :

< Snow air

< Cold moist air

< Cool bathing

< Lying on arm

< Touch

< Yearly, after sleep (Clarke)

> Lying down

GUIDING INDICATIONS of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :

-Gout. Uric acid diathesis.

-Rheumatism with urticaria-like eruptions.

-Pain in right deltoid muscle with great soreness, lameness of muscles. Weakness in general, restlessness. Afraid to go to sleep, due to intense burning after sleep with continued fever (Clarke).

-Fever in gout, tropical. Pulsation all over the body, giddiness, sensation of falling down (forwards) with spleen pain, headache, mainly at night (Clarke).

-Lump in left breast. Entire absence of milk after confinement without apparent cause.

-Angio- neurotic oedema. Urticaria. Itching blotches with central white spot and red areola with burning and stinging pains.

KEYNOTES of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :

1. Gout with rheumatic pain in right deltoid muscle.

2. Rheumatism with urticaria like eruptions which alternate with each other.

3. Complaints from eating shellfish.

4. Diminished secretion of milk, also to arrest the flow of milk after weaning.

5. Symptoms return at the same time every day.

6. Urticaria and itching disappears while lying down and reappears immediately after rising.

7. Urinous odour of the body (Phatak).

8. Diarrhea after suppressed eruptions.


1. Burning, stinging pain.

2. Complaints return at the same time every year.

3. Urinous odour of the body.

NUCLEUS OF REMEDY of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :

-Urticaria alternates with joint complaints.

CLINICAL of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :

Agalactia, Burns, Spleen affections, Prevention of calculus, Uric acid diathesis, Gout (acute) with fever, Deltoid rheumatism, Uraemia, Urticaria, Urticaria nodosa, Worms-Pin worms, Sscarides, Fevers especially at night, Haemorrhages, Bee stings, Peritonitis followed by effusion, Enteritis, Enuresis, Angio-neurotic oedema, Neuritis, Burns.

REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :
Compare : Apis, Astac, Cean, Hom, Medus, Nat-m, Pariet, Puls, Querc, Ric, Sang, Ur-ac, Urea, Urine.
It Antidotes : Apis.

Compare of Urtica Urens [Urt-u] :